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January 2014

Racing Parts Tip -  Special Parts and Prototypes


Pop's Prototype Shop (our new subsidiary), is now open to fabricate unique parts and/or help you develop new ideas.  All work is confidential and closed to walk-in traffic.  We can help you with everything from design and engineering to working models.


Contact John (505-259-3168) for machine shop services and to see how we can help your racing program.



Race Tips - Instantly Spot Handling Characteristics 


This simple graphic can instantly tell you the general handling characteristic of your car.  In this example the car has a general tendency to understeer on left turns (and in one case so badly it resulted in oversteer) and is very close to neutral on right turns such that the back end is a little jumpy.


It may look like a squiggly line, but once you understand the pattern it is obvious. This is just one of dozens of tips you will pick up in the Data Webinars found Here


Don't miss the biggest advantage in racing today! Discover for yourself what people are so enthusiastic about. Click Here to read some of their comments. Also, people have sent in numerous emails with comments such as:


"Wow, this one trick in the data is worth the price alone!" IM, GA


"I was somewhat familiar with the Race Studio interface, but I had no idea...You have opened our eyes...Thank you." RS, CA


"At ThunderHill I would say that there is about 1 second contribution from what I learned from the Webinars... This past weekend at Infineon I improved my personal best by over 2 seconds!" (Protected), CA


"I want to thank you for the very informative class...It definitely made me aware of the potential of the system. Up till now, we've used the system mostly as a engine health monitor...and as a very expensive lap timer." AB, NY


"I've had my data system for 3 years and learned more in the first class than the whole time before."


"I've been racing for 20 years and had no idea I was missing so much."


Don't wait, join the webinars starting the week of January 13th. Go HERE  for more info and sign up today!

Shop Tips -  Super Fast Vice Squaring (indicating)


Setup is always a time consuming part of any machine job. Here's a way to square the vice to your mill table in less than 2 minutes.


Start with your vice loose on the table and place a long straight edge against the back jaw. Now, sight (or eye ball as we say), how the straight edge lines up with the back edge of the table. Position the vice & straight edge so the straight edge is not parallel with the table but just very slightly counter-clockwise to the table.


Next, tighten the vice bolts so they are a "stout" finger tight and attach an indicator to the spindle/quill. Position the table and indicator so they are at the right side of the vice as shown in the photo.


Now, advance the table to the right.  As the table advances just tap on the right side of the vice nearest you with a soft mallet until the needle stops moving, lock down the vice and you're done.


There is no need to zero the indicator dial, divide readings or make multiple passes. With a little practice you should be able to do the process in less than 90 seconds and get back to making race car parts.

Equation of the Month - Weight Distribution 


We had a request for another oldie but goodie, so here is some friendly math.


Left % = (Left Front weight + Left Rear weight)/Total weight *100

Rear % = (Left Rear weight + Right Rear weight)/Total weight *100


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