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October 2015

Shop Tip -  Stop Drill Walk!


Has this happened to you? You need to drill a hole in a fairly precise location, so you choose to use your drill press rather than a hand drill.  You get the part located and locked down under the drill bit right where you want it. Now, all that's left is to fire up the press and plunge the bit.


However, as the drill bit starts to dig into the surface it also "walks" away from the desired center and you end up with the hole off center.


Here is a tip to help address that situation. Use a center drill to locate a pilot hole and then switch to the desired diameter bit to finish the hole. This is one way to approach the drill walk situation.


But, if you don't have a center drill or if it's lost, you just have to use the drill bit that will produce the final diameter hole. In this case, try this next shop tip.


Start by gently pressing the bit into the work and retract it when the point has penetrated the surface and has made a divot about half the diameter of the drill bit.  Visually check to see if the divot is centered in the desired location. If it has walked off center, use a good sharp chisel and ping the face of the divot closest to the center of the desired hole. The drill will tend to pull back in the direction of the chisel mark when you gently feed the drill bit back into the work.



Race Tip - Easy Data Acquisition Classes.


In plain and simple terms, Data Acquisition is the most powerful tool you can use on a race car today!


So don't miss the huge advantage of using this incredible tool.

Once you have attended the easy data classes found Here you will discover for yourself why people are so enthusiastic about these live online webinars. Here is a sample of the numerous emails we get:


"The profiles which you showed me are applicable and indispensable. I have gone from mid-pack to the front in four races."


"This is absolutely amazing. I had no idea my system would do this. I don't know why I waited so long to take this webinar."


"What I've seen so far out paces all the sales and tech people I've ever talked to. I can't wait for the last two classes."


"I'm learning a lot with your seminar. I wish I had found it sooner."


"I am loving the webinar and I wished I had taken it sooner. It has been opening all kinds of windows."


"It is a great course. Good material, well explained, lots of examples, no sales pitch/commercial."


Don't wait, join the webinars starting the week of Oct 5th. Go HERE  for more info and sign up today!

Equation of the Month - Aerodynamic Drag  

Way back in March 2011, we showed you one way to calculate aerodynamic drag.  Here is an alternate equation that does not require horsepower to find the drag.
Df = 0.0025 x FA x Cd x MPH^2
Df is the pounds of drag force, FA is the frontal area (or silhouette of the car) measured in square feet, Cd is the coefficient of drag, and MPH is the vehicle speed.  Sometimes you can find the Cd for your car from the manufacturer, or if you take our Advanced Data Webinars on line, we will show you how to use a modest data system to calculate Cd.  Click Here for more info.


Racing Parts Tip -   Special Parts and Prototypes


Pop's Prototype Shop is up and running full bore!


We can fabricate unique parts and/or help you develop new ideas. All work is confidential and closed to walk-in traffic.


All the services you need from design and engineering to working models are right here!


Contact John (505-259-3168) for machine shop services and to see how we can help your racing program.


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