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October 2012- Issue 31   
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Check with the Tech: Remember your PIN
CIO Event: 2nd Annual Beer Brewing Competition
Cloud Security Report from Alert Logic
CIO Videos - CIO Private Cloud
CIO In the News - CIO Included in INC 5000
App (Game) of the Month: Bad Piggies
Product Spotlight: wePresent
Employee Spotlight: Bjoern Freiherr
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Chase - Oct 23rd





Wednesday, October 31st




Keep an eye out for CIO's Costume Contest - Vote for your Favorite!   


Here are pictures of the former winners:


halloween 2  

 2010 - Michael Biancone  


halloween 1  

2011 - Mike Shinn 


Starting Off the Holiday Season Right!

Dear ,  


It seems like the holidays came early this year. From our company and client events to being included in the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies, the gifts just seem to keep coming.   


In addition to on-boarding some great new clients and adding to our team, we were also just awarded a customer satisfaction award by one of our vendors. What a start to the holiday season! 


Like I say time and time again, we couldn't do it without our great client base and stellar team. I think that gratitude is going to be a big theme this holiday season and I hope that we are able to show our clients, and our community, how blessed we are to be here and offer our services.  


We wish everyone a very spooky (yet safe) Halloween and look forward to celebrating the coming holidays and New Year with all of you.  

John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions


Check with the Tech: Tips to Remember PINs
Check with the Tech
Q: I know it is important to have a secure PIN but I don't know how to pick a 'good' one or how to remember it. Any suggestions?

When you're ready to change your PIN, come up with four new numbers, and steer clear of numbers that can easily be mapped to information that's readily available about you-or worse, may be in your wallet if it's stolen. Try to avoid pet names mapped out on the keypad, or picking numbers that line up on the keypad and are easily guessed, like "1472" or "3692." Try to avoid the last four digits of your social security number, or your phone number, as well. Once you have a sufficiently random series of digits, here are some tips to help you remember.


  • Spell out a word with your PIN
  • Make a sentence from your PIN
  • "Encrypt" your PIN in your phone, or on paper  
  • Pick a number that means something to you but nothing to anyone else
  • Use math to conceal your PIN
  • Get the bank to reset your PIN


Read the full article here  



CIO's 2nd Annual Brew-Off Competition!
Register NOW!! 

CIO Solutions' Second Annual Beer Brewing Competition!

Back by popular demand, CIO will be holding their second Beer Brewing Competition.

When: Thursday, October 25th - 5:30
Who: You and a Guest
Where: CIO

Please spread the word to your co-workers!

Here are the current CIO Brew Teams:

Goodland Brewers

Members: Eric Engmyr (Brewmeister), Hannah Rich, Michael Biancone, Lia Moniz, and Burt Ribet.


The team formerly known as Quad Win

Members: Richard Clark (Brewmeister), Eric Egolf, Emily Guthorn, Dana Clark, Ryan Popke.


Team Craiggles

Members: Craig McClellan (Brewmeister), Brian Donovan, Luke Daleki, Nick Picon, Hass Sadighi


Backroom Brewers

Members: Chase Christian (Brewmeister), Jeff Ford, Rich Beckett, Nick Marshall, Jason Coltrin


**Our good friends at LogicMonitor have decided to participate and will be presenting their own home-brew at the event


Hope to see you there!! 


Cloud Security Report - Alert Logic

What is the Alert Logic Cloud Security Report?


Exposing the Threats to Our Security


Using operational data from business customers in both on-premise and service provider environments and comparing the occurrence, frequency and diversity of incidents across seven categories of security threats, Alert Logic's Security Research team investigates the most pressing issues impacting security on-premise and in the cloud.


security report

The Truth About Security in the Cloud


New Data, Same Direction


The Fall 2012 Cloud Security Report uncovers new threat data on security's biggest debate. The cloud vs. on-premise: Which is more secure? Alert Logic studied incident data from over 1,600 customers, and the results continue to support earlier findings that cloud and hosting environments are as secure as on-premise environments. The data tells the story-it is time to remove the misconception about cloud security.


Click here for the whole report or visit for more information.

CIO Videos - CIO Private Cloud 

Check out our site dedicate to all things CIO Private Cloud -  

See how easy it is to use CIO Solutions Private Cloud!
See how easy it is to use
CIO Solutions Private Cloud!

CIO Private Cloud from CIO Solutions
CIO Private Cloud from CIO Solutions

CIO In the News


Read All About It! 



CIO Solutions was honored by INC 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the country 


SANTA BARBARA - October 12, 2012 - CIO Solutions was recently selected by the INC 5000 as one of the Fast Growing Companies in the United States. "The award symbolizes our commitment to customer service, our clients and the core values that CIO Solutions has had since its inception", said John Petote, CEO of CIO Solutions.  


