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2015 Call for Symposia
Harvey Sprock
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Jan. 30 - Feb. 7, 2015 
Sacramento, CA 

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 Jenny Pluhar

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A well-trained and highly motivated group of professionals and rangeland users working with productive, sustainable rangeland ecosystems.



Providing leadership for the Stewardship of Rangelands based on sound ecological principles.


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USDA-NRCS Webinars Available & Offering SRM Continuing Education Credit (CEUs)

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RangeFlash - May 16, 2014

FSpreading the Word


Jenny Pluhar, 2014 SRM President

We at SRM are often masters of "preaching to the choir." And not at all good at tooting our own horn! EVP Peterson, our staff and I are hoping to change that, at least somewhat. You will notice more references to our Facebook page and Twitter feed in official publications and may even be directed there via a link to view information you are interested in. Don't panic! You do not have to have a Twitter account to view SRM's activity and links there! 

We have a web page, obviously. That unfortunately does not get many "hits." Or not near as many as I would like! Even our own members have to be goaded into using it for committee minutes, member directory, general information! 

Media like Twitter and Facebook have an immense audience. More than most of can ever imagine with a reach broader than we can fathom. Facebook today has 1.23 billion users. Twitter trails with a paltry
500 million! Millions. Billions. We have cautiously dipped our collective big toe in the social media waters and I feel it is time to dive in. For starters, I have asked the OCW committee to prepare some guidelines for SRM social media use. Like for a committee to have a Facebook page. The International Affairs Committee has launched its own Facebook page earlier this week - the perfect group to try out a Facebook page and I hope they add a Twitter feed too. Imagine the global reach! 


FYI - A Twitter post from May 8th was very exciting- a debate in the Boston Globe involving cattle grazing, soil health and climate change. Hat's off to SRM's David Briske for his contribution to the article. Click here to read the article.  

Using social media takes effort and coordination to draw people in. We see impacts already with our tenuous attempts. Allen Press told us in Orlando that the weekly "announcement" that appears on our Facebook page highlighting an article in REM results in an immediate bump in downloads and views of that article!

I want to send big kudos to SRM member Stephen Diess for his Facebook presence. Stephen is a Rangeland Management Specialist with the Coastal Prairies Coalition of GLCI here in Texas. Stephen started out posting the occasional range pic or two, often bragging about his "office view for the day," etc. He has 327 facebook friends (I am sure he has more in real life, but 327 folks have access to his Facebook account!) He started getting comments. Then he started posting more. He might post a pic of a prescribed burn with a bit of an explanation. Folks comment. Folks who know NOTHING about rangeland stewardship. A week or two later, he will post a pic of the green grass regrowing following the fire. More comments. Even a few "shares." People think it is cool. When they "share," it goes to everyone on their friend list. Maybe they live in town and learned something as simple as the fact that the smoke out south was a good thing last week!

So, fellow SRM members, I am betting even many of you in the business of educating and technology transfer did not reach and teach as many people as Stephen did last week. And it took him mere moments. One of my goals is for SRM to become much more visible, through various social media, press releases, even television. Recent SRM press releases have had my phone ringing. If we want people to know who we are and what we stand for......sound rangeland stewardship........we gotta get out there. 

When you are directed to a link on Twitter in a RangeFlash.....click on it! Change the word "friend" from merely a noun in your vocabulary to a verb as well! Saddle up and join me in the virtual world and let's get the word out about SRM!


