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June/July 2015 - Issue 53
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What's Happening at CIO: CIO at the Expo 2015
App of the Month: Groupon
Employee Spotlight: Trevor Case


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 CIO Birthdays 

Michael Biancone - June 6
Rich Beckett - June 19 
David Ashamalla - July 6
John Petote - July 14
Nick Picon - July 22
Hass Sadighi - July 28

CIO Anniversaries 

Richard Clark - 5 yrs. - 6/7 

Mike Donovan - 2 yrs. - 6/10

Eric Engmyr - 26 yrs. - 7/1

Sean Gill - 5 yrs. - 7/6


June is

National Safety Month! 


Doughnut Day

June 6

National Flag Day

June 14



Fathers Day

June 21


Summer Solstice
June 21
July is National
Ice Cream Month!
Happy Fourth of July!



CIO will be closed on Friday, July 3rd

in observance of

Fourth of July.


To receive emergency support please call

805-692-6709 and select option 3.


Holiday rates may apply.


For non-urgent requests please email


Message from John 


The recent weeks have been characterized by significant astronomical events. June 21st was Summer Solstice the longest day of the year, and June 30th brought us a rare leap second. We at CIO hope that you are making the most of your long days and extra seconds. If you're using this extra time to be more productive, then give us a call and let us make sure that your technology is helping you maximize your day. If you're using these summer days to relax, then we hope you're enjoying the sunshine.


What's Happening at CIO: CIO at the Expo 2015


June in SLO is such a great time of year. The weather is nice, the days are long and then there is always the EXPO at the Expo to go to. This year CIO decided to have its own booth at the Expo, we jumped at the chance to rub elbows with the other movers and shakers of the SLO business community.


With over 150 exhibitors and over 3500 attendees this year's Expo was even bigger than the last. So much so that there were even several outdoor booths, one which had a cow! Walking down the aisles you got a great sense of the tight knit community that SLO is, everywhere you looked was someone you knew. From a business standpoint this Expo was second to none, every type of business was represented and I feel that new connections were being made left and right.


This year CIO had a pair of giveaways at our booth. The first was a free business analysis for moving your company to a full CIO Cloud environment. For those of you who already have CIO Private Cloud services you know how great it works and the true freedom it gives to your business. We had a demo of our cloud desktop at the Expo and those who stopped by and tried it said that they thought it was a local machine and not something running in our cloud environment.


The second prize was an Intel Compute Stick. This USB sized computer was actually running our Cloud demo unit at the Expo. Similar to other popular HDMI streaming devices the Intel Compute Stick makes upgrading a standard TV into a Wifi enabled smart device easy. The extra feature of this stick is a Windows 8.1 operating system. This alone makes the Intel Compute Stick far and above the other streaming devices out there and it turns your TV into a fully functional computer. A great prize indeed.


For more information on the Intel Compute Stick or CIO's Private Cloud please call us at 805-692-6700.


Ryan Popke



Field Services Engineer

Ryan Popke

805-692-6700 x118

App of the Month: Groupon

The Groupon app provides consumers with travel packages, restaurant deals, exercise classes, and so much more at a discounted rate. This app is a global e-commerce marketplace that connects millions of subscribers to services in over 45 countries.

Apart from shopping for deals from all over the world, the Groupon app also consists of two buttons: "I'm Hungry" and "I'm Bored". These buttons will locate the closest and best deals for food or entertainment deals using the consumer's geolocation. Sometimes, consumers may even come upon deals from places they didn't know existed in their area! The app allows consumers to experience many things they didn't think they would.

Groupon tries to ensure that customers are pleased with their purchase and will work with them to provide discounts or refunds when the customers are dissatisfied. Consumers also have the chance to join the "VIP Membership" program for $30 annually. This program allows VIP members access to deals 12 hours before non-members, as well as access to expired deals and easy returns of deals.

The Groupon app is easily accessible straight from users' smart phones. Users can be anywhere and find the best deals closest to them.


The Groupon app is available for FREE for iOS and  Android users!


Send your favorite free app to and it may find its way into next month's newsletter!   

Employee Spotlight: Trevor Case, CHS Help Desk


Full name:

Trevor Case

Where did you grow up?

Between Santa Barbara and Carlsbad 

What you like best about the Santa Barbara area:

The mountains              

When did you start working at CIO:

May 26th 2015

What you like best about working at CIO:

The people


Being able to own my own home in the mountains (don't care which ones)

What would you do if you won the lottery: 

Buy\build a compound in the mountains (still don't care which ones)

Favorite color: 


Favorite food: 

Salmon Sashimi

Favorite book/movie:

(book) The Nights Dawn Trilogy


"I've had worse"

Anything else that is interesting about yourself:

I survived one of the world's deadliest neuro-toxins


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