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BING at the International Biodynamic Conference


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New Farmer's Almanac
new farmers almanac

The Greenhorns is pleased to announce the release of The 2013 New Farmer's Almanac, an anthology of essays and illustrations of agrarian advice, both contemporary and historical. Available in March 2013, the New Farmer's Almanac gleans inspiration from the past in hopes of heralding a bright future for a revived, re-mixed, re-localized food system.


The New Farmer's Almanac contains: astronomical data, exercises in cooperation, reading lists, farm games, poems, land rants, brilliantly articulated aspirations from throughout history, safe handling of wildlife, notes from the editor, many illustrations, tools and technology, health tips, basics on labor and birth, recipes, creative writings and other sundry and informative articles.


The Greenhorns seeks contributors for the 2014 New Farmer's Almanac. Please email the Greenhorns with topic proposals, poetry, illustrations, or artwork! The deadline for submission is June 2013.


Click here for more information about the New Farmer's Almanac.





is a Summer Youth Initiative program for 16-30 year olds in Ann Arbor, MI. 


June 26-29 ~ 
Learn about the foundations of anthroposophy, anthroposophic and sustainable medicine, nursing care, therapies, nutrition, lifestyle, biodynamic agriculture and community building

June 30-July 6 ~ Work at an anthroposophic health retreat for low-income patients, putting what you learned into practice, according to your interests and abilities

July 7-13 ~ Share

healthy nutrition and lifestyle approaches with pre-teen girls as an investment for the future 


For more information and to apply visit the Rudolf Steiner Health Center website

Biodynamic Ambassadors


Have you recently completed a biodynamic agriculture training?


Are you interested in spending
one year abroad helping to set up biodynamic practices on a pioneer farm?


Biodynamic ambassadors
help to make biodynamics a reality in a particular place, by working alongside the farm manager, helping to set up and develop the biodynamic practice. The ambassadors get to know the pioneer project and the surrounding local culture. This is a practical form of cultural exchange, which helps to weave a personal network between north and south, east and west. 


Learn more about the program on the Agriculture Section website.

Youth Wandering Conference - Romania



Join us for discovering the path which leads from 'I' to 'us', from personal opinions to experiencing the world together.


Where? In a camp open to all young people who seek ideals, art and social activities. In Simeria, Romania.


When? When the warm summer is ending, and the forest fruits are finally ripe. Between 22-31 August 2013.


The event includes practice groups, workshops and insight meetings, and has anthroposophy at its core. The conference will make the most interiorized participants open up, and invite the most outgoing to meditate. We shall thus manage to accomplish things in other ways than we were used to.


Learn more here...
Host a BING Meetup!

  dornach bing meeting

Hosting a BING meetup is a great way to bring people together, explore the questions that matter to you, build your biodynamic community and our international network.


A meetup can be as simple as three people getting together for an hour or two -- or as big as a multi-day gathering with 70 participants.


Interested in hosting? Participate in our BING meetup pilot program! 


Visit our website to download the new BING step-by-step guide to hosting a meetup, and get started today!


TED Talk: Allan Savory - How to Green the Desert and Reverse Climate Change



"Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert," begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk. And it's happening to about two-thirds of the world's grasslands, accelerating climate change and causing traditional grazing societies to descend into social chaos. Savory has devoted his life to stopping it. He now believes -- and his work so far shows -- that a surprising factor can protect grasslands and even reclaim degraded land that was once desert. 


New Online Hang-Out for Farmers

Want to be a part of the young and beginning farmer national community?  NYFC is proud to launch the NYFC Forum!  Serving as a link between farmers, coalitions, and farm-supporters from around the country, the forum is a space for chatting about farm techniques and practices, making sense of farm laws and regulations, and organizing grassroots networks.


Check out the NYFC Forum here.

Thanks for subscribing to the BING e-newsletter! Have something you'd like to share with others? Send it along to me at and I will include it in a future issue.

- Thea Maria Carlson, Education Program Coordinator

BING at the International Biodynamic Agriculture Conference 


On the last day of the 2013 International Biodynamic Agriculture Conference in Dornach, the newly formed BING global invited participants to a "meeting of the young biodynamic movement." Forty-five participants from all over the world followed the invitation and met on Saturday afternoon at the Goetheaum's Schreinerei. We began with one-on-one conversations, sharing our burning issues and needs with regard to the biodynamic impulse. Then each person wrote down one burning issue and one need and posted them on the wall, clustering similar needs and issues together.


Read more about the meeting and the international conference on the Biodynamics Blog...

Introducing the new BING Meetup Toolkit!  


