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Help Us Meet a $10,000 Challenge Grant
in Support of Biodynamics 


This spring the Biodynamic Association has once again been blessed to receive a $10,000 challenge grant from a generous donor. With your help and their help we would like to keep the healing impulse of biodynamics spreading through the world. 



Over the past year, we have been busy creating opportunities where those whose lives have been touched by the spirit of biodynamics can meet, share, teach, learn and collaborate. Can you help us continue this work and the amazing momentum it is creating for biodynamics in the world? All gifts will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000!




Write for the Biodynamics Blog!



We are always looking for new stories and articles to share on the biodynamics blog. Want to write something for the broader biodynamic community? We'd love to hear your creative ideas! Please contact our Communications Coordinator, Rebecca Briggs at rebecca@biodynamics.com.

Be a Bootstrap Blogger for the National Young Farmers Coalition


Each year, NYFC's Bootstrap Blog follows farmers in their first season or two of starting a new farm business. It's one of our most popular features and we think it's a critical platform for highlighting and recruiting the next generation of farmers and ranchers. Check out last year's posts at the Bootstrap Blogger hub here


This year we're looking for three farmers or ranchers (of any kind!) to write monthly for our blog in 2014. Farmers will receive a stipend for their writing and the Bootstrap Coordinator will work with farmers each month on content and editing before posts are published. 


To apply, please submit a short (300-500 word) farmer profile (with pictures!) of your operation. Please include an overview of the type and scale of your operation, your farming experience, the mission and vision driving your farm, and plans for the future. Your farmer profile, regardless of selection for the Bootstrap Blog, may be featured as a Farm Profile on the regular NYFC blog! 

Submit applications and questions to Wes at wes@youngfarmers.org. 

Eisenhower Fellowships


Eisenhower Fellowships, the premier international leadership organization chaired by General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret), is seeking active farmers or ranchers to take part in a unique international opportunity.  


Since 1993, Eisenhower Fellowships has welcomed 23 farmers and ranchers into its international network of more than 2,000 leaders from all sectors across the globe.  The successful applicants receive a custom-designed program overseas for five weeks in one or two countries where he or she will explore agricultural issues in order to enhance their own leadership capabilities in the field of agriculture.  In addition to the overseas program, they will attend an orientation as well as a closing seminar in Philadelphia, with a group of 35 Eisenhower Fellows from the US and throughout the world.


Learn more on the Eisenhower Foundation website.

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connecting the next generation of farmers, educators, activists and others inspired by biodynamics
Training Available for Beginning Biodynamic Farmers   


Do you dream of becoming a biodynamic farmer? 

The North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP)  is a comprehensive two-year training that combines structured hands-on learning with a course of classroom study in biodynamics. Apprentices can choose from over 40 mentor farms across the United States and Canada. Many NABDAP mentor farms are currently accepting applications
for spring apprenticeship start dates, including:
To learn more about NABDAP, please visit the program page on our website or call 262.649.9212 x5.
InPower, a youth conference!  


Hearing the Still, Small Voice
Speaking with the Authority of Truth
Becoming Courageous
An International Event for Young Adults 18-36
June 24-28, Chestnut Ridge, NY

InPower is a conference for young people who want to forge leadership capacities by developing clear voices for spiritual evolution. This conference will seek to unite young people who share a desire to do more than protest for change in the world, and want to build the capacities needed to elevate humanity toward a brighter future.


The conference will feature presentations and discussions from three people who are living examples of individuals who have developed clear voices in their work in connection to one of the three spheres in the social organism. Richard Dancey will speak out of his extensive experience as a Christian Community priest; Shelly Tochluk will speak from her work and research in social justice and human rights; and Rodrigo Ventre will speak out of his work with new financial models in Brazil.


In addition, an exciting group of twelve workshop leaders will facilitate capacity building sessions. Every evening, in the Hive, we will experiment through dialogue and artistic performances with night cafés dedicated to showcasing not only our talents but unfolding our more vulnerable voices as well.



Help make this conference possible

We have created an "indiegogo," crowd-funding campaign where you can learn more about the conference and make a financial gift to help keep the costs down and make it as affordable as possible for young people. With your help this conference will be a community supported conference!! Your gifts are hugely appreciated and will make it possible to gather friends from around the world.
Upcoming events
Visit our online calendar to see more listings or post your own.
March Events
Biodynamics and Permaculture Fair Oaks, California
Permaculture Voices Temecula, California
A Weekend with Gunther Hauk Boone, North Carolina
Gardening for Better Bee Health Battle Ground, Washington


April Events


Scholarships are available for biodynamic educational opportunities through the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund. We awarded over $10,000 in support to more than 60 individuals over the past year. 
Scholarship recipient Joelle Friend stirring biodynamic preparations at "The Farm as a Living Organism"
"At the biodynamic pre-conference event at Eco-Farm I learned so much information about integrating livestock and vegetables, and the biodynamic compost preparations.  It was also wonderful hearing the speakers communicate about their land and what is unique about their journey surrounding biodynamic agriculture. It was very exciting to see the land transform and come to life again with the help of the compost preparations." 
- Joelle Friend, Olympia, WA
To apply for a scholarship or make a donation to the scholarship fund, please visit
Biodynamic Initiative for the Next Generation (BING)


BING is a program of the Biodynamic Association