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Resolutions Don't Work: A Virtual Assistant's Goal Setting Primer 

by Rev. Dr. Christina Winsey

Amidst the clatter and clamor of all the noisemaking at New Year's Eve there is something else going on.  Each and every December 31st across our nation, (if not the world), people are making resolutions that "Somehow, this new year, things will be different."


Perhaps one of your resolutions is to be more successful as a virtual assistant, or maybe your resolution is to actually become a virtual assistant and to successfully work from home.


People make many resolutions -- some are hoping to lose weight, make more money, change careers, be a better person, stop procrastinating, eliminate a bad habit, etc.  Unfortunately, the odds are good that most resolutions won't be kept long enough for well-meaning people to achieve them. The sincerity is there, certainly at first, as is the initial motivation. But so often what once was a resolution becomes a nice wish that never comes true.   Why?

Let's take a common example that many people can relate to, and then apply it to your virtual assistant business. 


Jane can't fit into her size 10 clothes, and hasn't been able to for twelve years. She's dieted many times, but never successfully lost the weight, and actually, now she has reached the highest weight she's ever been (30 pounds overweight). With New Year's coming Jane has pinned her hopes on starting fresh on January 1stIn fact she is inspired and makes the resolution that this time she will get the weight off.


She sticks to her plan really well for a week or two - maybe even a month - and then slowly old habits and patterns begin to set in and the inspiration she once had just isn't there when faced with dinners out, special lunches with co-workers, get-togethers, Super Bowl and all the temptations that surround her. Make no mistake about it, Jane
wants to lose the 30 pounds, but over time, as temptations and stress continue to show up, her resolution, once strong, erodes away.  


Whether it's losing weight or being more successful as a virtual assistant here is a fact you can count on:  Resolutions don't work, Decisions DO!


Reaching the result you desire and making it last requires that you make the decision that you are committed to do what it takes no matter what comes your way.  In every (and any) moment where you are tempted to just throw in the towel, you will need to re-decide.  People who reach goals don't have some magical powers. 

What they are able to do is keep their commitment to their result - their outcome - in the face of what sometimes seem to be insurmountable odds.  They re-decide and re-commit, even (and this is really important) when they DON'T WANT TO!


You won't always feel like doing what it takes to grow your virtual assistant business and make more money.  That's why resolutions, wishes, inspiration are nice for starters, but when you wake up on January 15 - it's cold, rainy and you're a bit out of sorts - keeping your decision to follow through may not feel great.


There is a saying:  "Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not." Successful people do not always feel like doing what it takes - in fact it's guaranteed they don't.  But they are willing to push past that and keep doing the actions that get them the results they decided they wanted.  They are totally focused on, and committed to the results!


Now, let's apply this to your virtual assistant business. 


Whatever you want for your business there is a tried and true goal setting formula you may be familiar with called S.M.A.R.T. Goals.If you follow it, (and follow through even when it's not convenient or even when you don't want to), you are sure to achieve the goals you set.

The S.M.A.R.T. Goals Process

recommends that when you write down your goal make sure it is:


Specific: Very detailed -- and has a clear plan.

Measurable: There must be a way to measure a goal -- 

not based on hope.

Aligned:  The goal is in alignment with your values, life purpose and

vision for you.

Reach: It must be a challenge for you, but not so much that you can't

imagine reaching it.

Time frame: It must have an end date to be accomplished, not 

open ended. 


Use the SMART process for all the goals you set.  Then let's go a step further.  After you have written down your goal in this way, answers the following questions:

  1. This goal is important to me because...?
  2. What specific things will I see, feel, and experience) when I accomplish my goal? 
  3. Who else is part of this goal? Do I need their support to complete my goal?
  4. What specific outcomes do I see for myself when I complete my goal?
  5. What resources will I need to achieve this goal?
  6. What may be blocking my progress that I need to have a plan for
  7. What action steps do I need to take daily, weekly, and monthly to achieve my goal?

When written and thought out, these steps will help you to stay focused, organized, pro-active and stay in balance with your life while "going for the gold."  Expect "roadblocks" and obstacles.  Be prepared for them.  They surely will come.  But this time you will be ready.


Have a prosperous and happy New Year!




About the Author:
Rev. Dr. Christina Winsey is a women's empowerment coach, 
author and speaker.  Clients reduce stress, gain confidence, improve health, lose weight and conquer negative habits and addictions.  See her blog at, or her website at

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