May Rangeland News is Now Available


Here are a few highlights of this edition of Rangeland News:
  • Spreading the Word - Jenny Pluhar, 2014 SRM President
  • YouTube on the Range - "Don't Treat it Like Dirt"
  • 2015 Call for Symposia and Workshops
  • Rangelands Wins Gold Excel Award from Association Media & Publishing
  • ESD Workshop Series Available Online
  • Rangeland Ecology Management Marks 10 Years of Growth and Impact
  • Lost Resources: Bud Purdy
  • Lost Resources: Harvey Sprock Commemoration Service
  • Trail Boss Recipe - Beef & Potato Roll
  • Range Photo Quiz Answer
  • Range Photo Quiz Question
  • Targeted Grazing Workshops
  • Position Announcement: PhD Grad Asst - NMSU, Jornada
  • Position Announcement: NMSU Ext. Animal Livestock Cattle Specialist
  • Upcoming Events
  • CPRM Calendar
To view the complete May Rangeland News, go to: 

Society for Range Management

2015 International Annual Meeting

Call for Symposia, Forums and Workshops 



Symposia, Forums and Workshop proposals due Friday, May 30th! Submit your proposal at http://rangelands.org/events/


The theme of this year's conference, "Managing Diversity" reflects the diversity of California's rangeland ecosystems as well as the diversity of people and organizations who appreciate and use the state's vast rangelands. Partnering with conservation-minded people and organizations benefits the grasslands, shrublands, woodlands, wetlands, and deserts that cover over 40% of California, and 53% of the western United States.  The annual meeting offers the opportunity to share with an international audience through symposia, forums, and workshops, information and skills that help our disciplines, professions, education programs, and public engagement grow.  Please consider joining us to discuss and learn about "Managing Diversity."

Harvey Sprock Commemoration Service


Commemoration services for Harvey Sprock will be held Saturday, May 17 at 1:00 PM at the Northwest Corner of 65th Ave. and 37th St. in Greeley, CO. Please bring stories or memories of Harvey you would like to share. A catered BBQ lunch will be provided. BYOB  


Please RSVP to: Dan Nosal, [email protected] (720-401-2965) or Kimberly Diller, [email protected] (719-543-8386 Ext.125)

Targeted Grazing Online Workshops 2014 - Grazing with a Goal


Third Thursday of the month in 2014 - 11:30 PT/12:30 MT/1:30 CT/2:30 ET


Learn the principles of targeted grazing to manage landscape.  Online presentations and discussion will be by the experts in the topic of targeted grazing and made possible by the Targeted Grazing Committee of the Society for Range Management.  All you need is a computer and good internet connection.  


CLICK HERE For a list of upcoming webinars on the Targeted Grazing Committee page. 


New Jornada Experimental Range Blog!


The Jornada Experimental Range is hosting a new blog called Land Ecology.  Posts are intended for a broad audience.  The blog was catalyzed by efforts of JER, universities and agency partners to build a science around Ecological Sites, state and transition models and their management applications.


Brandon Bestelmeyer and Joel Brown will keep the blog going and solicit posts to keep it interesting.


You can participate at http://landecology.org

Range Photo Quiz

Successful rangeland operations critically depend upon ample forage and adequate drinking water for livestock and wildlife.  While forage production is largely subject to the seeming whims of Mother Nature (though certainly also at the seeming whims - for better or worse - of managers), human ingenuity has developed technologies to get water to places where it had not often before.  Inventive infrastructure tends, however, to inevitably weaken and decay with age, and - as shown here - can catastrophically fail when we least expect it; such as in the middle of a hot, high water-demand period.


What cost-effective fix would you suggest to the manager who discovered one morning that this 12,000 gallon storage tank had a rusted-out bottom? (We'll show you the "cowboy fix" employed next time!)

[email protected], subject line "Range Photo Quiz" or complete the Range Quiz form. Be sure to include a question and answer with the photo!  


Click here to view a larger version of the photo.

SRM Apparel eStore

Are you looking for a way to show people you support SRM or are a member of SRM? Then you need to visit our SRM Apparel eStore. We have everything from shirts, jackets, polos, pullovers, to vests, caps and bags. Check it out!!

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Colorado State University
Master's Degree

Advance your career with a master's degree from one of the nation's leaders in rangeland education.

As a Colorado State University OnlinePlus student, you'll receive the same quality instruction, from the same expert faculty, carrying the same esteemed CSU reputation, as an on-campus student receives - all delivered through online presentations and lectures. Learn more about our Integrated Resources Management master's program at www.csurangeland.com.


