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Jan/Feb 2014 - Issue 42            
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Check with the Tech: Online Charity
What's New at CIO: Brew Off & Waffle Wednesday
Have you met Michelle?
CIO in the News: CIO Continues to Engage with Tri-County Businesses
Windows XP and Office 2003: Support Ends April 8th, 2014
App of the Month: Apps for the Wine Lover
Employee Spotlight: James Lee
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Josh Disraeli - Jan 22
Julie Mendoza - Jan 25
James Lee - Jan 26

Mark Shramek - Feb 9
Mike D. - Feb 10
David Beltran - Feb 18
Hugh Hollis - Feb 18
Craig McClellan - Feb 26

CIO Solutions - Feb 1986
Happy 28th Birthday CIO! 




CIO Anniversaries


Nick Picon - 8 years - 1/9

David Beltran - 3 years - 1/19

Lia Moniz - 2 year s- 1/30 


Craig M. - 4 years - 2/10

Marshall - 2 years - 2/15 

Michael B. - 7 years - 2/26



New Year's Day
January 1, 2014



Groundhog Day 
February 2, 2014

groundhog day  

Valentine's Day
February 14, 2014


President's Day
February 17, 2014
CIO Solutions will be closed for President's Day on Monday, February 17

Emergency support will be available through our oncall system. Please call 805-692-6709, option 3 to contact our oncall resources. Please email non-urgent issues to  

Happy New Year



Each year, technological advancement is greeted with a combination of excitement and hand wringing. We are hopeful for the added benefits that new tech will bring to us, but wonder whether or not we are becoming too dependent on, or too involved with our technology.


We in the tech industry are acutely aware of the ever evolving relationship between humanity and technology. For the last 28 years CIO has been negotiating this relationship with, and for, our clients. This New Year let us be guided by the ways in which technology can make our lives better.  


John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions


Check with the Tech: Online Charity
Check with the Tech
Q: How can I use technology to help me keep my New Year's resolution to make the world a better place?

Microlending and Crowdfunding on the internet offer opportunities for donors and recipients to work collaboratively on all kinds of projects. is an online microlending website. They are a non-profit organization connecting people through microlending to alleviate global poverty. You can lend as little as $25 to help entrepreneurs worldwide get their small business off the ground. Interested in helping small business in the US? Kiva is currently piloting Kiva Zip where you can make microloans to entrepreneurs closer to home. 


Kickstarter is the world's largest crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding draws on the historic tradition of patronage and infuses it with the energy of the internet. Their mission is to help fund a variety of creative projects, from art to tech to video games to product innovations. Kickstarter gives you the opportunity to be a part of what could be the "next new thing." Most projects offer perks based on the size of your donation.  

What's New at CIO  
We're getting ready for our third 
CIO Brew-Off! 


Keep your eye out for our invite, we should be sending out more information shortly

s have been chosen and we'll be brewing soon. Here are the teams that will be facing off in May:

Goodland Brewers

Eric Engmyr - Brewmaster

Michael Biancone 

    Ryan Popke

  Michelle P. Baca


Brew Hounds

Rich Beckett - Brewmaster

Mark Shramek

Jeff Ford

Eric Egolf


The 3 Gentlemen

Mike Donovan - Brewmaster

Nicho Loza

Brian Donovan



Peter Summers - Brewmaster

James Lee

Nick Picon



Richard Clark - Brewmaster

Dana Clark

Sean Gill

Waffle Wednesday

In January CIO celebrated our first Waffle Wednesday. Mike Shinn was our Master Waffle Maker, and everyone enjoyed a sweet treat.




CIO's Service Coordinator


Are You Utilizing CIO's Service Coordinator?  michelle



Michelle started in May of 2013 as our Scheduler and Dispatcher, since that time her position has matched our growth and she is now our Service Coordinator. Among other things Michelle is responsible for coordinating projects, on site engineers, and proactive on site visits.


Michelle keeps a watchful eye on our engineer's calendars and is your best resource in terms of engineer availability. When necessary Michelle can also facilitate quotes, or put you in touch with our Sales Team to scope out larger projects. 


Please utilize Michelle as a resource on your team and let her help you coordinate your project and on site needs.  


