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 Annual Meeting:
From Dusty Trails to Waning Wetlands

February 8-13, 2014
Orlando, FL


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Society for Range Management 


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Wally Butler

1st Vice-President:
Jenny Pluhar

2nd Vice-President:
Pat Shaver

Executive Vice-President:
Jess Peterson


Val Anderson
Misty Hays
Ken Fulgham

Leonard Jolley

Paul Loeffler


A well-trained and highly motivated group of professionals and rangeland users working with productive, sustainable rangeland ecosystems.



Providing leadership for the Stewardship of Rangelands based on sound ecological principles.


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Out On The Land

TV Series will air every Tuesday at 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT, and 4pm PT on RFD-TV. 


  It will repeat every Wednesday at 9am ET, 8am CT, 7am, MT, and 6am PT

You can check out the series at www.outontheland.com

Information on Rangeland Careers and Courses


USDA-NRCS Webinars Available & Offering SRM Continuing Education Credit (CEUs)

The webinar listing grows daily, so check the site regularly for new entries!


RangeFlash - Nov. 9, 2013

Congrats to SRM's 2014 Officers!


2nd Vice President: Dr. Val Jo Anderson

Directors: Joe M. Hicks and Dr. Clayton B. Marlow

SRM Update Calls Nov. 14 & 15


Don't forget to join the SRM Board, staff and others for the SRM Update calls this November! The goal of the calls is to provide an update on SRM activities.  Everything from a new publication, online trainings, to SRM's work updating the bylaws will be covered.  We'll also discuss the 2014 Annual Meeting, Technical Training and Trade Show as well as efforts currently underway regarding membership; both in terms of current numbers and recruitment activities.  The calls will be held as an open forum.


We'll provide a brief update and then seek input from you as to your thoughts; the call will be open for any comments or questions that you have. For your convenience there are two dates and times scheduled:

Thursday, November 14, 7:30PM MST or Friday, November 15 12:00PM Noon MST

Dial:  1-857-232-0300, then enter the code:  012010#

(Same number for either call)


We hope you can join us!


November Rangeland News is Now Available Online! 


Highlights Include:

  • Learning from Our Past - Leonard Jolley, SRM Director
  • Message from SRM President Wally Butler
  • EVP Message from Jess Peterson
  • Rangeland News Changes Production Schedule
  • YouTube On The Range
  • 67th Annual Meeting: From Dusty Trails to Waning Wetlands  
  • SRM Capital Update
  • September Photo Quiz Answer
  • November Photo Quiz Question  
  • Lost Resources: Henry Harold Bryant & Janine Hijar   
  • Trail Boss Cookbook Recipe: Barbeque - Dakota-Style   
  • Position Announcements:
    • Assistant or Associate Professor in Grassland Ecology and Assistant Professor / Grassland Hydrologist, South Dakota State University 
    • Environmental Scientist (NEPA Professional), Trihydro Corporation
  • Upcoming Events, Conference & Section Meeting Listings
  • CPRM Calendar
  • New Members  
Check out the new online version of the Rangeland News at www.rangelandnews.org. 

2014 SRM Annual Meeting Committee & Meeting Room Request Form 


Have you requested a room for your meeting at the 2014 Annual Meeting, Technical Training and Trade Show?  If not, requests are still being accepted.  Please click here to request a room for the 2014 SRM meeting in Orlando.

Please note that rooms are not guaranteed past the Sept. 6, 2013 deadline.  Additionally, based on the timing of the request, your event may not make it into the 2014 SRM printed program.


Election Message from
SRM President Wally Butler 

Greetings SRM Members,


I hope this note finds you well. Please take an extra minute and read this entire update as the SRM Board of Directors (BOD) and staff have a very important message to pass along to you, the SRM Member.


SRM is retracting the ballot containing the proposed amendment changes to the SRM Bylaws. However, please note that the ballot as it relates to the election of 2nd Vice President and Board Directors remains in effect and will be tallied in accordance with the current bylaws.