After participating in an engaging World Cafe with other apprentices and a BING open space conversation at the 2012 Biodynamic Conference, Blaire Ladd and Megan Durney were inspired to host meetups with other young people inspired by biodynamics in their regions. To help them and others to initiate and convene such local and regional gatherings, we created a new toolkit on How to Host a BING Meetup. Blaire and Megan tested it out in early January 2013 and share their experiences below.  


Want to host your own meetup? Check out our toolkit now and try it out! 

California BING Meetup: A Multi-Generational Dialogue


by Blaire Ladd


Our first California BING Meetup in January was a huge success! The event was hosted at the BDANC (Biodynamic Association of Northern California) winter meeting at the majestic Frey Vineyards.  


We had about 30 people join us to meet and discuss in a World Cafe format three issues pertaining to the next generation of farmers:

  • What does the new farm inspired by the future look like?
  • How do we welcome the future of agriculture together, in partnership between older mentors, younger farmers and communities?
  • How do we empower this impulse?  

Paula Manalo Gaska (Mendocino Organics) and I hosted these three exciting questions.  Using the "World Cafe" format as a formula to host a regional event we had people gather in groups of 4-5 to sit together and easily grow a creative dialogue. We used poster size pieces of blank paper to draw, write and sculpt ideas with, forming visions of farms and communities for the future, and then shared our insights in a collective harvest.


Here are a few of the fruits of our conversations:













































































I felt strongly drawn to host the meetup because of the inspiration I experienced at the 2012 North American Biodynamic Conference. I wanted to bring that spirit back to our regional group, and help create a pilot for regional BING Meetups around the country. With these different but similar experiences, we are creating answers to the same questions that we all must help to empower. People are eager to make a shift towards nurturing and caring for the earth and each other. The BING Meetup Toolkit makes hosting an event easy and straight forward.  BING creates a platform for the next generation of farmers to work on growing a future for us all.    


Blaire Ladd is a NABDAP apprentice at the Raphael Garden, Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. Blaire will host a second regional BING meetup on Sunday, April 7 at Raphael Garden. Please contact Blaire for more information.   

New York BING Meetup: Finding the Burning Questions


by Megan Durney


In February, Anthony and Mecca and I hosted a regional BING meetup at Hawthorne Valley Farm, in conjunction with the Winter Biodynamic Intensives. About 15 people participated, including participants in the course as well as local Hawthorne Valley apprentices. 


As an introduction, I brought farmy images and nature scenes from the Pfeiffer Center in the form of small laminated pictures. I spread them out on a table and asked people to choose a picture they most relate to or were inspired by. We went around room and said names and one word/or phrase as to why we chose that picture. We hoped that this introduction would help warm the space and allow everyone's voice to resonate in the room. 


Our world cafe conversations were focused on the question "What is the role and responsibility of the human being in relationship to the farm?" Anthony went over world cafe process and guidelines, and asked participants to really observe and note the questions that emerged during their conversations, out of the group and themselves. 


Here are some of those questions:





One of my goals is to create more of a regional "learning community," especially between Hawthorne Valley area and the Pfeiffer Center area. This meetup was a good way to start, and helped generate more ideas on how to foster this community. 


Megan Durney is Head Gardener at the Pfeiffer Center. She is also a graduate of the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program   

jobsinternshipsJob & Internship Opportunities


For more details, additional openings, or to share an opportunity, please visit our forums.


Assistant Vegetable Manager and Vegetable Apprentices - Brookford Farm, NH


Organic farm manager/couple - Panama 


Internship on small farm with pigs, sheep and poultry - Sonoma County, CA

Farm Market and CSA Staff, Vegetable and Greenhouse Production Manager - Hampton Falls, NH

Volunteer CoordinatorField & Greenhouse Production Manager - Osceola, WI

Swine Program Manager - Yorkville, CA  


BD Vineyard apprenticeships - Driftless Area, WI


Biodynamic animal husbandry and dairy apprenticeships at Glencolton Farms - Ontario


Upcoming Events


For details on these events and more, or to share your event, visit our calendar.
March 16: Biodynamic Study Meeting - Little Falls, MN
March 16: How Biodynamics "Cranks Up Organics" - Pittsburgh, PA
March 21: Healthy Soil Conference - Desboro, Canada
March 23: Gardening with the Rhythms of Nature - Floyd, VA
March 25: Santa Cruz Biodynamic Study Group - Santa Cruz, CA
April 6: BDANC Spring Meeting - Fair Oaks, CA
April 6-7: Biodynamic Spring Gardening Course - Brackendale, BC
April 7: Northern California BING Meetup - Fair Oaks, CA
April 13: Biodynamics and Permaculture - Fair Oaks, CA
April 20: Introduction to Biodynamic Agriculture - East Troy, WI
April 21: Intro to Biodynamics - Ontario, Canada
April 26-27: Conscious Beekeeping - Chestnut Ridge, NY

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