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March 2014
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Greetings from Kali
OLLIs -- Toot Your Horns!
Website for National Conference Attendess
The OLLI Shuttle is Here!.
Request for Proposals
OLLI and BU Students Study Epigenetics
Featured Basecamp Question
OLLI Network Photo of the month!.
OLLI Network Position Openings.
Additional Upcoming Lifelong Learning Conferences
March Jottings
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Greetings from Kali 

Robert Frost once said "Anyone in New England who writes poems about Spring comes from somewhere else."  Today is the first day of Spring -- a day when some morning rain seems to have ushered in Mud Season, which follows Winter here in Maine.  San Diego is looking better and better as our conference venue!

In the meantime, enjoy this month's newsletter, there are lots of fun things happening in OLLIWorld.

Best regards, Kali


OLLIs -- Toot Your Horns!
Toot your horn! Does your OLLI have news that you are proud of and would like to share with the network? The NRC newsletter is looking for articles about those
special happenings that you know will inspire and excite others. So, keep the network newsletter in mind as a place to "toot your horn!" 

If you have a story to share, please send it (with photos if possible) to Fran or Anne at the National Resource Center.

OLLI National Conference 
Website for Attendees Now Open!
  OLLI NRC Conference web page
The 2014 OLLI National Conference will be held at the Park Hyatt Aviara, Carlsbad, CA from April 28-30, 2014
Information regarding programming, schedules, plus many more details are available on our website at
(Look for the conference link in the left hand menu bar.) 


The OLLI Shuttle is Here!
OLLI at Bradley University's brand new 14-passenger shuttle bus

After a successful first fundraising initiative in 2013, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Bradley University (OLLI) purchased a 14-passenger shuttle bus to transport members on Learning Trips and across campus on class days. Three of the University's Student Admissions Representatives (STARs) - Allen Ghareeb '14, Holly Alguire '15, and Joe Waytula '15 - serve as shuttle drivers on class days. The shuttle has a wide aisle and step-up entrance for improved accessibility and comfort for OLLI members. OLLI can now accommodate four more members on each local trip and eliminate the use of one of the university's 10-passenger vans.

OLLI at Bradley's 2014 annual giving campaign goal is to raise $35,000, which will allow for the purchase of a second shuttle bus so that everyone who takes a local Learning Trip can enjoy a comfortable ride. In addition, OLLI at Bradley University plans to use fundraising dollars to provide ongoing maintenance for the shuttle, begin building a reserve for future replacements, continue supporting free Sunday Cinema and OLLI lectures, and invest 5% of total gifts into the OLLI endowment fund!  


Submitted by - Michelle Riggio, OLLI at Bradley University

Request for Proposals for the 2014 Southern Regional Lifelong Learning Meeting:
Asheville, North Carolina July 30- August 1, 2014
Bluegrass band Buncombe Turnpike
We are still taking proposals for the 2014 Southern Regional Lifelong Learning meeting, but we do have some of the program planned already.  
The focus of the meeting will be on sharing best practices in lifelong learning. At the same time we also want to give you a taste of Asheville!  

With this in mind we will have:
  • Music from local bluegrass band Buncombe Turnpike
  • A lecture by UNC Asheville history professor Dan Pierce who has written illuminating books about NASCAR and moonshine.
  • An evening featuring a dinner from some of our local food trucks, 
  • Gourmet chocolate and ice cream from a shop that specializes in salted caramel but also has uniquely Asheville flavors like raspberry kale and Thai curry!
Please check the conference website for more information.
submitted by - Catherine Frank, OLLI at University of North Carolina, Asheville

OLLI and Bradley University Graduate Students Study Epigenetics



Members of OLLI at Bradley University join graduate counseling students to explore epigenetics
In this five-week Study Group at Bradley University, OLLI members shared with graduate counseling students to explore and research epigenetics, the environmental factors that can influence, and even alter, the way our genes are expressed. Each OLLI member was paired with two graduate counseling students, their "community of the moment." In the last two sessions, each group gave a presentation vital to the dynamics of healthy aging. 
OLLI at Bradley University thanks Dr. Lori Russell-Chapin, Professor of Education in the College of Education and Health Sciences at Bradley, for designing this innovative Study Group that allowed OLLI members to share their experiences and enjoy the opportunity to engage in reciprocal learning with Bradley students.
Submitted by -  Michelle Riggio, OLLI at Bradley University

OLLI at Vanderbilt shares news about their peer-led groups   


OLLI at Vanderbilt has begun our Spring Term and we would like to share news about our new OLLI Connect, Explore, Expand (CEE) peer-led groups . Our CEE committee members and OLLI student intern have done a wonderful job coordinating this new program.

