July 2014

President's Note 
Cathy Emilian,
ASID NYU/CE President
Hello everyone - hope you are enjoying summertime in New York Upstate/Canada East -  I am!  No sooner do we settle into the warm weather when some nut starts talking about the fall:


We've been planning "A Taste of the Finger Lakes" for September 13th to 14th.  This is a great opportunity to get to see this beautiful area at what some people consider to be the best time of the year. Our exploration begins in Ithaca, where we've planned a tour of the LEED certified Welcome Center at the Cornell Plantations.  Following this is a hike on one of the most striking gorge trails in the area, at Robert Treman State Park.  It is replete with waterfalls and stunning views.  Afterwards you can join fellow designers for a drink at the beautiful Argos Inn while making plans to explore downtown Ithaca for the evening.


Rejuvinate by spending the night at the luxurious "La Tourelle Resort and Spa". After waking up refreshed on Sunday morning, meet us at the scenic and stately "Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars" on Seneca Lake for a lovely brunch, a little learning and the presentation ceremony of our Chapter's ASID Design Awards - there's still time to get your entries in -  followed by a wine tasting from their award winning cellars.  After that, there will be of time for you to informally visit other nearby attractions - numerous wineries, several breweries, distilleries, great restaurants and even more hiking opportunities within a short distance.


For more information on the event and registration, follow this link to our website:  http://asidnyuce.org/


Don't wait too long to check this out because the area is extremely busy at that time of year and our block of rooms at LaTourelle expires on August 13th - This will be a great time - bring someone along!  I look forward to seeing you all there!  



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Free CEU's available to ASID members at the click of a mouse:

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T O O L S : : For the Professional Designer : : Today

Hi all

Being a TechJunkie, I've had it, tried it, broke it, fixed it, broke it again and then started all over again..... got bitByTheBug of AutoCAD way back in the early 80's.....in fact, my first copy of AutoCAD was version 1.4......a real antique. And, when I got AutoCAD, there was no training of course....and a mouse had only recently been introduced to the market.....so, I taught myself AutoCAD, and not having a mouse, drew using only the keyboard. I was, determined..... and I mastered it. So much so that in 1995 I wrote the exam/tests to qualify as an AutoCAD Master....... and today, I swear - and drum it into the students I teach AutoCAD to, LEARN THE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! So much faster and more efficient that using icons.....some listen, some don't.

Okay, so rant finished..... having been bit by the TechnoBug, it never went away. Can you believe I still have a working Seiko DATA 2000 wristwatch.....bought it in 1982. And when I went that summer to Europe I input my complete contact database onto it - remember sitting in the midst of the piazza in Florence, writing my postcards and referring to my wristwatch for all the addresses.....and now, word has it, that Apple will be introducing the newest/greatest Smartwatch this fall......

And, I've owned every handheld PDA, data tool you can imagine - from the Palm to HP's various renditions - to the wonderful little Toshiba mini computer.......and just recently I sold my Apple Newton 2100 Message Pad - which which still works. 'Relic', you say....'Throwback'. 'Ancient hack'.
Yup - that be me ....... look in Wikipedia - you'll see my picture right there beside 'TechnoFreak'.

But - I have used all of those tools - and continue to seek out new ones - try them, master them when appropriate, and I'm here to tell you about a couple of really cool ones : : 

First there's the Livescribe 3 Smartpen[www.livescribe.com]....it is such a CoolTool.....in fact it is SO cool it is the only pen to be found in an Apple store. So what's so great about it......well, when you buy one you receive either a paper journal, or a 3 ring notebook....once you've gone through setup, etc and mastered a few of the basics, and the pen is synced with your computer (better yet, with your iPad or iPhone), you simply write - or draw. Ah....draw is the best part. Then, when you are in range of your iPad (let's focus on iPad for this), and you log onto your Livescribe app, lo and behold, right there on the screen are your doodles, your epic poem - your rant or your rave.....your field inspection notes, punch list comments - detail revision from the job-site - whatever. And then you can either edit that content, or simply transmit it as a PDF file,,,,,so   c o o l !
And it works......check it out.

Second CoolTool, is software : : a really neat app that started out life being designed for the iPad (and just 2 weeks ago was released as a standalone app for the MAC)....... Flowboard. [www.flowboard.com]. 
It is a superbly elegant and simple presentation tool - somewhat la PowerPoint but so much easier - and fun. Use it to do a client presentation - email the Flowboard presentation to colleagues, clients - whatever.....
Trust me - you'll love it.

So - tools? Tim the ToolMan? Perhaps Tim was indeed prescient - and knew what we are coming to discover, that the tools we discover today are the reliant devices of tomorrow - and can save us time, money, 
e t c e t e r a.

You've heard this before - I know, 'cause I've said it - but here it is again.....we, the Chapter Board, are here to serve you - help, assist and guide you, To give YOU,  v o i c e ..... but ya gots to say something.
So, say something.....say what you like, scold us for what you don't like - send pictures, postcards - whatever......comments about colleagues or industry resource personnel - this that make you job, your profession lives easier....let's give them - and you - a round of deserved applause.

But - talk to us - we're hear and we do, listen......


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