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Welcome to the May-June edition of  The Examiner, official newsletter of Ethos Risk Services.

In an industry that sees advancements -- technological, investigative, etc., -- on a seemingly daily basis, Ethos vows to continue its organic business approach. We'll continue developing and improving.  And, of course, we'll continue informing and entertaining with content such as that found in this edition of The Examiner

So please, read on and enjoy.

'Tis Great to be 8 - Ethos celebrates our 8th year anniversary 

We at Ethos Risk Services are happy to celebrate our 8th year of risk mitigation excellence on June 1.  It's hard to believe it has been that long since we started with just a few employees and a small group of clients who were willing to give a new company a shot.  Since then, we have grown quite a bit, expanding our service offerings and our geographical reach. 


With our full suite of services, we now have a strong presence in all 50 states and have performed investigations in more than 40 different countries. 


As we continue to grow, we do so with sincere gratitude to our loyal customers.  We know that without you, there would be no Ethos.  As such, we pledge to never forget where we come from or who helped to fuel our growth along the way.  No matter what, we will continue to conduct our business with the same customer-centric approach that has propelled Ethos to its current position in the industry as the first choice for risk mitigation services.  


We again thank you for your business and we look forward to many more years of service.

"Serpico, the wise king, and the BP oil spill" - Ed Cotilla, CEO/President
One of my favorite movies growing up was "Serpico." Starring Al Pacino, it's a true life story about a New York police officer, Frank Serpico, who went undercover to expose corruption in the police force. Serpico was an honest cop trying to do the right thing, but he was harassed and threatened by his peers.
The struggle led to infighting within the police force and problems in his personal relationships.


In one compelling scene, Serpico tells a fable he calls "The Wise King." It's a story about a king beloved by his people. In the middle of the kingdom there was a well from which everyone drank. One night, a witch poisoned the well. The next day, everybody drank from the well except the king. The people, aside from the king, went crazy, committing crimes and creating chaos. Observing this behavior, the king approached his subjects and reprimanded them. He demanded they change their behavior. The citizens who once loved the king became irate and accused him of acting crazy. They came together and made a pact to kill the king. Clearly, in their minds, he had gone mad. The king feared for his life. Later that night, he drank from the well and immediately went insane. Upon seeing the crazed king the next day, all the people rejoiced because their beloved king had regained his reason.


This scene hit me like a ton of bricks when I was a kid. It may have had something to do with my decision to become a fraud investigator. Well, either that or Magnum P.I.'s lifestyle. 


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"Seasonal Surveillance...What a Feeling" - Erik Schmidt, Communications Associate

When people ask what I do for a living, I explain that I work in 

risk mitigationMore often than not, I'm met with a quizzical look followed by the question, "So you're an attorney?"


To avoid an extended narrative detailing the industry ins and outs, I generally choose the most entertaining element of the job.


"No, not an attorney," I say.  "We investigate stuff like fraud."


Most people are very interested when I mention words like fraud and surveillance, especially when I hit them with my favorite investigative stories.  As a communications associate at Ethos, and serving in the same capacity with other companies for a decade or so, I've reviewed thousands of investigative reports. I've seen dancers with back injuries, construction workers with bum shoulders, and even a dancer working construction.  


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Ethos Eight: Dan Cornelius, Operation Manager

The Examiner loves to profile Ethos team members in a Q&A session we call "The Ethos Eight." 


In this edition, we interviewed New York native and our newest operations manager, Dan Cornelius. Not a fan of soaring temperatures, Dan nonetheless turns up the heat on our clients' claimants. 


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Best Catch: Persistence pays off

As loyal readers of The Examiner know, we at Ethos are very proud of our team of investigators.  They are the lifeblood of our company and their jobs are certainly not without challenges. But challenges are what our investigators thrive on. In fact, the most challenging files are usually the most rewarding. 


In this edition of our Best Catch segment, we feature an investigation that was full of challenges that were overcome through hard work and persistence.


Ethos took in a file in which the client had very little information to provide.  Aside from the claimant's name and a partial Social Security number, we had very little to go on in order to locate the claimant and document his activities.  As part of our preliminary investigation, we identified two possible addresses for the claimant, located approximately 400 miles apart.  In efforts to confirm his residency at either address, we attempted to discreetly contact neighbors living near the two possible addresses; however, they either had no information to provide or did not wish to furnish what they did have.  

Our Clients are our best advertising...Hear that? It's the Ethos buzz.
"I am so impressed with how much all of the Ethos Operations Managers know about each individual case. I know you guys manage a lot of cases and it's almost like you memorize each case. It makes discussing cases so much easier." -Stan, VP of Claims - May, 2014

"I'm new to the company and not used to assigning surveillance. You guys made the process so easy and with great results. I look forward to working with your team." -Amy, Claims Adjuster - May, 2014   

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