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Are you Action Oriented?

by Susan Mershon


Taking action is the difference between success and failure. Many people spend countless hours reading, studying, masterminding & brainstorming and fail to take any action on what they have learned.  You have to become an "action oriented" person if you want to achieve your dreams, goals and desires.


Here are 5 tips to help you become an action oriented person.


Think & Plan how you want you life to be and then plan out how you are going to accomplish it.  Break action items into small chunks so you don't get overwhelmed and they are easier to manage. And, don't forget to prioritize them and then take action!


Stop Over Thinking and start doing.  If you are like me you can spend too much time researching, analyzing and over thinking things until you talk yourself out of doing something. The only way to move out of Analysis Paralysis is to take action - make a decision and move forward.


Time Management is a must.  Use your time wisely, get started on a task and finish it as quickly as possible.  Stay away from multi-tasking, stick to one task at a time.


Stop Procrastinating and do it! We tend to put off tasks that we do not enjoy doing.  They should be done first instead of last!  Get them out of the way and move on to the tasks you enjoy.


Celebrate all successes!  When you complete a task, no matter how small, you get a sense of accomplishment. Celebrate that feeling - no matter how small the task. If you find yourself in the same place today as you were 6 months ago it is time to take action.  It's a new year and a great time to start developing new habits.


Having a great plan is only the starting point, you have to take action to implement your plan in order to get where you want to go! 


About the Author:

Susan Mershon, The Techie Mentor™, mentors, coaches & educates virtual assistants in building the business and life of their dreams. Through her coaching and mentoring programs she shares the roadmap she used to build her six-figure VA business after leaving a 20+ year corporate career. She knows what it is like to struggle to go from employee to entrepreneur and has built The Techie Mentor™ to help make the transition easier. For more information, visit her site at

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Recommended Reading for Virtual Assistants

Here are some books that we recommend reading if you are planning on starting your own VA business.

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