Michael and Bradley double up on Muttons

Michael Murran's Wish 


Michael's wish to go fishing in the Florida Keys was granted in mid June. Two days of fishing with Captain Nate Wheeler from Waypoint Charters showed Michael and his brother an amazing time.  


Michael Mutton Crew
While I could describe the wish on the foundation's end, reading the words of Michael and his mother are more powerful than anything I could ever describe;

Getting my wish come true to go deep-sea fishing was a spectacular experience!  From feeling the wind in my face at 40 miles an hour chasing mahi mahi, to reeling in a 20 pound Mutton Snapper (I'm not exaggerating am I?)and fighting with a baby Tiger Shark,  it just doesn't get any better.  Thank you to everyone who made it possible for my family and I to have this once in a lifetime experience.



Michael has always loved the ocean and has wanted to catch a "big fish" for as long as I can remember.  A year and 1/2 ago, I wouldn't have thought it possible for my son to get his  wish to go deep sea fishing. Getting to experience this dream come true was unbelievable for Michael but also for the whole family.  We were blown away by all the brand new 34ft SeaVee boat, fishing gear, clothes, hats, and amazing sunglasses for each of us. But we were also blown away by the motivation of everyone involved. This experience has taught us that sometimes people do amazing things, expecting nothing in return.

Jacklene Murran 


Kenny and Jose Fish for Bluefin


It was a very calm September morning in New England, my long time friend Jose Wejebe and I were there in 1989 to catch giant bluefin tunas on standup tackle in Jose's 27 foot center console Conch 27. We knew a northeaster storm was coming by around noon, but rather than play it safe we would try to catch a giant in the calm before the storm. We traveled 14 miles to the southwest corner of Stellwagon Bank. At about 9 in the morning a huge Humpback Whale came right up to the boat and rubbed its' massive fluke right down the rub rail of Jose's boat. We both got to grab his fin it was truly like shaking hands with the great mammal. As if that wasn't enough about an hour later we hooked up, and virtually no other boats were out because of the impending gale. Of course it turned out to be a true giant. Dad Blufun We got to see this fish many times during the 4 to 5 hour fight. We had both caught giants before, and this fish was well over the grand mark. Of course the storm caught us. These would be the roughest seas either of us would ever be in in our careers.  The seas reached 14 to 18 feet. It was an epic fight. The huge fish was going down the waves as I drove up the waves, as the bow came off the backside of the waves I could only see the soles of Jose's boots and then he would crash to the deck. Only someone with Jose's athletic ability could have stayed hooked up, over and over the giant surfed right by the boat in the huge waves as we went up the waves. After 4 hours we were only a mile out side of Green Harbor inlet and the seas were down to 6 to 8 foot. "Holy cow we might actually pull this off!"  Of course 30 minutes later the leader broke. It was raining, cold, blowing near 50 we were both shivering, after a couple of minutes of disbelief at losing the giant Jose looked at me and said "Do you want to go back out there and try to hook up again?" That was when I knew my life long friend was crazy!  


Mahi Long Sleave
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