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August 2015 - Issue 54
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Tech Tip: Recently-Viewed Documents
What's Happening at CIO: CIO Company BBQ
App of the Month: GasBuddy
Employee Spotlight: Mariah Wachtman


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 CIO Birthdays 

Bjoern Freiherr - August 5
Mariah Wachtman - August 10
Michelle Baca - August 25 

CIO Anniversaries 

Brian Donovan - 5 yrs. - 8/17

Hannah Sanchez - 9 yrs. - 8/29 


August is

National Picnic Month! 


Old Spanish Days

in Santa Barbara!

August 5-9

Left-Handers Day

August 13  

Labor Day

Monday, September 7th



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Message from John 
On August 2, 1939 Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt concerning the growing possibility of atomic weapons. "A single bomb of this type carried by boat and exploded in a port, might very well destroy the whole port together with some of the surrounding territory." Six years later, on August 6, 1945, the first Atomic Bomb, developed by the U.S., was dropped on the Japanese port of Hiroshima.
Among many things this anecdote speaks to profound understatement on the part of Albert Einstein, the evolution of technology, and our capacity to use technology for destruction. My take away from this is to understand the crucial role that CIO plays in mediating the relationship between your business and burgeoning technology. We greet each new advancement with caution and curiosity. Evolving tech can both increase and expand your productivity, but it can also open you up to new vectors of vulnerability.
Excited about something new? Interested in how the latest tech can work for you? Don't hesitate to call us and ask for advice. We have any number of resources who are tapped into  the latest trends and who would be very excited to talk to you.

Tech Tip: 6 Quick Steps to See More Recently-Viewed Documents!

If you're like me, you love that you can quickly jump ahead to open your recently-viewed documents or excel spreadsheets using the "recently-viewed" arrow. Introduced in Windows 7, this handy tool has only one drawback - by default it only shows you the last handful of documents. Since I'm constantly opening and editing dozens of these things, I want to see more!


To do this, follow these 6 quick steps:

  1. Press the Start

  2. Right-click on the
      blank space on
      the start menu
      and click  

  3. Select the Start Menu tab

  4. Press the Customize button

  5. Increase the number to as many recently- viewed as you would like! I recommend keeping it around 15-25.

  6. Press OK to save. That's it!

Mike Shinn - New 
Central Support Supervisor
Mike Shinn
805-692-6700 x122

What's Happening at CIO: CIO Company BBQ - Summer 2015




App of the Month: Gasbuddy
Having the GasBuddy app can be a driver's most convenient app yet! The GasBuddy app can help track down the closest AND cheapest gas stations within a user's area. Any user who has the most recent gas prices can help other users by submitting their most updated prices straight through the app.

GasBuddy gives users the chance to win $100 in Free Gas every day by reporting gas prices to earn points. At the end of the day, one lucky winner will be chosen from a drawing.

This app allows consumers to help each other out to save money on gas.
The GasBuddy app is available for FREE for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users!
Send your favorite free app to and it may find its way into next month's newsletter!

Employee Spotlight: Customer Service Representative


Full name:

Mariah Wachtman

Where did you grow up?
Defiance, Ohio

When did you move to Santa Barbara?
June 1, 2015

What you like best about the Santa Barbara area:
Figueroa Mountain and other local craft breweries. 

When did you start working at CIO: 
June 15, 2015

What you like best about working at CIO:
Mike Shinn's crazy stories

Scuba dive in Catalina Island
Start a Dancing with the Stars at CIO solutions.
Eat a Durian

What would you do if you won the lottery: 
Lobby congress to put big oil out of business.

Favorite color:

Favorite food:
Korean BBQ

Favorite book/movie:
Book:  Animal's People, By: Indra Sinha
Movie: Finding Nemo

People think silence will save them, but it won't. (This is also my excuse for talking)

Anything else that is interesting about yourself:
My first time skiing was in Norway, and I love it! 


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