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Welcome to the November-December edition of  The Examiner, official newsletter of Ethos Risk Services.

In an industry that sees advancements -- technological, investigative, etc., -- on a seemingly daily basis, Ethos vows to continue its organic business approach. We'll continue developing and improving.  And, of course, we'll continue informing and entertaining with content such as that found in this edition of The Examiner

So please, read on and enjoy.

Ethos enjoying new digs

We at Ethos Risk Services are excited to celebrate the recent upgrade of our corporate offices. Just a few years ago, we started this company with a handful of dedicated employees and a small group of clients who were willing to give our new business a shot. Since then, we have enjoyed tremendous growth, expanding both our service offerings and geographical reach.


As we continue to progress, we do so with sincere gratitude to our loyal customers. We know that without you, there would be no Ethos. We again thank you for your business, and we look forward to providing top-quality service for many years to come.


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Discount December Reminder

With the season of giving in full swing Ethos Risk Services is pleased to present a holiday gift to our valued clients. Remember that until the end of 2014, Ethos is knocking 10% OFF all our data support servicesFrom due diligence and social media investigations to background checks and medical canvasses, every DSS assignment between now and December 31 earns you a 10% DISCOUNT.

It's just our way of saying thank you for another great year, and we encourage you to take advantage of this Discount December package.

Happy holidays, and please call us at 866-783-0525 or click here to assign your DSS project today.

Ethos Eight - Eric Boyette

The Examiner loves to profile Ethos team members in a Q &A session we call "The Ethos Eight." 


In this edition, we interviewed Director of Special Investigations Eric Boyette. Never one to stretch the truth, Eric has at least one fish tale to tell.


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"Brand protection requires action" by Mike Jaczewski, VP of SC&BP

As a service provider, we are often asked to define what Brand Protection means and what the most important aspects of a good Brand Protection program consist of. A quick online search will yield just one well-meaning 'textbook' definition (from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary). 


The act of preventing someone from illegally making and selling a product using a brand name owned by another companyIncredibly, not only does the Miriam-Webster Online Dictionary provide no definition, there is not even a separate, dedicated Wikipedia page on the subject. For those with experience in this industry this is not surprising. The reason is that...

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Best Catch: Persistence pays off

Regular readers of The Examiner know that at Ethos are very proud of our investigators.  They, after all, are responsible for obtaining the great video that keeps our clients coming back for more.  


In order to make sure that their accomplishments don't go unrecognized, we honor the investigator whose efforts stand out above the rest in our Best Catch feature.


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Our Clients are our best advertising...Hear that? It's the Ethos buzz.
"Ashley, Thus far Art and I are impressed with the timeliness and  depth of follow up we have gotten from Mike on this case in Jamaica.  After the multiple disasters we have had with other carriers and the sense that cases were gone down a black hole, Art and I are already impressed."

-Mike, Director of Claims - December, 2014

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