President's Letter

In the month synonymous with love, we want to take a moment to thank you for your membership and let you know that you, as members, are appreciated!  You make this great organization what it is today as we celebrate ASID's 40th anniversary.


There is a whole lot to love about our organization.  Recently, I was asked what I love about ASID.   I must say, I really respect that this organization is one voice for the entire profession.  We are the leaders that are creating a pathway to practice.  We play a powerful role in education, legislation and public outreach.  Although we often become centered in our own lives, it's always invigorating to be part of something bigger.


Be sure to be part of something bigger by participating in your Chapter, driving the positive change ASID makes.  It will surely make your love for ASID grow.  We have events already booked through September!  Keep your eye out for exciting opportunities to come from Albany up to Montreal!

I'm always here to chat


Corinn Soro

President, NYU/CE Chapter of ASID


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New York 11+ April Events

Every Spring NY11+ showcases the talent of students of interior design programs across New York State. Mark your calendars for events in Albany and New York City! 


Coming Soon: The Windows & Drapery Guide & Study Book

Our Chapter President-Elect, Michael Moore, gives us a sneak peak at his upcoming book, The Windows & Drapery Guide & Study Book:


In a teaching career that spans 25 years, part-time, and that includes 6 different schools in Montreal and Ottawa, one course that has been pretty much a constant in the Interior Design classes I have taught, is FF&E. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment - originally an accounting term - has become synonymous with that function of interior design that governs and includes all specifications for everything from flooring to furniture, wallpaper to window coverings. And in having taught it over many years, I have always been hard pressed to find or track down a student textbook that was both illustrative and instructional.


Thus my intention to produce just such a book. My current course is taught over 60 hours of class time. Ten days at 6 hours a is rather intense coverage of the facets and features of typical residential window construction (sash, double-hung, awning, sliding, etc) and the ways and manners of creating window coverings that are both practical solutions, ensuring privacy and light control along with providing visual interest and beauty.


As noted in the Foreword, all images contained will either be photographs of projects which I have completed over the years (for reasons of copyright) or hand-drawn sketches and renderings or CAD drawings that I have done.


Most all the sketches and renderings are the work of one of my outstanding students on a special visa from China. Haiyun Duan, in his early thirties, was an acknowledged and accomplished artist in China prior to seeking this program opportunity. He never failed to amaze me when he would, in a flash, whip up some very complex visualization in the classroom.


Each section of the book will end with an exercise/assignment component so that the student more easily learns the core of the section. And just as importantly, exercises will cover, in great detail, the methods used to calculate yardages for fabrics and related window covering materials. Detailed costing projection methods will form a primary part of the exercises.


Thus, a student who completes all the exercises, who really uses the book, will be a terrific  asset to an employer from the outset. Completion of the book is planned for early to


-Michael Moore ASID, APDIQ, IDC, CGD, RGD



Correct Use of the ASID Appellation/Membership Designations and ASID Logo

A Professional member of ASID is the only member entitled to use the appellation for his or her qualifying membership classification, e.g., John/Jane Doe, ASID (FASID if a Fellow of the Society).  ASID members in other membership categories are permitted to use the following designations, the membership designations must be spelled out completely.

  • Allied Member- John/Jane Doe, Allied ASID
  • Associate Member - John/Jane Doe, Associate ASID
  • Student Member- John/Jane Doe, Student ASID
  • Industry Partner Member (Company)-ABC Company, Industry Partner of ASID
  • Industry Partner Representative (Individual)-John/Jane Doe, Industry Partner Representative for ABC Company.

In addition, members may not use the official ASID logo in any manner. Professional members in good standing may use the ASID Professional Member logo. Industry Partners may use the Industry Partner logo.

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