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New Mexico Section Meeting
Managing Where Cattle Graze Workshop
May Photo Quiz
Colorado's Pollinator Workshop
2012-2013 NAIPSC Webinar Series
Range Field Day
Science on the Sonoita Plain
Interpreting & Measuring Indicators of Rangeland Health
Drought Workshops
CPRM Committee Members Needed
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 Annual Meeting:
From Dusty Trails to Waning Wetlands

February 8-13, 2014
Orlando, FL


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Information on Rangeland Careers and Courses

RangeFlash - May 15, 2013

SRM 2014 Annual Meeting: Call for Papers and Posters

Abstracts for volunteer oral and poster papers and for organized symposia, workshops, and forums are due by August 19, 2013 11:59 pm EDT. All abstracts are to be formally submitted online at: http://srm.apexabstracts.com. Information about the 2014 Annual Meeting can be found at: http://www.rangelands.org/events/.


Note: Students have until September 30, 2013 11:59 pm EDT to submit their abstracts. Instructions for student submissions after the general deadline will be provided at a later date. We encourage all students to submit their abstracts by the general deadline if possible.


Please direct your questions to: Mike Turpin at [email protected].


New Mexico SRM Section Summer Meeting and Field Tours
June 20 -21, 2013


 Topics and Activities:


*New insights on managing livestock grazing distribution.  

*Use of targeted grazing to manage fine fuels and enhance ecosystem services  

*Grazing management during drought  

*Todd Ranch tour - Innovative water developments and grazing behavior research  

*Evans Ranch tour - Rangeland restoration and potential for selection of cattle specifically adapted to extensive and rugged rangelands


Click Here for more information.


Managing Where Cattle Graze - Workshop at the SWCRS
June 25, 2013

Practical tools to manage grazing distribution

- New and proven techniques

- Planning sessions to resolve grazing issues

Visit www.corona.nmsu.edu for more information and downloadable map with directions.
 May Photo Quiz

Mark Twain once quipped that "history doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."  What historical memories might this recent rangeland scene from southeastern Colorado stir up?  How is it similar - or different - from may have been seen before? Are there any other oft-repeated observations that might apply?

Send your observations (and your own quiz-worthy range photos) to [email protected], subject line "Range Photo Quiz". Be sure to include a question and answer with the photo! Send your responses by the 25th of the month to meet our deadlines!


Birds, Bees, Flowers and Food: Exploring Colorado's Pollinators
June 22 or June 23, 2013


 A worldwide pollinator crisis has been prominent in news headlines, but it's not simply beekeepers and farmers who depend on the pollination services of the European honey bee and a whole suite of native pollinators. Pollinators enable the reproduction of native plants, which maintain the basis of most food webs-as well as the production of one out of every three bites we humans consume at the dinner table. This workshop will describe the process of pollination, how to identify the reproductive parts of a plant, as well as the roles birds, bees and many other insects play.


2012-2013 NAIPSC Webinar Series


The last webinar for the 2012-2013 NAIPSC Webinar Series was May 8, 2013. We heard from Charlotte Adelman, co-author of Midwestern Native Garden discuss her book and the use of native plants instead of invasive or non-native plants in the landscape. Have some tulips, chrysanthemums, or Kentucky bluegrass in your garden, around your house, or in a location nearby? Did you know that there are natives available with similar features, which also support native insect and bird populations? Not from the Midwest? Don't worry because the same concepts apply to any region of the country or part of the world. Read more about the book and Ms. Adelman here


Even though the webinar was last week, you can still hear the archived version along with all 15 of the other webinars from the series. All you need to do is go to the eLibrary website (http://passel.unl.edu/communities/naipsc) to sign up and/or participate. And, if you're interested in the 2013 NAIPSC Field Course, we're still taking registrations (http://ipscourse.unl.edu).



Nebraska Grazing Conference - August 13 - 14, 2013


The 2013 NGC will again be held at the Kearney Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center on August 13-14. Some of the topics being covered are listed as follows:



  • Key Indicators of Ranch Efficiencies
    Burke Teichert, Teichert Management and Consulting and former Rex Ranch manager, Orem, UT
  • Grazing Plan - Historical and Where They Are Now
    Bob Price, daughter Lindsey Smith and their consultant Terry DeGroff, Burwell, NE
  • Dung Beetles
    Sean Whipple, UNL Panhandle Research & Extension Center, Scottsbluff, NE

Click here for more information


Range Field Day - July 2, 2013


The goal of the 2013 Range Field Day is to provide basic principles to use in grazing management (a.m.) and to capture experiences and lessons learned from grazing managers (p.m.).