As a result of all this hard work our OLLI members now have a Restaurant Review group, a Walking & Talking and Hiking group (for the spring and summer), as well as a new Technology Exchange, with the first series to be on iPad & iPhone essentials! In addition, we also have an English Country Dancing class for our spring term. Our members are enjoying the class in Vanderbilt's beautiful, newly renovated Alumni Hall.


Last but certainly not least, the OLLI Steel Drum Band class continues to be a great success since it began last summer, and we have continued the class through fall, winter and again this spring term!
Submitted by -  Dottie Rager, OLLI at Vanderbilt
Our Featured Basecamp Question For March

The OLLI National Resource Center is delighted to see OLLI staff sharing their questions and information on Basecamp, our new communication system
This month's featured question and answers address the use of slogans in OLLI marketing.
Here is the original Basecamp Question from Jennifer Disano, OLLI at George Mason: "We are redesigning one of our outreach brochures and need some ideas for a catchy OLLI Slogan. "

 And here are some of the terrific responses: 

"Live well. Learn forever." 
- Jeanette Toohey - OLLI @ UNF -

"Learning never ends!" 
 - Jerilyn Logue - OLLI @ Iowa State

"For the Joy of Learning and Curiosity Never Retires!" 
- Angela Faulkner-Van Deysen - OLLI @ WVA -

"For the Love of Learning" 
- Sarah Benton - OLLI @ Penn State -

"Learn More ~ Age Less" 
- Rebecca Low - OLLI @ CSULB -

"Let college change your life...again." 
- Emily Moore - OLLI @ SDSU -

"Health club for the mind." 
- Sandra Stevenson - OLLI @ UMN

"Why Osher? Because Curiosity Has No Age Limit." 
- Maralie Waterman-BeLonge - OLLI @ UNM -

"Come for the classes; Stay for friendships!" 
- Debra Herman - OLLI @ FSU

"Great Minds Never Stop Learning" 
- Jennifer Disano - OLLI @ GMU -

"Living to Learn and Learning to Live" 
- Jennifer Anderson - OLLI @ UA -

"Where Mature Minds Bloom" 
Rich Easter - OLLI @ UNLV -

"Lifelong learning is a shared adventure!" 
Jim Bouchard - OLLI @ CSUDH -

"seek. learn. discover. grow." 
Cathi Cody-Hudson - OLLI @ UVM -

"Learn to Enjoy Life"   
"The Age of Adventure" 
"Curiouser and Curiouser" 
"The Time of Your Life" 
"Course, Lectures & Events for the Over-50 Crowd"
- The last five are from Cathy House, OLLI @Utah -

Hot off the presses!        


The president of Cal State Fullerton's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Michael Stover, traveled 7,000 miles to share his perspective at the International Conference of Elder Education and Intergenerational Learning in Taipei, Taiwan.

OLLI Photo of the Month!


OLLI at UNC Asheville: Nancy Nehls Nelson's Winter 2014 College for Seniors course "Beginning Oil Painting with a Limited Palette." 

OLLI Network Position Openings 

The OLLI office at Southern Oregon University, based in beautiful Ashland Oregon, is hiring a Program Manager. OLLI at SOU is a vibrant 1400 member program that has been in operation for 20 years. For more information about the position visit the University of Southern Oregon website.

Jottings heading

Additional Upcoming Lifelong Learning Conferences

These two conferences, similar to the 2014 Southern Regional Lifelong Learning Meeting mentioned above, also invite members of all LLIs from across the country to attend.

March Jottings


  • 2014 Aging Successfully Conference - Successful Aging Across the Lifespan"  May 15 - 16, 2014. Bryant Conference Center, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.     
  • Spotted item on OLLI at Illinois' Facebook page: a link to Newseum a website which displays newspaper front pages from more than 800 newspapers worldwide.       
  • Read the History of Earth Day on the Green Cities website. The Earth Day Network launched the Green Cities campaign in the fall of 2013 to help cities around the world become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint.  Earth Day 2014 - April 22.
  • A Guide to The Multi-Generational Workplace (pdf). The four generations are covered in this YMCA of the Rockies information sheet they include: Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials.        
  • NoiseTube was created with the purpose of turning smartphones into mobile noise level meters. The NoiseTube app allows citizen scientists to participate in the collective noise mapping of their city or neighborhood. 
Image information: 
  • hornKirk Douglas and Lauren Bacall in 'Young Man with a Horn'. Courtesy Wikicommons