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June 2014
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Greetings from Kali
OLLIs -- Toot Your Horns!
Mary Bitterman Shares the History of The Bernard Osher Foundation
OLLI at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Collaborate with the Confucius Institute
OLLI at Dartmouth: Summer Lecture Series 2014
OLLI at CCU provides Global Awareness Scholarshps
OLLI at George Mason Launches Successful Fashion Show
2014 Southern Regional Lifelong Learning Meeting
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 Greetings from Kali

You will see below a special treat this month in the form of a 10 minute video of Mary Bitterman, President of the Bernard Osher Foundation, speaking at our 2014 National Conference.  If you have ever wondered about the history and vision of the Osher philanthropy, here is your chance to hear about that from someone uniquely qualified to talk about it.  Other videos from the conference are also available on the NRC website.

The rest of the articles in the newsletter have a decidedly international feel, highlighting various ways that OLLIs are engaged globally through overseas trips, lectures on international politics, scholarships to younger students for study abroad, and even a foray into the wider world of fashion.

Best regards, Kali


OLLIs -- Toot Your Horns!
'Syracuse Flirt' (1913 Postcard)
Toot your horn! Does your OLLI have news that you are proud of and would like to share with the network? The NRC newsletter is looking for articles about those
special happenings that you know will inspire and excite others. So, keep the network newsletter in mind as a place to "toot your horn!" 

If you have a story to share, please send it (with photos if possible) to Fran or Anne at the National Resource Center.

Mary Bitterman Shares the History of The Bernard Osher Foundation and Bernard Osher's Commitment to Lifelong Learning

Mary G.F. Bitterman
Mary G.F. Bitterman, President of The Osher Foundation, describes the work of Bernard Osher and the Bernard Osher Foundation at the 2014 OLLI National Conference 
(This video is approximately 10 minutes in length)

Visit the 2014 National Conference archive page on the national website to view more videos, Kali's Wows! The 2014 Virtual Resource Table plus Conference Workshops with downloadable documents and PowerPoints plus conference photos and bios.

OLLI at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Collaborate with the Confucius Institute on China Trip
Ray Meints, videographer and member of OLLI at the University of Nebraska Lincoln created a number of excellent videos to record his OLLI's recent trip to China.
(Image above taken from Ray's video "Muslim Street Market ")

Here at OLLI at the University of Nebraska Lincoln we have been partnering with the Confucius Institute on courses over the past two years.  This spring a group of 21 individuals traveled to China with a leader from the Confucius Institute and we have heard nothing but great reviews!


Here are some videos shot on the trip by Ray Meints, a videographer who was a participant on the trip.  


Oriental TV Tower

Tang Art Museum

Muslim District

The Great Wall of China



 Submitted by - Dee Aguilar, OLLI at the University Nebraska, Lincoln


OLLI at Dartmouth: Summer Lecture Series 2014
"The Middle East: Cauldron of Crisis and Change"


"The Middle East: Cauldron of Crisis and Change" is a fascinating lecture series that will run on Wednesdays from July 9th to August 20th at OLLI at Dartmouth.


As their lecture series brochure says: "It's an area we all watch wonder and worry  about, because there's always a clash, often a crisis: tribe against tribe, country against  country, religion against religion, my bomb  vs. your bomb; governments destroy their  own cities, drop barrel bombs on their own Citizens. Peace talks never begin, or last one  day and disintegrate the next.  

These are conflicts that we romanticize and  soften with labels like "Arab spring," "popular  uprisings," or "peace initiatives."


Why? Is it all about dictators (as in Libya or Egypt), all-important tribalism (as in Kenya or Nigeria), religion (Northern Ireland or Kashmir), or even water (as in both our future and theirs)? Or is it simply so many colliding factors that there seems to be no single reason or solution?  


To find out more and view the list of invited speakers please download a copy of  the brochure "The Middle East: Cauldron of Crisis and Change."


Submitted by - Lisa King, OLLI at Dartmouth


The Winners of the Coastal Carolina University / OLLI Global Awareness Scholarships are Announced




OLLI at Coastal Carolina University Director, Linda Ketron (l), and Coastal Carolina University's Executive Director of Global Initiatives, Darla Domke-Damonte (r), present the first annual award of CCU/OLLI Global Awareness Scholarships to four academic students: Amy Johnson, Vanessa Lavado, Shannon Wesstrom and Cyra Cottrell (centered l to r).

Each $750 scholarship, generated by OLLI travel programs, will enable a student to travel abroad during Maymester or next fall to Bimini, Costa Rica and Italy. Upon return, the students will present free programs about their travels and studies to the OLLI membership.


Submitted by -  Linda Ketron, OLLI at Coastal Carolina University 

OLLI at George Mason Launches Successful Fashion Show!
Scenes from the OLLI at GMU fashion show fundraiser event, May 20.
Photos by Eleanor Pascale; collage by Paul Van Hemel
By all accounts, OLLI at George Mason University's first-ever fashion show and luncheon was a huge success. The fundraiser event was held at the Country Club of Fairfax on May 20. A perfect backdrop to the event was created by Alan Wenberg's musical interludes and the Capitol Reunion Quartet's lively harmonies. Interspersing the music we heard amusing anecdotes while we watched the parade of Bloomingdale's fashions modeled by our OLLI members. 

The photo collages show our OLLI at GMU models, our commentator from Bloomingdale's Effie Elkorek and the many others who contributed to the show.

Submitted by - Jennifer Disano, OLLI at George Mason University  



2014 Southern Regional Lifelong Learning Meeting:
Asheville, North Carolina July 30- August 1, 2014

  •  Cognitive training slows cognitive decline, major study finds 
    The American Psychological Association reports on a study funded by the National Institutes of Health which found that the benefits of cognitive training for older adults can last as long as 10 years. The study is the largest of its kind involving more than 2,800 participants aged 65 to 94.    
  • Visit the fundraising consulting firm Campbell & Company for a summary of 
    Giving USA 2014: The Annual Report on Philanthropy.
    "Philanthropy continues to rebound within the larger economic climate; growth is steady across most giving sectors. The strong health of the stock market has given rise to large gifts from individuals to their charities of choice. As always, there are opportunities for nonprofit organizations that manage their operations effectively and build a compelling case for philanthropy." says says Peter Fissinger, President & Chief Executive Officer of Campbell & Company. "By continuing to strategically build relationships with their best donors and prospects, nonprofits can help ensure their sustainability and growth both now and in the future."   To purchase Giving USA 2014: The Annual Report on Philanthropy visit their website at Giving USA.
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