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December 2014

Shop Tips -  Inch By Inch!


The right tool can make a huge difference, even if it is just a tape measure.  Chances are you have a single tape measure that you use for nearly all jobs.  But, all tapes are not created equal.  Here are the three I use the most in my shop.


The top tape is what I call a dividing tape and the right tool when you need to find the middle of something.  There are different brands, but they work the same way.  For example; say you need to find the middle of something that measures 3-7/8".  Rather than doing a bunch of math (and possible making a mistake), just find 3-7/8 on the bottom scale of the tape and mark the middle.  Fast, no mistakes and great for layout work!


The middle tape is my "lefty-righty."  Where most tapes are set up to read when pulled from left to right, this one I can pull either direction and still read easily.  I also like this one because the 16ths are numbered 1,3,5,7, etc.


The bottom tape is my machining tape.  At the start of a machining job I, typically, have to rough cut the stock on the band saw or chop saw.  For these jobs the dimensions on the drawings are almost always in thousandths (decimal numbers).  I like this tape because the bottom scale is decimal values of an inch not fractions.  That way (without making a conversion mistake) I can quickly mark the part for a rough cut, close to the final dimension on the drawing, resulting in less time machining on the lathe or mill.


PS: Santa can fit tapes in his pocket very easily.  Enjoy! 

Race Tips - Data Acquisition Racing's Ultimate Weapon


Regardless if you have been racing 5 or 50 years nothing has impacted racing in that time like data acquisition.  It is most likely the ultimate weapon in racing!  It can be used for everything from driver coaching to engineering and development.


While data acq may have a reputation of just being a bunch of squiggly lines, it is actually much more than that.  There are lots of ways that data can be graphically displayed on your computer, as seen in this example.  In fact, data is really very simple and logical once you have attend the data webinars found


Discover for yourself why people are so enthusiastic about these data classes. Here is a sample of the numerous emails we get with comments such as:


"The profiles which you showed me are applicable and indispensable. I have gone from mid-pack to the front in four races."


"This is absolutely amazing. I had no idea my system would do this. I don't know why I waited so long to take this webinar."


"What I've seen so far out paces all the sales and tech people I've ever talked to. I can't wait for the last two classes."


"I'm learning a lot with your seminar. I wish I had found it sooner."


"I am loving the webinar and I wished I had taken it sooner. It has been opening all kinds of windows."


"It is a great course. Good material, well explained, lots of examples, no sales pitch/commercial."


Don't wait, join the webinars starting the week of January 12th. Go HERE  for more info and sign up today!

Racing Parts Tip -   Special Parts and Prototypes


Pop's Prototype Shop is up and running full bore! We can fabricate unique parts and/or help you develop new ideas.  All work is confidential and closed to walk-in traffic.  All the services you need from design and engineering to working models are right here!


Contact John (505-259-3168) for machine shop services and to see how we can help your racing program.


Equation of the Month - Circle Calculations  

Regardless of whether you are working on wheels, pistons or whatever, there are plenty of round parts on a race car.   Even though we all had to memorize equations relating to a circle in jr. high or high school, if you don't use them on a regular basis it's hard to remember those equations.  So, here is handy reference when it's time to look one up.


diameter = radius x 2

area = 3.1416 x radius x radius  or  0.7854 x diameter x diameter

circumference = 6.2832 x radius  or  3.1416 x diameter


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