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May 2013
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Greetings from Kali
OLLIs -- Toot Your Horns!
Scholars Join OLLI at UAHuntsville for Lunch
Hamlet and Hermeneutics
Another Milestone for the OLLI at Clemson
Volcanoes in the Sea
Three Inspiring Days for Writers
OLLI at UNLV flies the flag at AARP Convention
The 2013 Southern Regional Conference, July 24-26
Online with Fibber McGee
Senior Theatre Resource Center
Job Postings for the OLLI Network
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Greetings from Kali 

At last it does seem to be spring here in the northeast, complete with a thunderstorm this afternoon.  Wherever you are, I hope your spring semester has been smooth sailing. 

We were most pleased to see Mary Bitterman, President of the Osher Foundation, here in Maine last week.  Mary received a Distinguished Achievement Award from the University of Southern Maine at the 2013 Commencement.  She delivered an inspiring and thoughtful address to USM's graduating class and assembled parents, faculty and staff.  Lobster dinner for two and conversation with Mary at the end of the day was pretty great too.

April and May have been travel months for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the very well-organized, fun and useful Northeast Regional Lifelong Learning Conference in New Bedford, MA. In addition, I visited Dartmouth's ILEAD program, soon to be OLLI at Dartmouth, as it held its first Mini-Conference for Study Group Leaders. I had the opportunity to share some thoughts about the past, present and future of OLLI-- as well as some or your 2012 WOWs -- with the group.  For my next trip I am off to help celebrate OLLI at University of Michigan's 25th anniversary. 


OLLIs -- Toot Your Horns!
brass menazeri by prawnpie
Toot Your Horns!

Toot your horn! Does your OLLI have news that you are proud of and would like to share with the network? The NRC newsletter is looking for articles about those special happenings that you know will inspire and excite others. So, keep the network newsletter in mind as a place to "toot your horn!"

If you have a story to share, please send it (with photos if possible) to Fran or Anne at the National Resource Center.

Scholars Join OLLI at UAHuntsville for Lunch
OLLI Scholars at UAH
OLLI Scholarship recipients Kiley Heflin and Betty Ann Neilson joined OLLI members at the University of Alabama, Huntsville for special luncheon on March 22, at Trinity United Methodist Church in Huntsville, AL. 

OLLI Scholar Kiley Heflin is a freshman at UAHuntsville with a major in astrophysics, an interest that began in his childhood. Kiley has lived in several foriegn countries with his family and is currently active in the UAHuntsville Philosophy group. Our second OLLI Scholar is Betty Ann Neilson, a student with an aerospace engineering major. Betty Ann has volunteered her time at The Space and Rocket Center, and has applied to The Boeing Company for summer work. Both students are pleased to be at UAHuntsville, and have expressed appreciation to OLLI for scholarship support. OLLI members recently met their goal of accumulating $50,000 in scholarships -- and that amount continues to grow! 
59 Winter Term OLLI teachers at the UA Huntsville were also honored at the celebratory luncheon for their volunteer service. 

Hamlet and Hermeneutics at Arizona State

In one of our creative moments, 
we crafted an
"inter-generational" OLLI class this Spring. It
proved to be a raging success!

We mixed a few students from ASU's Barrett's
Honors College into a study of "Hamlet and
Hermeneutics" by one of Barrett's Distinguished Honors Faculty. Quite the chemistry emerged!

You can read more in 'Hamlet opens eyes and
minds of all ages in new intergenerational course'

OLLI and hamlet at Arizona State

Submitted by -  Richard C. Knopf, Ph.D. OLLI at Arizona State University

Another Milestone for the OLLI at Clemson University

Charles Cheezem Education Center
The Charles K. Cheezem Education Center, home to OLLI at Clemson University

In October 2011, the Charles K. Cheezem Education Center was donated to the Clemson University Foundation for the purpose of providing lifelong learning to the citizens over age 55 in Clemson, South Carolina and to citizens in surrounding communities. The challenge of furnishing the center was met by OLLI through a major capital campaign led by OLLI Advisory Board President, Dave Thomas. The generosity of donors to the capital campaign was acknowledged and celebrated on April 24, 2013 with the unveiling of a donor wall. This beautiful wall is visible to all as they enter the building. Read more about this collaborative effort at OLLI at Clemson University. (Word Document)
Volcanoes in the Sea
OLLI at Hawaii volcanoes class
Professor John Sinton discussing his soon-to-be-published research on Kaena Volcano, O'ahu

Volcanoes in the Sea, a course taught by University of Hawaii at Manoa OLLI instructor Tom Sheeran, culminated in a field trip last month to the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL). With the aid of a high-resolution video wall, participants viewed recent research dives on Lo'ihi, an active undersea mountain, sometimes called the "youngest volcano" in the chain of Hawaiian islands. Rachel Orange, a researcher with HURL, wowed OLLI students with spectacular videotape of Lo'ihi's hydrothermal vents, biological communities, and bathymetric mapping that revealed changes in the submerged volcano's summit. The evolution of Lo'ihi has been a focus of study since 1987. Recent forays have used submersibles such as the Pisces V that are equipped to collect samples of vent water, microorganisms and hydrothermal mineral deposits. 

