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Welcome to the March-April edition of  The Examiner, official newsletter of Ethos Risk Services.

As you've undoubtedly noticed, The Examiner boasts a new look. Sleek, visually appealing, and user-friendly, the newsletter's redesign fits with Ethos' standing credo: evolve or die. In an industry that sees advancements -- technological, investigative, etc., -- on a seemingly daily basis, Ethos vows to continue its organic business approach. We'll continue developing and improving.  And, of course, we'll continue informing and entertaining with content such as that found in this edition of The Examiner

So please, read on and enjoy.

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Claire spearheading adjusting division
Ethos Risk Services is pleased to announce the hiring of Scott Claire to oversee the business's newly formed adjusting division.

Claire brings 25 years of experience as a licensed adjuster and private investigator to Ethos, a nationwide risk mitigation company based in St. Petersburg, Fla. He has worked extensively with property and casualty, liability, and catastrophic claims. Read more 

Ethos lives on the edge... the cutting edge

Ethos Risk Services has built its reputation on a nose-to-the-grindstone mentality. That doesn't mean we're still using blacksmiths from medieval times, though. 

Far from it.

Recently, Ethos reached into its cutting edge technology cache and withdrew a lightning bolt that 
would've shamed King Arthur's Excalibur.  After searching for a claimant who had disappeared from the grid for over three weeks, Ethos employed its Vehicle Spotter program. 
Read more

Ethos Eight: Ski talks umpiring, security consulting
In each issue of The Examiner, we profile Ethos team members in a Q & A session known as The Ethos Eight. 
In this edition, we interviewed Mike Jaczweski. Nicknamed "Ski" because his last name is too difficult for mortal men to pronounce, Mike is Vice President, Security Consulting and Brand Protection at Ethos. Read more

THE ETHOS GUIDE TO FIGHTING FRAUD: From Suspicion to Submission

Greetings. I am Ed Cotilla, President of Ethos Risk Services and author of the publication "The Ethos Guide to Fighting Fraud: From Suspicion to Submission." The following is an excerpt:


In order to significantly impact fraud, it is essential to formulate a solid, comprehensive approach. After all, you don't bring a knife to a gun fight. If you're smart, you bring a bigger gun and maybe a hand grenade. When it comes to fighting fraud, we really need all the weapons we can gather.


Friends, we in this industry know what a tremendous problem insurance fraud is in our society. For as long as there has been insurance, unscrupulous folks have schemed to obtain financial gain through false claims, staged accidents, intentional damage to insured property, and a host of other illegal methods. Truly, fraudulent activity costs every single one of us through increases to insurance rates and premiums.  


Through my decades of experience in this industry, I have compiled numerous strategies that have proven to be successful in helping clients detect fraud and improve their bottom line.  


As a service to my fellow risk mitigation professionals, I have assembled "The Ethos Guide to Fighting Fraud: From Suspicion to Submission." to help others navigate these treacherous waters. The guide is free of charge and available in hardcopy or pdf forms. Please click on the following link for the latter, or call 866-783-0525 for your print edition. (electronic version) 

Best Catch
Loyal readers of The Examiner know that we at Ethos love to highlight the efforts of our outstanding investigators. They are the lifeblood of our company, after all, and they excel at a job that most folks simply cannot do.  Yes, being an investigator is tough work and if you're not resilient and resourceful, you'll likely not last very long in this line of work.
We're fortunate to have the best investigators in the industry working for us at Ethos and as challenging as their work can be, they are passionate about getting the best possible results on every single file. Read more
What you're saying - clients laud Ethos
"Ashley, your investigative report is just awesome! I sent the report around the branch so that they can see what your company can do." - Jenn, Senior Claims Adjuster

"I just saw your internet mining investigation that you guys did for a co-worker. Very impressive. You guys got info that I have never seen from a few companies I have been using. I thought that all surveillance companies did social media investigations the same way, but you guys really take it to the next level. Great job! My cases are now coming your way." - Jim,  Risk Manager Read more
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