If you'd like more information about the EOARC Range Field Day, please call Petrina White at 541-573-8900 or email her at [email protected]

Science on the Sonoita Plain Symposium

The 5th annual Science on the Sonoita Plain symposium is scheduled for June 8, 2013 near Elgin, Arizona. The focus this year is on climate, drought and water issues. This workshop has been approved for 6 CEUs.
Interpreting and Measuring Indicators of Rangeland Health
May 21-24 2013, in Reno, NV
This course will teach participants how to apply the "Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health" qualitative evaluation protocol and learn how to quantify (measure) selected indicators. The protocol is widely applied by individuals and agencies to provide early warning of potential degradation, opportunities for recovery and to help design monitoring programs. The quantitative indicators can also be used as baseline for monitoring. This workshop is for Individuals with little or no experience with the protocols, individuals who would like to improve their ability to consistently apply the protocols, and anyone who is interested in learning how to objectively evaluate rangelands.
Minimizing Drought-Induced Frustrations on Range


Are you wondering if you should reduce your herd size this year?   

Do you have the feeling that as soon as you sell it will rain and turn everything around?


If so, there will be two workshops to help you through the decision making process.  Whether you own rangeland and cattle, or you are a property owner who leases range, or you are leasing rangeland for your cattle, you will gain valuable information from these workshops.  Young aspiring ranchers are particularly invited to attend.


Click here for more information and to register.



CPRM Committee Members


SRM's CPRM Committee is in need of an ARS, BLM and rancher member to fill  current vacancies. You must be a CPRM in good standing in order to serve on this committee.


If you are interested please contact CPRM Chair Blaine Horn, [email protected].



SRM Apparel eStore

Are you looking for a way to show people you support SRM or are a member of SRM? Then you need to visit our SRM Apparel eStore. We have everything from shirts, jackets, polos, pullovers, to vests, caps and bags. Check it out!!

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CRP Training - Presented by Conservation Professional Training Program


Join over 400 of your colleagues across the country who have already participated in our comprehensive training program. The path to becoming an NRCS certified CRP Technical Service Provider (TSP) has never been easier with new online training options.


Participants who complete the FREE online Core Training are eligible for supplemental courses at no additional charge. Supplemental courses are available for a fee to all other participants.


Please visit our website www.facesofcrp.info for an overview of the entire program including training availability, benefits and continuing education units (CEUs). 


Colorado State University
Master's Degree

Advance your career with a degree from one of the nation's leaders in rangeland education.
As a Colorado State University OnlinePlus student, you'll receive the same quality instruction, from the same expert faculty, carrying the same esteemed CSU reputation, as an on-campus student would receive - all delivered online or via DVD or correspondence. Learn more about this master's degree at www.csurangeland.com.         


SRM Section Meetings

North Central Section Website:  northernrangelands.org


PNW Section Spring Meeting
June 19-21, 2013
Dawson Creek, British Columbia
More Info.


New Mexico Section Summer Meeting & Tours 

June 20 - 21, 2013
Silver City, NM
More Info.


Nevada Section Summer Meeting & Tour 

June 27-28, 2013

Ely, NV
More Info.


PNW Section Fall Meeting 

September 19-21,2013
Enterprise, OR
More Info.


Nebraska Section Annual Meeting
Oct. 9-10, 2013
Ainsworth, NE


Texas Section Fall Meeting October 9-11, 2013
Ft. Worth, TX

More Info.


Other Events of Interest 


Ecology & Management of Grazing - Online Course

More Information 


Integrated Ranch Management Symposium

May 13-17, 2013

University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

More Information 


Interpreting & Measuring Indicators of Rangeland Health

May 21-24, 2013 - Reno, NV

More Information 


5th Annual Science on the Sonoita Plain Symposium

June 8, 2013 - near Elgin, AZ


Wyoming Range Management School
June 11-14, 2013

Buffalo, WY

More Information 

NAIPSC Field Course
June 25-27, 2013


NAIPSC Webinar Series

More Information 


Invasive Plants: Managing Controversy, Creativity, and Conservation - One Day Workshop   

July 21, 2013
Reno, NV
III International Symposium on Forage Quality and Conservation
July 22-23, 2013
Campinas, SP, Brazil

More Information 


50th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Animal Science
July 23-26, 2013
Campinas, SP, Brazil

22nd International Grassland Congress 

Sept. 15 - 19, 2013


Renewable Natural Resources Foundation's (RNRF) 12th National Congress

Resiliency of the Coasts

December 11-12, 2013

NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction 

College Park, MD