Submitted by - Rebecca Goodman, OLLI at University of Hawaii at Manoa

Three Inspiring Days for Writers
The 7th Annual Ocean State Writing Conference
June 20-22, 2013 at The University of Rhode Island

2013 Ocean State Summer Writing Conference
2013 Ocean State Summer Writing Conference

Want to be inspired and save money in the process?  Spend three days at the University of Rhode Island's Ocean State Summer Writing Conference June 20 through June 22.  Held on URI's picturesque campus in Kingston, the conference gives writers an opportunity to raise their writing to a more professional level under the direction of bestselling authors and poets.  For a schedule of events and registration information, visit For a pdf print out (including information regarding an OLLI Discount!) please download "Three Inspiring Days For Writers".

Submitted by - Beth LeConte, OLLI at URI


OLLI at University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Flies the OLLI Flag at AARP Convention

OLLI at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas will have a table at the AARP Life@50+ Convention in Las Vegas. If you go to the convention look for OLLI at UNLV's table and say hello!


The 2013 Southern Regional Conference, July 24-26
The 2013 Southern Regional Conference for Institutes of Learning in Retirement is being hosted by the OLLI at the University of Georgia, Athens, from July 24-26. Built on the theme "Engaged Minds, Enriched Lives," the conference will focus on techniques for improving lifelong learning programs, which provide educational, social and recreational opportunities for mature adults. Registration information is available online.


Online with Fibber McGee: By Ben Fong-Torres 
(Excerpt from Arts & Entertainment - San Francisco Chronicle) 
radio by Sindre Skedre
50s radio

Online with Fibber McGee: Old-time radio meets the new technology. Fans of the golden age of radio who had to buy cassettes - or even vinyl LPs - to hear favorite shows can now get everything they want online, most of it for free. Alan Bell, a former S.F. State classmate of mine - and a fellow staffer on the campus station, KRTG, recently led a seminar on "The Golden Age of Radio and Its Times" at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the university's downtown campus. Bell taught media, journalism and production courses at a college in Michigan. He told the group about the many sites where radio fans can stream and/or download hundreds of vintage shows.
Here are six of the sites. The first three, he said, are streaming radio channels and are available via smartphone apps such as TuneIn., The following three, Bell says, are lending libraries. "You choose what you want to listen to, either streaming or, in the case of Archive, streaming or downloading": www.radioloverscom and

Submitted by - Sandra Halladey, OLLI at San Francisco State. 
Originally Written By Ben Fong-Torres, for San Francisco Chronicle article titled "Hall of Fame nominees all winners"
The Senior Theatre Resource Center 
senior theater

For over 15 years, older performers and their directors have turned to the Senior Theatre Resource Center for inspiration and much, much more. As they say of themselves "We never forget that our mission is to help older performers fulfill their theatrical dreams."  
To this end they have now pulled together a collection of over 400 plays, books and materials into their ArtAge catalog. The catalog is available for immediate download online or it can be ordered for mail delivery.
"There's something for everyone, no matter if you're a rank amateur or a skilled professional. Of course, you'll find many short plays filled with roles for modern seniors. We've also discovered new longer plays and musicals. Our selections were made with you in mind. We know that you trust us to connect you with the plays, books, and materials that will work for you."  - Bonnie L. Vorenberg (President of ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center, President)


Job Postings for the OLLI Network 
We have two job postings to share this month   
OLLI at the University of Virginia  
OLLI at the University of Virginia seeks an Executive Director:  Download Job Description  (PDF)
OLLI at Sonoma 
OLLI at Sonoma State seeks a Director.  Download Job Description  (Word Document)

Jottings heading
News From Here and There . . .
  • Do you have an acting/theatre group at your OLLI?  We received an interesting play written by a professor at Southern Oregon University.  He would like an OLLI group to put it on for college freshmen.  For more information about it or him, contact Kali.
  • OLLI members already know this but a recent study from Exeter University in the UK now confirms that people with a younger outlook are healthier in old their age.
  • Storytelling program involving older adults & economically disadvantaged kids helps improve kid's language skills. Read about Stagebridge Community Programs in the Bay Area, California.  
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