**Other Events & Announcements 


Ecology & Management of Grazing - Online Course

More Information 


ESD Webinars from the 2014 SRM Annual Meeting available for viewing and download. Visit the ESD page for details: http://www.rangelands.org/ESD/index.shtml

NAIPSC Webinar Series

More Information  


The Wildlife Society (TWS) has formed a new rangelands working group. If you are active in TWS or would like to be, please consider joining this working group.  Contact Megan Clayton ([email protected]) for more details. This is an excellent opportunity to focus attention on rangeland resources within another large professional organization." 


Understanding the Problem with Junipers in the Great Plains Recordings Available HERE


Cool-Season Invasive Grasses: Abstracts and Presentation 

Available HERE


Whole Ranch Planning and Grass-fed Applications

Southwest Grass-fed Livestock Alliance

Sept. 13, 2013 to May 24, 2014 

Saguache, Colorado Springs, Denver and Durango, CO 

More Information    


Jornada Field Botany Workshops
*  Tuesday July 15, 2014
*  Tuesday Sept. 2, 2014
*  Tuesday Nov. 4, 2014 
To register or for inquiries, email Kirsten Romig at 
kirromig @nmsu.edu or call 575-528-9337
Targeted Grazing Online Workshops 2014 - Grazing with a Goal

*  June 19 - Diet Selection Basics

*  July 17 - Choosing the Animal

*  August 27 - Monitoring for Success

More Information


Large Wildland Fires:  Social, Political & Ecological Effects    

May 19-23, 2014 

University of Montana, Missoula, MT 

More Information


Ecological Site Description (ESD) Workshop

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Farson Community Center, Farson, WY
More Information


California-Pacific Section SRM Spring Meeting
May 29-30, 2014
Arcata, CA
More Information 


'Bud Williams Marketing'& Stockmanship

Profitability & Low-Stress Livestock Handling Courses

MARKETING: Monday & Tuesday June 2 - 3, 2014

STOCKMANSHIP: Wednesday - Friday June 4 - 6, 2014

More Information


Science on the Sonoita Plain

Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch

Elgin, AZ - June 7, 2014
More Information 


Nebraska Range Shortcourse
June 16-20, 2014
Chadron State College, Chadron, NE
More Information 


2014 Wyoming Range Management School

June 24 - 27, 2014

South Lincoln Training & Event Center - Kemmerer, WY

Contact Windy Kelley for more information

Phone: (307) 367.4380 - [email protected] 

More Information 


Grazing Management Workshop
June 25-27, 2014
Monument, CO

More Information


2014 SWCS Meeting

July 27-30, 2014
Chicago IL

Call for Presentations coming soon!

More Information


Riparian Complex Ecological Site Description Workshop

Aug. 5-7, 2014  - Dickinson & Fairfield ND


Jeff Printz, [email protected], (phone 701-530-2080)

Miranda Meehan, [email protected]

(phone 701-595-7006).


8th International Congress for Wildlife and Livelihoods on Private and Communal Lands: Livestock, Tourism and Spirit    Sept. 7-12, 2014
YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO
More Information 


Collaborative Restoration:
From Community Efforts to Landscape Scale
Oct. 6 - 10, 2014
Eagle Crest Resort, Redmond, OR

More Information   


SERNW - SERGB JOINT CONFERENCE - Collaborative Restoration:  From Community Efforts to Landscape Scale

Oct. 6-10, 2014 - Redmond Oregon ~ Eagle Crest Resort

More Information

Call For Abstracts for Oral and Poster Presentations

Deadline: 5:00 Pacific time, Monday, June 30, 2014


18th Biennial Conference of the Australian Rangeland Society

Innovation in the Rangelands

April 12-16th 2015
Alice Springs NT

More Information

International Rangeland Congress - IRC 2016
July 17-22, 2016
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
More Information