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Summer Solstice Directory Drawing

Happy first birthday to the Biodynamic Directory!

The Biodynamic Directory
In May 2012 we launched this membership benefit to facilitate grassroots networking and collaboration among members. Through it, you can find farms, biodynamic groups, businesses, and others who share your interests or region.

Are you listed yet? Join the directory by June 21st to be entered to win a t-shirt or poster in our Summer Solstice Drawing. Join now in 5 easy steps...

Summer of Soil


More then 90% of our food comes from our soil and 25% of this soil has already been degraded to the level where it can no longer support food production. We are losing 10 million hectares of fertile soil each year - that is 30 soccer fields per minute. Agriculture is responsible for 75% of soil degradation. The FAO, European Commission and others recognize the importance of soil and warn of the negative influence of unsustainable agricultural and soil management practices on the health of our soils and food security.




Inspired by this urgency, Imagineers Sweden AB is co-organizing the Summer of Soil from 7 July - August 9, 2013 in Järna, Sweden. Summer of Soil is a 5-week, multi-disciplinary accelerator program designed to awaken and inspire a collaborative movement to rebuild and maintain living soils. The program will include a series of hands-on soil-related courses, an exhibition of regenerative growing practices and the 5-day Living Soil Forum for bringing conversation to action.


For more information, please visit the Summer of Soil website.

Friends of Waldorf Education - Volunteer Opportunities in Germany

The Incoming Program is designed for motivated, socially committed women and men of 18 years and up whose permanent residence is outside Germany. The areas of service are diverse: anthroposophic communal homes for people who require special care and attention, work with children and young people, biodynamic agriculture etc. 


Volunteers interested in biodynamic agriculture will naturally spend a great deal of time outdoors - in summer as well as winter! A typical day begins very early, usually with tending the animals. The type of work is determined largely by the season and is quite physically demanding. It is possible, however, to combine agriculture with a second area of work. Since most of the social therapy institutions maintain gardens and/or farmland, volunteers have the chance to share in agricultural work as well as caring for the residents of the living community.



For more information, please visit the Incoming Program website.

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- Thea Maria Carlson, Education Program Coordinator

Scholarships Available for Biodynamic Education
Abby, a scholarship recipient
Abby, a scholarship recipient

Since 2010, the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund has helped people to attend the North American Biodynamic Conference, and NABDAP apprentices to attend the classroom study portion of their training. 


Now, thanks to a grant from the Kalliopeia Foundation along with several other generous gifts, we have expanded the support we offer through the Fund so that any member of the Biodynamic Association can apply for assistance to participate in a biodynamic course or workshop, or to receive advising from a qualified biodynamic consultant. 


To learn how to apply, visit the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund page on our website.

Pig Butchering Workshop at Frey Vineyards


by Blaire Ladd


finished sausage
Finished sausage

The first NABDAP regional Northern California gathering was held at Frey Vineyards for a Pig Butchering Workshop on May 11, 2013. The event was a great opportunity for the next generation of young farmers to congregate, share their experiences, discuss their perspective on Biodynamics, dream what the future of agriculture could look like, all while gaining a whole new respect for a beautiful animal.


Luke Frey and Tamara Wilder wonderfully co-hosted the workshop together. They are amazing teachers and eloquently led us step by step from slaughtering to butchering to table. Luke graciously opened his home to us, brought his life long experience working with animals and shared his insightful biodynamic perspectives. He encouraged us to share our thoughts and be heard. He made us feel more than welcomed and always had a big smile and positive attitude. Tamara brought 25 years of researching and practicing ancient living skills, the art of butchering and how to use every part of the animal. She shined as her extensive knowledge of the anatomy and its intricacies was incredible. We feasted on organ meat all weekend long.


wrapping the cuts
Wrapping the cuts

About half of our time together was spent cooking with Tamara's guidance. We made blood sausage, pate, head cheese, sweetbreads, italian sausage, blood pudding, curried lung stew, tongue, liver and onions, fried heart rings, menudo, roasted head with 5 chinese spice bourbon glaze, gelatin, chilled ear salad, and most special of all was an Italian chocolate blood ice cream called Sanguinaccio that was delicious! We also had the opportunity to cut up a whole half into porkchops, bacon, ribs, roasts and much more. 


All and all I felt that processing an animal in this community gathering setting is the way things should be. It brought growth, understanding, respect and reverence. I encourage everyone to create community events to bring new, deeper meanings to agriculture and the food we eat. 



workshop group
Participants in the workshop

For a slideshow with more photos from the workshop, please visit our website.

Seed Grants for Social Entrepreneurs
  pollination project
The Pollination Project is accepting applications from individuals working to make their community and the world a better place in the areas of arts and culture, community health and wellness, the environment, and justice.

Seed grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded to social entrepreneurs for projects in the early stages of development, including those that promote compassion toward all life (people, planet, animals), environmental sustainability, justice in all its forms, community health and wellness, and social change-oriented arts and culture. Only applications for seed funding, as opposed to ongoing operational or program costs of a nonprofit organization, will be accepted.

To be eligible, applicants must be passionate, committed individuals with a social change vision that fits within one or more of the above-mentioned categories. Established nonprofit organizations with paid staff will not be considered. To apply, visit the Pollination Project website.


jobsinternshipsJob & Internship Opportunities


For more details, additional openings, or to share an opportunity, please visit our forums.


Farmer Training Program Assistant (Caledonia, IL)


Dairy Farmer Wanted (Kimberton Hills, PA)


Agricultural Arts Specialist (Colorado Springs, CO)


Farm Employment/Lease Opportunity (Lopez Island, WA)


Apprenticeship at Friendly Haven Rise (Battleground, WA)

Cresset Farm Seeks Biodynamic Apprentices 
(Fort Collins, CO)  

eventsUpcoming Events


For details on these events and more, or to share your event, visit our calendar.

May 24-27: Bio-Dynamic Intensive with Hugh Courtney (Fair Haven, VT) 

May 27 and June 24: Santa Cruz Biodynamic Study Group (Santa Cruz, CA)  

June 1: Chesapeake BioDynamic Network Gathering (College Park, MD) 
July 7-13: Earth, Water, Air, Warmth (Ghent, NY) 
July 7 - Aug 9: Summer Of Soil (Sweden) 
July 20 - Aug 3: Permaculture Design Certificate (Hotchkiss, CO) 

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