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August 2012 

Shop Tips -  Spark Plug Puller


This month's shop tip is just as much a pits tip! If you are like me, I don't like mechanic's gloves. And with most gloves, heat still finds its way to your fingers. So here's a oldie but goodie that I made at least 40 years ago.


Sometimes you get to change spark plugs when the engine is cold. But very often you need to check a plug or replace the plugs when the engine is too warm to touch.   If you are lucky, your "plug socket" still has the little rubber bushing inside. But sometimes they fall out and get lost. Or, you may be in a hurry, going plug to plug, breaking them loose with a helper coming behind pulling them out.


Either way, a handy tip is to take an old plug boot and stick a 3/8 in bolt in it. Now, just pop the boot on a plug and spin it out.



Race Tips -  Back to School Time


Starting the week of Aug 27th you, too, can discover what these people are so enthusiastically talking about.
From Apexspeed Click here for comments or here Also, people have sent in numerous emails with comments such as:


Wow, this one trick in the data is worth the price alone!    IM, GA


I was somewhat familiar with the Race Studio interface, but I had no idea...You have opened our eyes... Thank you.    RS, CA


At ThunderHill I would say that there is about 1 second contribution from what I learned from the Webinars... This past weekend at Infineon I improved my personal best by over 2 seconds, huge!    (Protected), CA


I want to thank you for the very informative class...   It definitely made me aware of the potential of the system.  Up till now, we've used the system mostly as a engine health monitor... and as a very expensive lap timer.    AB, NY


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Equation of the Month - Suspension Frequency


With the development in dampers, there is starting to be a trend for calculating the "Natural Frequency" of suspensions.  A simplified approach is to quarter the car and just do one corner at a time.  Use this month's equation to quickly find your answer.


SF =  0.1592 * sqrt(WR/(sw/386))  SF is the natural frequency of a particular corner (e.g. LF, RF, LR, RR) of the car, sqrt is square root, WR is wheel rate for that corner of the car, and sw is the sprung weight for that corner of the car.


But wait... it gets better yet!  Go to Auto-Ware Calculators  where you will find our free online calculators that do the math for you. Enjoy :) 


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John Block