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Nov/Dec 2013 - Issue 41           
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Check with the Tech: Who Encrypts My Data Online?
What's New at CIO: Halloween Costume Winners and 2014 CIO Holidays
Hosted VoIP - ShoreTel Sky
App of the Month: 50 Free Apps
Employee Spotlight: Hugh Hollis
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Jeff Ford - Nov 1
Burt Ribet - Nov 16
Hannah Rich - Nov 18
Greg Goulart - Nov 30
Sean Gill - Dec 6
Luke Dalecki - Dec 18
Brian Donovan - Dec 19   



CIO Anniversaries


Peter S. - 1 year - 11/6 

Mike S. - 8 years - 11/7 

Rich B. - 3 years - 11/22 

Mark S. - 1 year - 11/26

Hass S. - 2 years - 12/5  



Thursday, Nov 28th 
Thanksgiving Fun!

Wed, Nov 27 - Thurs, Dec 5


Wednesday, Dec 25th


CIO Solutions will be closed on the following days in celebration of the holidays:

Thursday, Nov 28
Friday, Nov 29
Tues, Dec 24
Wed, Dec 25

Emergency support will be available through our oncall system. Please call 805-692-6709, option 3 to contact our oncall resources. Please email non-urgent issues to  
Happy Holidays



Wishing you and yours a holiday season filled with friends, family and good cheer.  


May the new year bring you prosperity and good health.

Thank you for your continued partnership. 


John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions


Check with the Tech: Encrypting Data Online
Check with the Tech
Q: How do I know which sites adequately encrypt my data online?

Lifehacker posted the below article and infographic which gives a lot of information about different sites and how the do (or don't or are going to) encrypt your data.

The article referenced a chart that was created by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). The EEF looked at major companies like Apple, Amazon, Dropbox and Google. They then looked at why type of encryption options the sites offered users and what they use to keep users' data out of the hands of hackers.

Here is the full article

Here is the full report from EEF

What's New at CIO  

Annual Halloween Costume Contest Winners

1st Place - Blind Ref (Michael B.)
2nd Place - Greenman (Mike Shinn)
2nd Place - Rorschach (Jeff Ford)
3rd Place - Obi Wan (Richard Clark)

Click Here to see all the participants

2014 CIO Holidays

New Year's Day


President's Day


Memorial Day


Independence Day


Labor Day




Day after Thanksgiving




Day after Christmas


Hosted VoIP - ShoreTel Sky 


ShoreTel Sky is the hosted voice over IP phone system available through ShoreTel and is designed for business use only. The service provides a low cost flat monthly service rate with unlimited calling nationwide all through an existing high bandwidth connection.    


As part of the service you can have ShoreTel Sky provide the handsets for you eliminating any up front expense of buying hardware. In addition to no hardware costs, the other major benefit is that the management and deployment of the phone system is simple. The phones come pre-configured based upon your specifications and all they need is any broadband connectivity to work.  


Organizations will find the metrics and reporting helpful in determining how to better use communications within their organization. ShoreTel Sky comes pre-built with call tracking metrics including average length of call, number of total inbound and outbound calls and more.  


For companies that have been thinking about adding instant messaging into their internal communications platform, it's already included with ShoreTel Sky. Most organizations also have employees that are mobile. ShoreTel Sky was designed with mobile in mind and has advanced mobility features built in. The unlimited nationwide calling provides consistent, predictable billing no matter the level of  calling activity within the United States. ShoreTel Sky also provides all initial and on going training and support at no additional cost above the monthly recurring service fee.  


ShoreTel Sky may not be the best fit for all companies, please contact our sales department at CIO if you have any questions or would like to discuss phone solutions for your business.




App of the Month: Top 50 Free Apps (That We are Thankful For) 


Here are the Top 10 from LifeHacker, see the rest by clicking here.

  1. Dropbox

  2. Google Chrome 
  3. Firefox
  4. Evernote 
  5. Pocket
  6. Skype
  7. Google Maps
  8. Gmail 
  9. Google Voice
  10. Instagram  



Send your favorite free app to and it may find its way into our newsletter!


Employee Spotlight: Hugh Hollis, vCIO  


Full name:  Hugh Hollis ('Hollis' to my close friends)  


Family Info: Wife Crystal (married 21 years) and son Dimitri   


Where did you grow up: In the Triangle...Bermuda (Triangle) 


When did you move to Santa Barbara: Summer of 2000 


What you like best about Santa Barbara:  Small town feel - just like back home 


When did you start working at CIO: October 2013 


What you like best about working at CIO: The people and their dedication 


Dreams/aspirations: To be successful at whatever I do...To make a difference 


What would you do if you won the lottery: What I won't try and and keep up with the Joneses! Probably share a little...


Favorite color:  Blue


Favorite food: Fish - especially the type that comes out of the Atlantic 


Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird - it was required reading in High School


Motto:  "It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" 


Anything else that is interesting about yourself:  Love to be around family and friends. I am a Soccer fanatic. I talk with an accent which usually gets people thinking...    


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