Please keep reading here as I provide some necessary background information on how the proposed amendments to the bylaws and associated ballot came to be.


During the SRM Summer Board of Directors Meeting in 2012, the SRM Bylaws Taskforce was created. The taskforce took on the challenging job of reviewing and proposing needed clarifications to the current SRM bylaws.  During the SRM Summer BOD meeting this past August (2013) the taskforce presented their recommendations to the SRM BOD. There was a great deal of constructive discussion that occurred on the proposed changes as presented by the taskforce and the BOD took into account the reasoning and recommendations for these changes before voting in support of the offered amendments.


The board's directive was carried out by the staff as the proposed bylaws changes were included on the election ballot. However, upon further review it was noted that any changes to the SRM bylaws require a mail-out ballot. Upon this realization and clarification, the SRM BOD instructed staff to retract the ballot as it pertains to the proposed bylaws changes.


So to reiterate, the SRM ballot containing the proposed amendment changes to the bylaws has been retracted and votes will not be tallied on this portion of the ballot. The officers' election remains in effect and the results in this section will be tallied and relayed in the usual fashion.


In closing, I want to invite you to join the SRM Board of Directors, staff and myself on a special SRM open conference call. The goal of the call is to provide an update on SRM activities as it relates to the past few months. Everything from a new publication, online trainings, to SRM's work updating the bylaws will be covered. We'll also discuss efforts currently underway regarding membership, both in terms of current numbers and recruitment activities. The call will be held as an open forum. We'll provide a brief update and then seek input from you as to your thoughts; the call will be open for any comments or questions that you have. Please make a note to join us on one of these dates:

Thursday, Nov. 14 at 7:30 pm MST OR

Friday, Nov. 15 noon MST

Dial: 1-857-232-0300, then enter the code: 012010#

(same number and code for both calls)


Thank you for your continued involvement in SRM and I'll talk to you in November.


Wally Butler, SRM President 2013

(208) 484-9802


Redd Fund for Rancher Sponsorship:
Deadline - Dec. 1, 2013

Are you a rancher or do you know ranchers who would be interested in attending the SRM annual meeting? Help is out there! The Redd Fund is a cost-sharing joint venture between the Charles Redd Foundation and SRM in part to recruit ranchers by helping them attend annual meetings.

Nominations of individuals shall be made by Sections to the BOD by Dec. 1st for consideration. Selected ranchers who attend the annual meeting also receive a complimentary one year membership in SRM!

For details on program guidelines and nomination forms, please see the Redd Fund tab on the Outreach, Communication and Website Committee webpage at: http://www.rangelands.org/outreachcommunication/.

$500 YPC Travel Scholarships!
The Young Professionals Conclave (YPC) is offering two $500 scholarships to help two lucky young professionals attend the 2014 SRM Annual Meeting and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida. These scholarships may be used for any costs accrued in the attendance of the meeting, and will be awarded at the awards banquet.
Membership in the YPC is not required to apply for the scholarship, and there are no age restrictions. All professionals new to the field with five years' experience or less are welcome to apply. The deadline has been extended to Dec. 13, 2013 so get those applications in folks!
Click here for more information and to obtain an application form.
Call for Exhibitors and Sponsors!


Organizations, government agencies, international bodies and students are invited to become supporting partners in hosting the Society for Range Management Annual Meeting, Technical Training and Trade Show. 


SRM brings together a diverse international and national audience of approximately 1,000 range management scientists, students and practitioners to address challenges and share information about restoration projects, programs, and research from across the globe - North & South America, Africa, Australia, Asia & Europe.


Click here for more info information about Sponsorships and click here for more information about becoming an Exhibitor.


Excellence in Rangeland Management Entries Due Dec. 15th

Don't miss your opportunity to recognize an Excellent Rangeland Manager from your section! The Excellence in Rangeland Management poster contest is an excellent way to showcase the "best of the best" at the international SRM meeting.