The growth corresponds to an increased willingness for companies to look to outsourcing the management of their IT Infrastructure as a plausible option. "We have been able to demonstrate time and time again that when companies outsource their IT they are able to reduce the total cost of ownership over the life of their IT assets as well as gain an increase in response and resolution times for their user populations", says Eric Egolf, President of CIO Solutions.  


The growth has also been related to a new form of IT Outsourcing call Private Cloud Computing. "Many of our traditional customers who were only comfortable with their applications running onsite on servers they own are now looking to solutions providers like us to move those same applications to a more secure and reliable Private Cloud Computing Infrastructure", says David Ashamalla, Chief Technology Officer, "We have seen customers who like the concept of Public Cloud Computing but don't want to change their applications or business processes migrate towards Private Cloud Solutions as it allows them the same level of productivity and flexibility they are use to, and gives them the added benefit of mobility. "


CIO Solutions has been providing IT management and design services to the Tri-County Area since 1986. CIO specializes in helping businesses focus on their core business by designing and managing their IT department. In addition to managing IT networks, CIO also provides consultation on Private Cloud Services, Enterprise Storage, Virtualization, VoIP Phone Systems and other solutions. More information can be found at or by calling their office 805-692-6700.  



Marketing Contact:

Hannah Rich

CIO Solutions

805-692-6700 ext. 105


App (Game) of the Month:  Bad Piggies 


bad piggies The good people at Rovio have come up with a new game: Bad Piggies.  This follow-up to their Angry Birds series brings to light the perspective of the antagonists themselves.  Previously we were only shown the perspective of the victim - and the anger that followed the theft of their eggs.   


Rovio goes deeper to show us the type of characters involved on the other side and their reasons for the theft.  Reflecting upon the animal kingdom, Rovio does their best to match the projected personality traits of each animal as well as they have generated realistic physics. Pigs are frequently hungry and like to eat bird eggs. Birds get upset when predators strike.  What we have not previously known was that the pigs use elaborate transportation to arrive at their goal.


In the Rovio universe, we have been made aware of the pig royalty as well as some of their technology (tough helmets).  As it turns out, the pigs have far greater technology - and their king needs to use it all to get the desired eggs.  Rather than sling-shotting your pig across the screen, you build a contraption from wooden boxes, wheels and 2-liter soda bottles.  Level after level you are given more challenging mazes and obstacles to get to your destination.   The same physical properties of gravity and velocity that you may be used to from the Birds games still apply (except for Angry Birds Space, of course).


The game itself is a lot of fun.  It is not simply another Birds game with new backgrounds.  Each level brings about a different challenge.  While I was able to play Angry Birds in all of its iterations with my 2-year-old, this game is a bit more advanced.  If you're looking for a good time, I recommend the download.





Product Spotlight: wePresent 1000 WiPG


We have discovered a great new product for your conference room presentations. The "wePresent 1000 WiPG" by Awind is a great way to use your wireless devices for presentations.  


The WiPG (Wireless Interactive Gateway) offers you a wireless way to connect in full HD your Laptops, iPAD, iPhone, and Android devices to a Projector, LCD Display, Touch Screen, or Interactive White Board.  


This technology is simple to use and Apps for your mobile devices are downloadable from the App Store at no charge. These Apps work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe offering you the ability to make your sales presentation from those pocket handheld devices.



wipg 1  wipg 2 



Employee Spotlight: Bjorn Freiherr, Field Engineer 


Bjoern Full name:  Björn Freiherr    


Family Info: My family lives in Jena, Germany. I've a brother, two years older than me.   


Where did you grow up: Born in Erfurt, Germany, I lived in Jena for most of my life. I studied at the Technical University in Ilmenau, just an hour away from home. 


When did you move to SB: April 2011      


What you like best about SB: The relatively stable weather and having mountains and water so close by.      


When did you start working at CIO: April 2011      


What you like best about working at CIO: The chance to work with all the different technologies which typically is missing in school and having educated people around me to share with and learn from.


Dreams/aspirations: Riding my bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 7 days or so. Making my own time lapse movie. Traveling to the most beautiful spots on earth and exploring the nature.    


What would you do if you won the lottery:  Invest enough to live from interest and dividends, buy some nice gear for all my hobbies, give some to my friends and family and enjoy every day.


Favorite color: Orange (and lime green)


Favorite food:  Lasagna and many other good things


Favorite book/movie:  Most books have too much text, that's why I don't like them. There are too many good action movies to pick one favorite: Fast&Furious, National Treasure, Street Kings just to name a few. And of course: TimeScapes by Tom Lowe.     


Motto/quote:  In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft. (Translate for yourself.)


Interesting facts about Bjorn:  Besides all the computer stuff I love being active outdoors. I ride mountain bikes, play tennis and beach volleyball. I'm also into photography (mostly landscapes) and used to do oil painting. There's just not enough time for everything I'd like to do.



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