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Marketing or Sharing?

by Susan Mershon


You've been marketing yourself your whole life - you just may not have realized it. What are you doing when you go for a job interview?  Marketing yourself and your expertise...  see you're already an experienced marketer!


Marketing might be out of your comfort zone. Try thinking about it as spreading your passion and expertise. Most people cringe when they hear the word "sales". Your not selling, your sharing. Sharing your passion with those of us who need it.


Here are 5 "sharing" tips every entrepreneur should know:


#1 Use bold copy.

You need to get my attention.  Let's face it, there is so much noise out there and you need to be heard above all the ruckus.  How is that possible?  By making bold promises and being direct.


#2 Give an offer.

 You have to always give an offer.  Even if it seems obvious to you what to do next - don't assume I know.  Lead me down the path and tell me what I need to do.


#3 Give a reason to act now.

Act Now. You need to give me a reason to sign up with you now.  Do I get an extra bonus or am I saving money by signing up now?  Give me a reason to act immediately and not think about it for a day or two.


#4 Track your results.

Measure your results and continue to improve.  It is so easy to track and test your marketing.  You will know very quickly if something's working or not. If you're not tracking your results - how do you know what's working?


#5 Always follow-up.

Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. The biggest mistake people make is not following up.  If you don't get the response you were looking for - keep trying.  People typically need to see your marketing message seven to ten times.  Seven to ten times before they'll even make a move to click a button, or call, or take any type of action.  Follow-up!


Track your results and make changes in the copy if you're not getting results!  And remember - 7 to 10 times you need to be seen or heard before any action is taken.  Stay focused and keep sharing your passion with us! 


If you've found this blog valuable please share with your friends and colleagues and I would love your comments! 


Thanks for reading!


About the Author:

Susan Mershon, The Techie Mentor™, mentors, coaches & educates virtual assistants in building the business and life of their dreams. Through her coaching and mentoring programs she shares the roadmap she used to build her six-figure VA business after leaving a 20+ year corporate career. She knows what it is like to struggle to go from employee to entrepreneur and has built The Techie Mentor™ to help make the transition easier. For more information, visit her site at

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Recommended Reading for Virtual Assistants

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