Each section may submit up to 2 entries from previous section-level Excellence in Rangeland Management Award winners. The winner will be recognized at the SRM Awards Ceremony at the Orlando SRM meeting.


If your section will be submitting an entry, you must submit the following no later than Dec. 15, 2013, to the SRM Awards Committee Chair, Jim Waggoner, via email at [email protected]:

  1. Section affiliation
  2. Title of Poster
  3. Abstract (max 100 words)

For more information, click here to visit the SRM Awards website.  

SRM 2014 Annual Meeting: Call for Papers and Posters

The deadline for all Abstracts for volunteer oral and poster papers and for organized symposia, workshops, and forums has been extended to Nov. 16, 2013, to allow for late abstracts. Late abstracts are currently being accepted. However, they are not guaranteed to be printed in the conference program.


All abstracts are to be formally submitted online at: http://srm.apexabstracts.com. Information about the 2014 Annual Meeting can be found at: http://rangelands.org/orlando2014/.  


Please direct your questions to: Mike Turpin at [email protected].


Wyoming Section Meeting Available Via Webinar!  


Is your travel budget limited? Have you wanted to attend a different SRM Section's meeting but haven't had the opportunity? The Wyoming Section is offering an online-only version of the technical presentations from their section meeting Nov. 12-13. The 'webinar' option provides an opportunity to share rangeland-related information with an audience where physical travel to the meeting may not be practical. Wyoming Section members, members from other sections or non-members are welcome to participate. For a detailed agenda of the meeting, visit www.rangelands.org/wyoming. To register for the meeting (for full registration or webinar option), visit http://wysrm2013.eventbrite.com, the 'Webinar only' registration is at the bottom of the registration options.


TWS Rangeland Working Group Formed


The Wildlife Society (TWS) has formed a new rangelands working group to focus on rangeland resources. If you are active in TWS, please consider joining this working group. Contact Megan Clayton ([email protected]) for more details.


Tamarisk Coalition's 12th Annual Conference: Riparian Restoration in the Western U.S. 

Feb. 18-20, 2014, Grand Junction, CO


We are now accepting abstracts for both oral presentations and posters. The conference will focus on oral and poster presentations from researchers, on-the-ground practitioners, consultants, and others involved directly or indirectly in the restoration of riparian systems impacted by woody invasives and other troublesome secondary weeds. The conference will be held at Colorado Mesa University Feb. 18 & 19, 2014, with an additional half day of field trips and/or workshops on Feb. 20th, 2014. The conference will be held in partnership with the Water Center at Colorado Mesa University and Colorado State University Extension. In the past, our conferences have alternated years with one year focusing on academic speakers and the following year focusing on on-the-ground practitioner speakers. This year we are combining the best of both worlds and will be hearing from a great mixture of both!


Abstracts for both oral presentations and posters will be accepted until Oct. 31st. Also, exhibit space and sponsorship opportunities are available. Please see the following website for more details:


Call for Papers: Cool-Season Invasive Grasses in the Northern Great Plains 

A workshop on current knowledge of the cool-season invasive grasses in the Northern Great Plains will be held in Fargo, ND at the Holiday Inn on Tuesday March 18 - Wednesday March 19, 2014.


The workshop will focus on the ecology and management of cool-season invasive grasses in the Northern Great Plains. These grasses are impacting natural areas in the region, and the workshop is designed to increase the current knowledgebase of these species and foster improved conservation and management of the regions natural resources.
For more information, please contact Shawn DeKeyser at 701-231-8180, or e-mail at [email protected].
The Role of Fire in Shortgrass Rangelands 
Presenter: David Augustine, Landscape Ecologist, USDA-ARS
Semiarid rangelands of the western Great Plains (shortgrass steppe and the western portion of the northern mixed prairie) are characterized by limited and highly variable precipitation inputs. The region also historically sustained abun-dant populations of grazers, particularly bison and black-tailed prairie dogs. As a consequence, fuel loads are typically low, shrub encroachment is not a wide-spread concern, and prescribed fire is only infrequently used to manage range-lands in the region. Although fire return intervals in the region are difficult to estimate, fire was historically a component of the ecosystem and likely had important effects on plant communities, the distribution of herbivores, and habitat quality for some wildlife species.
Use this link to join the webinar: http://connect.ksre.ksu.edu/hfrr
NAIPSC Update    

