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First impressions count and so does your last! In this article we give you seven tips for creating that lasting impression.


We hope you enjoy this issue, and as always, email us if you have any questions. We will answer your email - We are here for you! Our email is

7 Tips For A Lasting Impression
by Dana R. Arevalo, MBA, BS


If at first you don't succeed, try, try again; this familiar adage will not help with first impressions in a business environment.  Competition is fierce, therefore, as a Virtual Assistant, you must always possess an advantage over the competition.


What makes you stand out? Why would a company want to hire you for an assignment rather than another assistant?  You are in business for yourself, so you definitely should

always make a lasting business impression. As a Virtual Assistant working in a professional business environment one should utilize the following adage, with a bit of a business twist.  "The first impression, is the last impression"...should read... "Make all of your business encounters and assignments lasting business impressions."


To make lasting business impressions, I've generated the following list of techniques for Virtual Assistants to review and consider incorporating.


1) Treat every task or assignment as if it was your first.  Here we are back at the adage, "The first impression, is the last impression". Every time you are given an assignment, treat the assignment as if it is your very first and make it count. This will keep you fully  focused and attuned to the task at hand and your business' reputation.  As a Virtual Assistant, you are your own boss so you should desire to maintain a dependable and reliable reputation.   
2) Make yourself indispensable. Perform tasks and possess skills that make you stand out from other Virtual Assistants.  One way to be successful with this technique is to concentrate on your exemplary skills and
incorporate them into each assignment. For example, if you excel at writing, your writing ability should be readily apparent to the client.   
3) Be flexible. Naturally, client needs will always different. If the client asks to change something with the current assignment accommodate them. Communication and cooperation are key in any working
relationship. Deliver what they need and you will receive repeat business.    
4) Have the proper education and training. One can never be overly qualified or educated. The more diversified you are the more indispensable you are. Therefore, take advantage of business courses and
training that is available. Many towns offer free or  inexpensive adult night classes.   
5) Keep a portfolio. Always have samples of your work.  While clients are looking for different tasks to be performed, if you impressed a client with an amazing spreadsheet or document ask them if you can place it
in your portfolio. If you impressed one client  with a project, showcase it to another. It is your work and you should take ownership and be proud.
6) Always have a plan or schedule. Plan out each task and assignment. This will show organization and enthusiasm in your business. Being organized will also allow you to have a sufficient amount of time to
properly complete each task.


7) Follow-up with your client. When an assignment is finished, do not simply send a bill and forget that the client exists.  Follow-up with your client to determine their level of satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is imperative. Monitoring customer satisfaction will  enable you to make any necessary adjustments and changes to your business to ensure that you are continually providing an optimal amount of satisfaction. 

When a customer is satisfied they often return for repeat business.
It takes time and patience to build a business. If you handle each assignment as a "first impression" and apply some of the techniques discussed here, I guarantee you will have satisfied customers who will decide
to choose you above the competition. Not only will  your business be reputable, your consistency will instill confidence into your client and overall business relationship generating a positive lasting business



About the Author:

Dana R. Arevalo, MBA is a featured lifestyle contributor for Yahoo! Voices. Extremely passionate about writing and blogging, Dana manages a fitness blog and was also a contributing author for a second. Topics include, finance, business, fitness, beauty, anti-bullying, and POV. Professionally she has held both support and management positions in the healthcare environment.  You can visit her at

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