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Welcome to the May - June edition of  The Examiner, official newsletter of Ethos Risk Services.

In an industry that sees advancements -- technological, investigative, etc., -- on a seemingly daily basis, Ethos vows to continue its organic business approach. We'll continue developing and improving. And, of course, we'll continue informing and entertaining with content such as that found in this edition of The Examiner

So please, read on and enjoy.

Fourth of July Surveillance Opportunity
The Fourth of July holiday weekend is approaching quickly. As you read this, many of your claimants are making plans, perhaps for a party on the beach, a hiking excursion, or a trip to the lake. No matter what your claimants end up doing over the holiday weekend, Ethos' investigators are at the ready.

Clearly, all holiday weekends (especially in the summer) are great surveillance opportunities that traditionally yield outstanding results. July 4th is also a special holiday that brings us together as a nation and reminds us to never forget the sacrifices that have been made by our men and women in uniform. 

Please don't hesitate. Slots are filling quickly. 

Contact your Ethos representative today at 866-783-0525 or assign a case here.
Best Catch - June 2015

Regular readers of The Examiner know that we at Ethos are very proud of our investigators. They, after all, are responsible for obtaining the great video that keeps our clients coming back for more. Our Best Catch award for this issue goes to investigator Tim Godfried. Tim was assigned surveillance on a 36-year-old male claimant who has been out of work since 2009 with self-reported headaches, fatigue and dizziness. 


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Schedules: Recognize and Capitalize - By Erik Schmidt
My wife Jen is a math teacher. She is also an avid runner. On weekdays during the school year, she wakes up at 4:15 a.m. (As do I, thanks to our freakishly loud alarm clock. Then it takes me an hour to go back to sleep-on a good day. But that's another story.) 

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Ethos Eight -  Meagan Wilfert

The Examiner loves to profile Ethos team members in a Q &A session we call "The Ethos Eight." 

In this edition, we interviewed Operations Manager Meagan Wilfert. A former college soccer player, Meagan discusses teamwork, travel, and Disney.

Active Ethos

2015 UL Brand Protection 
Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Conference
Our clients are our best advertising...Hear that? It's the Ethos buzz.
"Thank you Ethos! Your investigator did an INCREDIBLE job on this case. I'm a former prosecutor who has worked with countless police officers and agents. As a civil lawyer, I use investigators all the time; Mike is the best and most responsive investigator I've seen (he's as good as the best cops and agents I've worked with as well). Please make sure he is assigned to ALL of my cases in his geographic area where I use Ethos"

- Casey, Legal Department Manager - June 2015

"Great news! You guys did an incredible job on this case. I can't sing Meagan's and Ethos' praises enough. The claimant and her attorney just accepted a 5k settlement based on your results. Let's just say they were asking for a LOT more. My sincere thanks. This settlement news was sent along to upper management and they are also thrilled

- Pete, Claims Adjuster - May 2015

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