The NAIPSC website (http://ipscourse.unl.edu) has been updated with new features and information, including two new programs and the 2013-2014 Webinar Series. If you want to learn about invasive plants from the comfort of your office or home, the first ever NAIPSC Web Course is in the works. It's a field course entirely online! And, if you want to take a college course on invasive plants also entirely online, check out "Invasive Plants: Impacts on Ecosystems".


If you're interested in becoming part of the growing NAIPSC Online Community, you can register and get access to the NAIPSC Webinar Series, online discussion, papers, and more.


Be sure to sign up for regular emails from the NAIPSC so you can keep up to date on all of the latest happenings. And, if you're a social media type, you can like the NAIPSC on Facebook or follow the NAIPSC on twitter.


A lot is happening with the NAIPSC! Don't miss out!

SRM Apparel eStore

Are you looking for a way to show people you support SRM or are a member of SRM? Then you need to visit our SRM Apparel eStore. We have everything from shirts, jackets, polos, pullovers, to vests, caps and bags. Check it out!!

Click Here to visit our store.
Colorado State University
Master's Degree

Advance your career with a master's degree from one of the nation's leaders in rangeland education.

As a Colorado State University OnlinePlus student, you'll receive the same quality instruction, from the same expert faculty, carrying the same esteemed CSU reputation, as an on-campus student receives - all delivered through online presentations and lectures. Learn more about our Integrated Resources Management master's program at www.csurangeland.com.


SRM Section Meetings

North Central Section Website: 


2013 WY Annual Meeting:
Improving Range Management Through Science

Nov. 12-14, 2013
Sheridan, WY


2013 CalPac Fall Meeting

Nov .25-26, 2013
Point Reyes National Seashore CA

More Info


Colorado Section 2013 Annual Meeting 

Dec. 4-5, 2013 

Colorado Springs, CO  

More Info 


Nevada Section SRM Meeting

Dec. 11-12, 2013
Reno, NV
More Info    

Other Events of Interest 


Ecology & Management of Grazing - Online Course

More Information 

NAIPSC Webinar Series

More Information  

Whole Ranch Planning and Grass-fed Applications

Southwest Grass-fed Livestock Alliance

Sept. 13, 2013 to May 24, 2014 

Saguache, Colorado Springs, Denver and Durango, CO 

More Information   


SWGLA Annual Meeting and Dinner

Nov. 13, 2013
Albuquerque, NM

More Information


The Role of Fire in Shortgrass Rangelands
Nov. 21, 2013
More Information


Sixth Western Native Plant Conference
Western Forestry and Conservation Association 

The Heathman Lodge, Vancouver, WA
Dec. 9-11, 2013

More Information   


Renewable Natural Resources Foundation's (RNRF) 12th National Congress

Resiliency of the Coasts

Dec. 11-12, 2013

NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction 

College Park, MD



9th Annual Summit: California Rangeland Conservation Coalition

"Keeping Rangelands and Ranches Viable for Wildlife, Wetlands and Water"

Jan. 21-22, 2013
Oakdale, CA


1st Annual NAIPSC Web Course

Jan. 22-23, 2014

More Info:  [email protected]


74th Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference
Jan. 26-29, 2014

Sheraton Kansas City, Kansas City Missouri
More Information


2014 SWCS Meeting

July 27-30, 2014
Chicago IL

Call for Presentations coming soon!!!