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Nov - Dec 2012

Race Tips -  Data Phobic?


brake plot Yesterday at lunch, Jerry (a racing buddy for over 30 years) said, "When it comes to racing you don't know what you don't know, until you know it."


In an email this week another friend wrote, "I find it odd that they (racers) will spend big money on a car, tires, truck, trailer, data system, then the last $125 becomes an obstacle."


And because you are reading this it is proof that the Mayans didn't correctly predict the end of the world. But, what does all this have to do with racing?


The Mayans didn't know what they didn't know and thus incorrectly predicted the end of the earth. But we will excuse them because the lack of technology by today's standards. We have electronics and reap the knowledge provided by computers, data systems and such, not beads, bones and feathers.


However, you might race like a Mayan and not know how hard to brake for a certain corner until you lock up the wheels and then you know that a little less brake is required. Better yet, you could lose the bones and feathers and use data to identify how close (or far away) you are to locking up the front or rear wheels at any point of any lap, at any track.


Even if you don't have a data system yet, just seeing what they can show you will create a huge leap in what you do know about race cars.


Don't let the data become that last little obstacle. The squiggly lines (as seen above) will vastly increase what you know! Actually, it is fun and easy to go faster once you know what you are seeing on the screen.  This is what created the enthusiastic comments in the News section below.


News -  Announcing 2013 Dates!


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From Apexspeed Click here for comments or here. People who have taken the data webinars have sent in numerous emails with comments such as:


"Wow, this one trick in the data is worth the price alone!"    IM, GA


"I was somewhat familiar with the Race Studio interface, but I had no idea...You have opened our eyes... Thank you."    RS, CA


"At ThunderHill I would say that there is about 1 second contribution from what I learned from the Webinars... This past weekend at Infineon I improved my personal best by over 2 seconds!"    (Protected), CA


"I want to thank you for the very informative class...It definitely made me aware of the potential of the system.  Up till now, we've used the system mostly as a engine health monitor... and as a very expensive lap timer."    AB, NY


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Equation of the Month - Mean Effective Pressure 


The motorheads have requested equal time here in the equation section, and there have been questions about calculating "Mean Effective Pressure."  MEP can be very complicated to calculate, but here are a couple quick and easy equations to get you in the ball park. 


MEP = 792000 * HP / (cid * rpm),  or another way to calc it is

MEP = 132000 * HP / (pa *mps).  MEP is mean effective pressure, HP is horsepower, cid is cubic inch displacement, rpm is revs per min, pa is piston area in square inches, and mps is mean piston speed.


But wait... it gets better yet!  Go to Auto-Ware Calculators  where you will find our free online calculators that do the math for you. Enjoy :) 


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