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Sept - Oct 2012 

Shop Tips -  Late Night Bearing Driver


raceVisualize this, it's 10:30 at night (typical hours for working on the race car) and you are replacing wheel bearings. You already have the old races out and go to the tool box to get your driver and suddenly remember that your buddy borrowed your drivers and didn't bring them back (or maybe you never had a set of drivers).  It's too late to go to the parts store or some place like Harbor Freight. Now, what?


Here is a quick solution to this situation. Take the old race and use your belt sander to remove about .005" to .010" off the diameter. Use the belt between the pulleys so you won't make flat spots or leave high spots on the O.D. of the race. Keep rotating the race until you think you have removed enough material. Check the old race by placing it in the hub and be sure it drops freely all the way into in the hub and just rattles.


Once perfected, remove it from the hub and place the new race in the hub (make sure it's pointed the correct direction) and lightly seat the race with a rubber hammer. Take the modified old race and place the mating face (thin edge) on the new race. Next, find something stout to span across the old race (heavy bar stock, etc).


All that is left to do is to use your regular hammer and strike the middle of the bar stock. Index the bar 90 degrees between blows to smoothly drive the new race into place. By now it should only be 10:45, so get the bearing grease and finish up the job!



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Equation of the Month - Toe-in or Toe-out Change Per Flat 


Recently I was at the race track and quickly needed to change the toe on three different cars. That being said, this equation was a natural for this month's newsletter.


TCD = (Tan^(-1) ((Pitch^(-1)*2)/Leg))/6  TCD is toe change in degrees per flat of adjustment on the toe link/rod, Tan^(-1) is the inverse tangent function on your calculator (sorry can't superscript text here) Pitch is the thread pitch of your rod end, ^(-1) is the normal inverse function on your calculator,  and Leg is the length of the steering arm on your upright or spindle from the rod end to the steering axis.  Assumption with this calculation is you have a right and left hand threaded rod end on the link.


Next month's equation will be to convert toe degrees to toe inches.


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John Block