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Cloud this, cloud that, what does it all mean? In this edition, we try to explain what the Cloud is and how it might benefit your Virtual Assistant business.


We hope you enjoy this issue, and as always, email us if you have any questions. We will answer your email - We are here for you! Our email is

Inside The Cloud... What Is The Cloud and How Might It Benefit Your Virtual Assistant Business?
by Vanessa Jones

This year, 2013, is definitely for the Virtual Assistant. Our profession is in high demand and we need to have computer programs and software available to us in seconds along with lots of storage for our files at any location we may be.


This article is about Cloud Computing. What is Cloud Computing?  To cover it broadly, Cloud Computing is a virtual pc with unlimited storage.  It is made up of numerous computers, servers, and data storage systems. You can have a public Cloud or a private Cloud or even a hybrid Cloud. On a public Cloud you share servers with others, a private Cloud is a dedicated server for your confidential information, and the hybrid Cloud is a combination of the public and private Clouds. Visit


One of the main reasons for Cloud computing is that it makes it much easier and faster to access all of your information from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.


A good example of this is Dropbox storage. Dropbox uses the Cloud. It offers 2 GB of free storage. For 100 GB of storage, they charge $9.99 per month. It connects your computers together and is a virtual central repository for all of your files. It is like having a mirror image of your main computer system on your laptop or vice versa. Dropbox creates a folder on your computer. For any Virtual Assistant on the go, it will make their job much easier. Use our link and get extra space free - DropBox Storage.


Another storage program is Amazon's Cloud Drive. Amazon offers 5 GB of free storage. Amazon requires you to copy over the files you want to backup. Visit Amazon Cloud Drive.


Microsoft's Windows Azure will show you all the advantages of using the Cloud for more than just storage. Visit Windows Azure for a 90 day free trial.


Some services are better than others so I recommend that you do your research and see who has the better reputation and price. I personally do not run on a Cloud system but do use both Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive for my backup of my desktop. I can access both from my laptop as long as I have an internet connection.


Another reason to use Cloud storage is the cost. Cloud storage for all of your computer files will cost less per month than having to go out and purchase additional storage i.e. larger hard drives or flash drives. With the Cloud, you can increase your storage space as needed. Some of the companies that offer Cloud storage allow you to decrease your storage if you think you have too much and this will decrease your cost.

Below is listed a few Cloud storage companies with their URLs.  I always like the cheapest with the most to give.


1. - their cost is $3.95 with unlimited storage. They do share their storage capabilities.

2. - their cost is also $3.95 with unlimited storage. They also share their storage capabilities.

3. - their cost is $4.95 with unlimited storage. They also share their storage capabilities.


If you want to look up more Cloud storage companies and see reviews, ratings and costs, go to


See you in the Cloud!


About the author:

Vanessa Jones is an experienced Virtual Assistant with 30+ years of administrative experience with a variety of managers and executives.  She can be contacted at if you have any questions regarding this article or if you need my experience as a Virtual Assistant.

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