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October 2013

Race Tips - Have fun and Go Faster Next Year 


The highly acclaimed Data Acquisition classes are starting again. The next session starts the week of October 14th.


What people from the previous session said:

"The profiles which you showed me are applicable and indispensable. I have gone from mid-pack to the front in four races."


"This is absolutely amazing, I had no idea my system would do this. I don't know why I waited so long to do this (webinar)."


"What I've seen so far out paces all the sales and tech people I've ever talked to. I can't wait for the last two classes."


"I'm learning a lot with your seminar. I wish I had found it sooner."


Don't wait, join the webinars starting the week of October 14th. Go HERE  for more info and sign up today!

Coaching Tips -  Race Preparation



Most racing is finishing up for the season and chances are you are thinking about what to do with the car this winter. This is also a perfect time to think about what to do with YOU!


Along with car control, race craft, and the mental aspects of racing, there is also the athletic part. Unlike many sports that are anaerobic, racing is much more of an endurance type sport.


In the off season it is much more beneficial to tune your body for racing performance rather than short term energy events such as weight lifting.


Without a proper training program you may produce a lot of sweat, but no improvement in your lap times next year.  For information on how you can get coaching assistance, call 505-890-8708 ext 201



Shop Tips -  Naked or Dressed Out?




Don't even think of using it that way.


However, darn near every shop and/or garage has a drill press of some description. Chances are that machine has a naked table and most often something is slapped on the table, held by hand, and a hole is socked through the work piece.


Maybe you have a vice (and no black finger nails), but it is a pain and time consuming to position the vice for every drill job. Well, here is a quick solution. I'm not getting paid to promote these, but I've got to tell you I love this cross slide table I added to my drill press (from that company that sends the emails every week and a catalog every month).


You can use a wiggler or dowel pin in the chuck to quickly "pick up the edge" of your work. Next, zero your handles and then quickly turn to the desired location to drill your hole. It is way faster than positioning, taping, positioning, taping, etc. when locking down your vice.


Be careful to get the fixed jaw of the vice parallel with the table, and you may want to leave the Allen wrench handy to lock the jibs before drilling, but now I get holes exactly where I want them and much faster than before.

Equation of the Month - Longitudinal G 


Many budget data systems only have a single accelerometer and are oriented to measure lateral G. Actually, two directions of G are important. So, Race Tips to the rescue. Use this equation to calculate the longitudinal G force on your race car.




Deriv is the derivative function and may have slightly different syntax on your particular brand of data system. 

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