Michelle P. Baca 
(805) 692-6700, ext. 349


CIO in the News


Read All About It!CIO Continues To Support Locally Owned Businesses and Non-Profits in the Tri-County Area 



CIO Solutions, Santa Barbara's premier IT firm celebrates its 28th year. CIO continues to provide excellent customer service to our existing base while exploring partnerships across versatile industries in the Tri-County area.


We've recently partnered with City of Arroyo Grande, AutoVitals, Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District, Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation, and Ergomotion. In May 2013 the Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation awarded 2,601 scholarships totaling $8.1 million to Santa Barbara County Students. The Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District is committed to providing a fresh, reliable water supply to residential and agricultural customers in the Santa Ynez Valley. AutoVitals and Ergomotion are local Santa Barbara businesses working to innovate in their respective fields, and contribute to the vibrant Santa Barbara community.


We are proud to work with clients who contribute so much to the Central Coast community. CIO's exemplary customer service provides valuable support for the core competencies of our clients, so that they can move forward with their corporate and community missions.


Our client base has expanded across the non-profit and private sectors, and this diversity has allowed us to rise to new challenges and strengthen our Core Values. Throughout these moments of growth and new challenges we remain committed to our family of clients, and our community. 


CIO Solutions has been providing IT management and design services to the Central Coast since 1986. CIO specializes in helping businesses focus on their core business by designing and managing their IT department. In addition to managing IT networks, CIO also provides consultation on Private Cloud Services, Enterprise Storage, Virtualization, VoIP Phone Systems and other solutions.


  CIO Logo

Marketing Contact: 

Hannah Rich
805-692-6700, ext. 105



Security Update: Windows XP and Office 2003 - Support Ends April 8th, 2014


Based on their 2002 Support Lifecycle policy Windows XP and Office 2003 will not be supported by Microsoft after April 8, 2014. The policy was established based on customer feedback, and in an effort to provide more transparency and predictability of support for Microsoft Products.   

Per this policy Windows and Office Products receive a full 10 years of support; 5 years of Mainstream Support, and 5 years Extended Support.  


CIO can help you celebrate your 13 year anniversary with Windows XP by offering an upgrade solution for your business.


This upgrade is essential, as of April 8 there will be no more security updates, non-security hotfixes or any access to Microsoft customer support - free or paid. Unsupported software creates security and compliance risks for your organization. According to Toby Wolpe on the soon to be unsupported Windows XP will be vulnerable to more sophisticated security attacks. Experts predict that users who do not have comprehensive IT support will face the most risks.  


Talk to your CIO Account Manager or vCIO to ensure you have an appropriate strategy to handle end of life on windows XP as this announcement means different things to different companies. 


App of the Month: Apps for the Wine Lover


Stumped on which wine serve with your romantic Valentine's Day dinner? Check out these wine apps from Android and iOS.


Hello Vino (free) for Android and iOS

This app features recommendations based on food pairing, taste, region, and occasion. You can even choose based on price points. Share your new wine discoveries with friends on Twitter and Facebook.


Wine Ph.D (free for Android, $5 for iOS)
This comprehensive app provides pairing suggestions, and offers a wine education as well. With this app, you'll have access to ratings and reviews, wines organized by region, varietal and food and a glossary of wine terms and articles.


Use these apps to swirl and sip your way to full oenophile (wine lover) status. wine-glass-icon.jpg



Send your favorite free app to and it may find its way into our newsletter!


Employee Spotlight: James Lee, Remote Engineer


Full name:  James Lee


Family Info: Wife Miranda (married 6 years), a younger brother and sister


Where did you grow up: 

Born & raised SO cal. Grew up in the SF valley, attented UCSD/ lived there for 4-5 years after HS


When did you move to Santa Barbara:  Moved to SB in 2002


What you like best about Santa Barbara:  Weather, ocean, no crowds, cool people


When did you start working at CIO: November 2013 


What you like best about working at CIO: Cool culture & people/learning opportunities


Dreams/aspirations: Make a lot of money, and eventually buy a house


What would you do if you won the lottery: Take a world tour


Favorite color:  Blue


Favorite food: Mexican food/pizza...anything with cheese! 


Favorite movie: Heat (1995)


Motto:  The Golden Rule, because what goes around comes around


Anything else that is interesting about yourself: I like the outdoors. I've sumitted Mt. Whitney 14,500ft (Non-stop, 23 miles round trip) Highest mountain in the contiguous US. 




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