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February 2015 - Issue 49   
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What's New at CIO: Chili Cook-off
Tech Tip: Scam Phone Calls
App of the Month: Google Translate
Employee Spotlight: Hannah Sanchez


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 CIO Birthdays 

Paul Brooks - Feb. 6
Mark Shramek - Feb. 9
Mike Donovan - Feb. 10
David Beltran - Feb. 18
Hugh Hollis - Feb. 18
Craig McClellan - Feb. 26

CIO Anniversaries 

Craig McClellan - 5yrs. - 2/10

Nick Marshall - 3yrs. - 2/15

Michael Biancone - 8yrs. - 2/26




February is

Black History Month! 



Happy 29th Birthday, CIO! February 1st

Ground Hog Day
February 2nd


The Day the Music Died
February 3rd

 President Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

February 12th


Valentine's Day

February 14th


President George Washington's Birthday

February 16th



President's Day

February 16th



Chinese New Year

February 19th



Looking Toward Spring


Dear (Contact First Name),   

2015 is off to a great start. Here at CIO we're so excited to welcome new clients, and eager to get started on new year projects. Of course, while we love the challenge of the new we remain committed to serving and supporting our loyal clients. While the rest of the country may be mired in snow drifts it's easy to look toward Spring in Santa Barbara; keep us in mind for your Spring projects, and come and enjoy our Spring Client Appreciation Chili and Corn Bread contest. We're always happy to see you


John Petote 

CEO, CIO Solutions  

CIO in the News


The Channel Company announces that CIO Solutions has been recognized on its 2015 CRN Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list, under the MSP Pioneer/Progressive 250 category. 


This list annually acknowledges the top technology providers and consultants in North America. CIO Solutions, along with these other companies, delivers their clients efficient and functional managed services. These services elicit increased value for their clients' IT investments.


CIO Solutions offers their significant expertise to the progress of the organizations and businesses they support. This knowledge is important as the consumption and purchase of technology becomes increasingly overwhelming to consumers.


"We have become extremely effective at balancing the customers' needs for choice and solutions that best meet their business requirements with our needs for standardization (i.e. limiting the selection of technology choices to ones that we can confidently and consistently deliver services on)," stated CIO's President, Eric Egolf. "We found that when the customer feels they have adequate choice in their technology direction, we have an easier time transitioning the relationship from yet another vendor to a true partner. This is a foundational step in getting them to spend less time on IT and more time with their own business."


The balance that CIO Solutions finds extends beyond workstations, servers, and firewalls, to the entire solution. This solution includes private cloud computing solutions, premise based solutions, and hybrid solutions. By achieving this balance, customers receive the best possible service that CIO can provide.


CIO Solutions has been providing IT management and design services to the Tri-County Area since 1986 and has now been recognized as one of North America's top managed service provider. CIO has helped clients focus on the progression of their businesses by designing and managing their IT department. In addition to managing IT networks, CIO also provides consultation to Private Cloud Services, Enterprise Storage, Virtualization, VoIP Phone Systems, and other solutions.



For The Channel Company's 2015 MSP 500 List, click here.  


What's New at CIO: Chili Cook-off



CIO Solution's next Client Appreciation Event is happening this Spring on Friday, April 17th from 6:00pm-8:30pm. Come join us as some of your favorite CIO staff battle it out for the title of Chili Cook-off Champion. 


CIO has some of the best chili makers in town. Out of all of those participating this year, who will be this year's Chili Master? 


Keep an eye out because emails for RSVP'ing will be going out soon!


Tech Tip: Scam Phone Calls


Check with the Tech Earlier this month we were asked by one of our clients about the growing wave of scam phone calls being placed to cell phones and home phone lines.  The scammer will call introducing themselves as your computer's internet protection service or something generic.  They claim to have been alerted to problems on your computer (usually a virus) and need to take care of it immediately.  At this point, they will either ask for a credit card number or have you install their malware, which will eventually request a credit card number. 


Read more about it in this link, but do not fall victim!  As always, if it's too late, give us a call so that our engineers can assist as soon as possible.

Mike Shinn - New



Central Support Supervisor

Mike Shinn

805-692-6700 x122 


App of the Month: Google Translate 


Translator apps on smart phones have been useful and efficient in providing the basic function of translating one language into another. By simply typing in the text that needs to be translated, the translator app will convert the text into the language of choice. One app that has gone above and beyond what basic translator apps can do is, Google Translate.


Trying to make conversation in a foreign language? Just tap the microphone on the app, speak into it, and it will instantly provide a response to keep the conversation going.


This app also has the option for users to write out the word(s) with a finger, and it will translate the word(s) in a second text box.

The Google Translate app has even more to offer.  If the app user is traveling to a foreign country, or even an ethnic supermarket where the signs and price tags are all in a different language, simply opening the app and snapping a photo of the text will immediately translate it. It will also work in places without internet or data access.

Users can take advantage of this app for travels, day-to-day life, or even to expand knowledge and learn basic conversation words in another language. Whatever the need for this app is, it will surely be amazing.


The Google Translate app is available for FREE for both Android and iOS users!



Send your favorite free app to and it may find its way into next month's newsletter! 


Employee Spotlight: Hannah Sanchez, Professional Services Manager

Full name:
Hannah Mae Sanchez


Family info: 

Husband - Jesus Sanchez and baby boy on the way!


What was your favorite part of 2014?

Getting married and going on our honeymoon (Italy)...oh and finding out we were pregnant.


What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

Getting to meet our son, learning how to be a mom 


When did you start working at CIO?
August 2006


What you like best about working at CIO:

Helping clients, being the best in the business and working with such a dedicated and dynamic team.

What has changed the most during your time working at CIO?

Mainly the amount of employees, when I started we had 12 people, now we are almost 50! What has stayed the same: Our wonderfully quirky and amazing culture, stellar attitude and rock-solid Core Values.



Surrender to the story.
(for those who know me this might seem out of character but I am trying to be more flexible and open!) 


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