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happy holidays
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Winter Solstice        
Should We Worry? You Tell Us


question markWe received the following email from Lynn in Pennsylvania in response to our latest eBulletin. She wrote to us stating, "The dog video was adorable, but wishing everyone a Merry Christmas was a bit un-PC. Do you think that everyone who subscribes to your newsletter celebrates Christmas? Or are you a Christian organization only? Maybe next year think of a way to honor all beliefs during this season."


TeachAde is not a Christian organization but no matter who you pray to maybe this member's effort should be spent on remembering the lives lost in Friday's school shooting versus suggesting we be 100% PC all the time. We try our best to honor all of our members. Earlier in December our eBulletin wished some of our special members a Happy Hanukah including a beautiful greeting sharing the meaning of the the Menorah and a resource about the 8-day celebration.


With this in mind, we want to know what you think. Were we wrong in sending a Merry Christmas greeting? Take this quick survey and tell us what you think. We will bring you the results in 2013. Stay safe out there.


Winter Solstice        
Honor Code Eases Stress of Final Exams


Washington and Lee University law graduates proceed toward Lee Chapel in Lexington in this 2004 file photo. ASSOCIATED PRESS





Recently, The Washington Post wrote about Washington and Lee University's Honor Code. This honor system is deeply rooted in General Robert E. Lee's vision of the scholar. The school is allowing students to take their finals with faculty members leaving them entirely unmonitored during the tests. This degree of trust is a rarity in higher education and offers a counterpoint in the national debate about academic security.

Winter Solstice        
Happy Kwanzaa
December 26 - January 1







Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday based on a celebration of Africa called "the first fruits" celebrations, which celebrate the times of harvest, gathering, reverence, commemoration of the past, recommitment to cultural ideals, and celebration of the good. Learn more about Kwanzaa.


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"Half our mistakes in life arise from feeling where we ought to think and thinking where we ought to feel."
~~ John Churton Collins

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