January 2014
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President's Note : : 


On Saturday, January 11th, I attended the Rochester Spring Home Show RIT.  It was a mid sized event, with a focus on - you guessed it - all things "Home".  There was plenty to look at - always some new gadget, new technology to make your home more energy efficient, the latest in cookware, and of course chocolates! (- a hit anywhere).  But what I was focused on was our presence, as ASID designers, offering information about what it means to work with a professional designer, how to navigate the process of finding a designer and what to expect from them.  


I had the rare opportunity to watch fellow ASID members engage, encourage and connect with many individuals who were happy (relieved?) to hear about how they could get design help for projects they were planning.  As designers, we reorganize space on a daily basis - locating fixtures, choosing materials and adding color.  For many people this can be a new and scary minefield - one false move and they might ruin what they have been hoping to create.  It was gratifying to watch the faces of inquirers relax as they talked about anxiety inducing aspects of their projects.  This was an affirmation of the value of our profession.   It also confirmed that there is nothing like a one-on-one to start a relationship. 


Many thanks to Naomi Harel, her partner,  Dan Harel, and Dani Polidor, who took our message to the streets by presenting workshops on "Professional Tips for Successful Home Interiors You Can Use" and "Aging in Place", as well as all of the designers who volunteered their time to work at the booth:  Mary Sue Schwartz, Mary Golden, Janet Bowman and apprentice, Kathy Burbank.


I hope you are all planning on joining us for the- REDISCOVER:  ASID Network 2014, which will be held in Downtown Syracuse on March 27th and 28th.   It is sure to be a great event and it will be great to meet you!


"Professional Tips for Successful Home Interiors You Can Use" by Dan Harel & Naomi Harel, ASID, Principals & Co-owners INVISION DESIGN PARTNERS, LLC, Rochester NY
: : Shaw's Elevate Product and Marketing Event : : 

 Shaw 2014 Market Introductions - Niagara Falls


Registration is now open for our 2014 Shaw Philadelphia & Queen Winter Market in Niagara Falls Ontario.


This is a great opportunity to see 1st hand all of the latest introductions and all existing products in both residential and commercial carpets, along with all hard surface products.


The National product brand managers will be there to answer any questions you may have.


For commercial accounts, Architects and designers there will be a full display of all of our commercial products, new introductions, over 40 Carpet Tile styles, lok-dots, and all of our patterns. A great place to view all the items in more than just a small architect folders. Commercial specialists will also be there to answer any questions that you may have.


They do need a head count so it is important to register ahead of time. Depending on when you are attending, there will be lunch served both days and full dinner and live music on Wednesday night.

: : Interview : : 

 Merrilee Olmstead, ASID, CID, President of Space@Work Inc 





: :  Why do you love interior design? 


It's artistically and technically challenging at the same time. I like the creativity and problem solving aspects very much. It's rewarding to see people react when you give them not only what they asked for but what they didn't realize they needed and it's more beautiful than they ever expected it could be. 


Q : :

How did you get into design? Was there a defining point on your career, and if so, how did it shape you as a designer?  


My Uncle was a High School Guidance Counselor and after I described my talents, interests and desires he showed me the college brochure for Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was delighted and made my decision to go into Interior Design. I had many interactions with the medical field and stayed in a hospital as a youngster on several occasions. I have always had an interest in seeing a warmer humanity and healing art used in the design of Hospital and Medical facilities. 


Q : : How long have you been a member of ASID? 


For more years than I can count. I became an NSID Student Chapter Member while in college. I was an Associate member of ASID for many years. I became a Professional Member in 1998. 


Q : :

Why did you join ASID initially?  


I wanted to be part of an organization in which a person had to meet set education and experience standards in order to belong. I wanted the credentials. I also enjoyed the exposure to new products and technologies as seen at the National Trade Shows and Conventions. 


Q : :

What have you gotten out of your ASID membership that you never expected?  


I never expected to get involved beyond just being a member and having primarily a social relationship with other professional Interior Designers. At the urging of one of our local Chapter Leaders, Arlene Wright, I joined the Board of Directors of our Chapter. I took on more responsibility because the opportunity came at a point in my life when I had more time to volunteer. It challenged me in ways I never had been challenged before and took me out of my comfort zone. I learned to have the courage to try new things and do things that previously I was either too afraid or intimidated to try. I met people from all over the United States, Canada and beyond, more than I never dreamed of meeting or knowing. Some have become personal friends. ASID gave me training, experience and confidence that I would not have received or developed anywhere else. I look at things differently now. Whereas something may have been perceived as an obstacle before, I now seek out the solution and gather the necessary tools (even if I've never used those tools before). It has been a very rewarding experience and in turn I've involved, challenged and inspired others to get involved in ASID, to grow and develop in their respective professional careers. It gave me the opportunity to make accomplishments that I previously never dreamed of; ANYONE can have the same opportunity that wants it. Just step up and volunteer. 


Thanks Merrilee!!! 


Cornell University : : 

The Cornell University American Society of Interior Designers student chapter was honored to have Pratt Institute professor and published author Deborah Schneiderman speak on November 22nd, 2013. Students, faculty, and guests from the local chapter enjoyed pizza, conversation, and an excellent lecture on the history of prefabricated space. The Design and Environmental Analysis department at Cornell rarely if ever has lectures, so this was an especially appreciated opportunity attended by member and non-member students.

Hannah Zalusky, LEED AP ID + C
Cornell University 2014
Design and Environmental Analysis 

Cornell Interior Design Students


Rediscover: ASID Network 2014

That's right, Designers - it's time for us to get together and celebrate the work we do! We will be gathering in Downtown Syracuse, NY for our trade show on March 28th. This won't be your typical trade show! We are here to REDISCOVER what ASID can do for individual designers and the entire design community!

Join us for events to include:

CEUs, vendors, student portfolio reviews, NCIDQ information session, an exciting new design competition, and MUCH MORE to be announced!

Registration will be available starting February 1, 2014.

Pricing will be as follows:

Prior to March 1st: Members $25, Non-Members $30, Student Members $15, Student Non-Members $20.

After March 1st: Members $35, Non-Members $40, Student Member $25, Student Non-Members $30

Make plans to be in Syracuse March 27th - 28th!


Contact Lauren Zacher, Membership, with any questions at 

585-362-7582 or asidunyce@gmail.com.

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