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November 2013

Race Tips - 1% or 99% 


quick checkThis simple graphic in any data system can save you thousands of dollars. Yet, less than 1% of racers with data systems know to use this trick.


This is just one of dozens of tips you will pick up when you attend the Data Webinars found Here


If data is something you have never thought about or shied away from, then take a quick look at our data training program Here


The highly acclaimed Data Acquisition classes are starting November 18th.


What people from the previous session said:

"I've had my data system for 3 years and learned more in the first class than the whole time before."


"I've been racing for 20 years and had no idea I was missing so much."


Don't wait, join the webinars starting the week of November 18th. Go HERE  for more info and sign up today!

Coaching Tips -  Sports Pyramid


sportsThis rudimentary graphic is one of the basics covered in my Coaching Services. Properly implemented it is not just the key to winning, but the key to being a consistent Championship Winner.


Most people will agree that desire is the foundation to winning. But interestingly enough, many racers think winning ends with knowledge. That would be true if racing was just about building a better machine. But the machine needs a driver, so like other sports, the competitor is part of the equation.


Properly applying all of these categories to your racing will take you to new levels of performance. Contact me (505-890-8708 x201) for Race Coaching Service to see how we can implement the sport pyramid and other tools in your racing program.



Shop Tips -  Right Handy!


drill press 

Everybody is familiar with these little magnetic trays. Chances are you have a couple unused ones in the shop. So, here is a good use for one of them.


I stuck one on the side of my drill press. It is right-handy to keep a center drill and the chuck key in it. This keeps them out of the way when you are working and you always know where they are (no more hunting on the work bench or through drawers).


Have some shop tips you would like to share? Please feel to email them to me (John@auto-ware.com). If yours is selected you will get a $25 Auto-ware credit to use on a future purchase.

Equation of the Month - Engine Displacement 


We had a request for this oldie but goodie, so here is my quick and easy engine displacement equation.


0.7854 x B xxxwhere B is the bore, S is the stroke and N is the number of cylinders. 


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