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2013 could be the year for Virtual Assistants to gain even more ground. With all the tax talk and new regulations, you might want to take advantage of this info in our article to leverage your sales clout!


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2013 - The Year for Virtual Assistants
by Vanessa Jones


The demand for Virtual Assistants in 2013 is high!

In the new year of 2013, the government has placed upon the private sector, especially small business, many regulations along with increased payroll taxes, increased health care costs, and the unstable tax situation.


Unfortunately, the additional burden of these costs will cause businesses to either go out of business or work with a skeleton crew which will make for very unhappy employees the business has kept.


Since businesses cannot afford to hire more help in the traditional manner - they need the help and assistance of a Virtual Assistant.


Now is the time to get out of the house and notify all businesses in your area that you are available to do the work they need to have done.  You can handle their email, enter their data, answer their phones, and type their correspondence. You can do research when needed, create reports, set up meetings - all the work the traditional office assistant does but with less strings attached.


If the business has not heard of a Virtual Assistant, now is the time to introduce yourself and explain to them what a Virtual Assistant is, the savings you will give them and how. To do this, you would make an appointment with the decision maker to explain your benefits.


Treat all businesses as new customers. With all new customers, you will need to "introduce" yourself. You can do this by creating a small packet of information or a brochure with a business card attached.  In your introduction, you will explain what a Virtual Assistant does and how hiring one or more will save a tremendous amount of money.  Explain that money will be saved because they will not pay payroll taxes, health benefits, vacation time, sick time, or expand office space for an additional person. Virtual Assistants work on an as-needed basis. You will also need to explain that communication between you and the business is of the utmost importance.  After all, without communication, you do not know what to do, what the business expects you to do, or what the end results of your work should be.


In your packet or brochure, you can state the services that you can provide and state the price for that service.  For example, you can state that your service is data entry and you charge $12.00 per hour or to proofread and edit emails you charge $10 per hour. In your introduction to the new customer, you will need to explain how your charges would apply to the services the business is looking for. You will also need to find out how the business prefers to be invoiced. The terms usually run 30/net or 45/net.  If you find this to be an issue, you can possibly discuss different terms that will work for you and the business. The services, charges and billing terms will be stated in the contract you draw up with the business. Your time of service will also be stated in the contract. A contract is one of the most important pieces of paper you need when working for yourself.  It handles all the terms and conditions, signed by both parties, and is your legal contract should there be any discrepancies with your work or time.


(Need a editable contract? Download our free one!) Courtesy of
Once hired by a local business, follow up with your client after 90 days, to discuss with them how he/she feels your services are doing, if they need more assistance, and if they see the true value of your services.


If any business wants to thrive and stay in business in 2013, they will need to hire Virtual Assistants. So this is the year for you!


About the author:

Vanessa Jones is an experienced Virtual Assistant with 30+ years of administrative experience with a variety of managers and executives.  She can be contacted at if you have any questions regarding this article or if you need my experience as a Virtual Assistant.

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