Bonding on the Water


October 25, 1983 was the day Jose became a father. I was two weeks late (which seems to be a common trait in the Wejebe family), so my mother was scheduled for a C-section. My father could not handle

Krissy's First Birthday

all the blood, so he excused himself and went to the waiting room. They decided early in my mother's pregnancy that they wanted to be surprised to see if I was a boy or girl. When I arrived he was very hesitant to hold me. "I don't want to break her." His mother who I later nicknamed Mama Grace showed him how to hold me. My mom asked if he would have rather had a boy. "She's perfect. She will just have to work a little harder on the push pole."

The last birthday I spent with him was one of the best. We filmed the Father Daughter Fishing episode on my 28th birthday. Of course the weather didn't cooperate, so lining up the camera boat offshore was a little tricky. We didn't catch the epic fish we were looking for, but

that didn't matter. "Fishing is not about what you catch. Its about  

the memories that you make." 

This will be my second birthday I have had without my dad, but I am grateful for the 28 we celebrated together. He worked hard to make sure that I had opportunities that he didn't while growing up.  I will forever be daddy's little girl, and promise to do my best to make him proud. 

I want to thank everyone who has helped our family along the way, and who have shown their support with the Foundation. I am honored to help those who are faced with life impacting challenges in Jose's memory.






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