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SeaVee Z - High Performance Stepped Hull Fishing Boat
SeaVee Z - High Performance Stepped Hull Fishing Boat

Jose had a variety of offshore boats in his fishing career, however none of them compare to SeaVeeJose was introduced to Co-Owner Ariel Pared by a mutual friend, and their business relationship evolved to a long time friendship.   In 2009 Jose tested the capabilities of the new 39' SeaVee, and quad 300 Verados.  Mercury  and SeaVee held up to Jose's expectations by arriving safely in Isla Mujeres on one tank of gas.  

Fishability, speed and a v-hull design that can handle big seas were top priorities for Jose. He wanted an offshore powerboat that feels like an extension of         himself - so he can focus on catching fish.   

Unfortunately Jose is unable to see SeaVee's newest innovation, the SeaVee Z high performance stepped hull.  SeaVee unveiled it at the 2013 Fort Lauderdale boat show.  They were

Krissy, and our amazing volunteers

gracious enough to let the Foundation set up a small area to raise funds, and spread awareness about the Foundation.   

With all the attention the SeaVee Z received, the Foundation was able to raise over $3000 from those who came by to check it out.










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