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August 2012
It's All In The Details     

If you haven't decorated in a few years, chances are that your home could use a little lift!  Not so much because the decor is outdated, but because a little change can go a long way...physically and emotionally.  Sometimes, making just 1 or 2 changes can make all the difference, bringing in just the right  amount of pizazz needed to raise the energy level.

 Here's a handful of decorating ideas to help you do just that.  You can easily accomplish these quickly and economically.,

Change Your Nightstand
There's no rule that says you have to have matching, or traditional nightstands.  Replace one or both with something a little different like this bar cart, a simple end table or a desk and chair.



 A Big Time

Clocks are a classic.  Plus, they serve a necessary function.  So instead of hanging a small clock, go big!  An over-scale clock creates a big impact and a warm casualness to any room. 



domestically speaking  



Drum-roll Please

I visit many homes each year, and it always amazes me how often people dislike their dinning or breakfast area chandelier...and they're easy to change!  So if you're living with a "builder special" or a fixture that you hate, changing it will be well worth it.


Personally, I love the drum shape...clean and classic.





Painted Banisters

Many homes with 2nd or 3rd floors have staircases with wood banisters.  The key word being "many". So step outside the box and paint it for a unique twist!  Black is a particular favorite.

better homes & garden 




The Wow Wall

You've heard it a million times, paint is the most dramatic and economical way to change a room.  But you don't really need to paint the whole room.  Paint an accent wall...any wall.  





Deck Out the Door

And speaking of painting...have you neglected your front door?  I know a lot of you have to consider your HOA guidelines, but if you don't need to worry about that, what a wonderful way to express your individuality.  Paint your door in a fun color like yellow...or red, the preferred choice for many.  

richardsheard8 gonorthbridge  



Finishing Frame

Do you have a bathroom with an unframed mirror?  If you do, then here's a great opportunity for a big change.  You'll be surprised at the difference it makes.  Any good handyman can frame the mirror for you.  Or, you can check out MirroMate.com for semi-custom, pre-made frames.  I love this product and have used it many times. houzz





Hope I've inspired.



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