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CoMFY 15 and Meredith Heuer: Beacon Portrait Project 
Artists' Reception 
is 2nd Sat., 3/14, 5 - 8 PM.



 Acme voting machine circa 1880 (Smithsonian)

Howland Public Library Trustee Election


The election for the Howland Public Library Board of Trustees and the library budget vote will be held on Thursday, April 30, 2015, from NOON - 8 PM at the Howland Public Library, 313 Main Street, Beacon.


People who are United States citizens, 18 years old or older, and have been residents of the State of New York and the Beacon City School District for 30 days preceding the election are eligible to run for four vacancies on the Howland Board of Trustees. There are two five-year terms and two one-year terms to be filled.


Public library trustees are elected officials who hold the Library in trust for the Beacon City School District service area. Library trustees are responsible for the fiscal health of the Library and for insuring that the Library facility meets the needs of the community.  Trustees are not paid for their service.


Candidates may pick up petitions at the library front desk; these petitions must be notarized and returned to the library clerk by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 and carry the signatures of at least 25 people qualified to vote in Beacon School District elections.

Just in Time for Women's History Month:  March Art Exhibits


The Howland Public Library presents "CoMFY 15," a group exhibition from the women's collective CoMFY. The exhibit will be on view in the Community Room Exhibit Space and from March 14th- April 25th 2015.  In addition, the Howland Public Library is pleased to present "The Beacon Portrait Project," an exhibition of photographs by Meredith Heuer. The exhibit will be on view in the main library from March 14th - June 14th 2015.  Artists' Reception and special digital exhibition will be held on Saturday, March 14th from 5pm -8pm.


CoMFY, which stands for Creatives, Mamas, Friends and Yahoos is a collective of women artists from the Beacon area. The group began when a few women met for coffee on a Friday morning in October of 2011. A lively conversation developed about the challenges of juggling family, work and their creative endeavors. CoMFY founder, Kat Stoutenborough, was Inspired by the collective energy of the group and wanted to keep the momentum going. Kat began organizing weekly gatherings. The goal of the group being to create a sense of community and mutual support. The meetings took place nearly every week for over a year and a half at local coffee shops, artists' homes, studios and galleries. Members of CoMFY come from many creative disciplines; visual artists, writers, actors, designers, dancers, musicians, as well as culinary artists. Today, the group has grown to almost 100 members in their Facebook group and meets in person on an ad hoc basis. The CoMFY 15 exhibit features the work of more than 20 of the visual artist members of the group.


Also, the Howland Public Library is pleased to present "The Beacon Portrait
Project," an exhibition of photographs by Meredith Heuer. The exhibit will be on view in the main library from March 14th - June 14th 2015. An Artist Reception and special digital exhibition will be held on Saturday, March 14th from 5pm -8pm.

When photographer Meredith Heuer moved to Beacon from the West coast, she embarked on a mission to photograph every resident of Beacon. She has made 100 portraits so far; 20 are on display at the Howland Public Library.

Heuer's method for finding her subjects is "a referral system" where each subject recommends the next person to photograph. By doing so, Heuer says, "I keep out of my own social circle and create a family tree with different lineages for each branch." Heuer goes on to say, "My portraits record a wide cross-section of the citizens of Beacon. From artist to stockbroker to dog walker and the occasional self-proclaimed pirate, these photos give visual expression to this community and in doing so create a catalog of Beacon's unique moment in history." To learn more about Meredith Heuer visit 


The Howland Public Library is located at 313 Main Street, Beacon NY 12508. The photo exhibition is open during regular library hours. Please note the Community Room Exhibit Space may not be accessible during some library programs. Please consult the library calendar at For information about exhibiting at the Howland Public Library, contact Michelle Rivas, Exhibit Manager, at


From the Friends' President

The Friends of the Howland Public Library would like to thank everyone who responded to our recent membership mailing.  Friends' donations
help support the services and programs of the Howland
Public Library. 

This month, the Library will begin offering HPL patrons free admission to the American Museum of Natural History, courtesy of your donations. (See below for more information.) If you haven't responded to our appeal yet, it's not too late. Pick up a form at Friends'-operated Beacon Reads Bookstore, 309 Main Street, or print one from our website, and drop it off the the Library"s Front Desk. Thanks for your support!                
-- Marcia Frahman
Friends President 


American Museum of Natural History Vouchers at HPL


Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Howland Public Library, HPL is excited to offer vouchers to the American Museum of Natural History. Each voucher can be redeemed for free general admission and one special exhibition, film, or live animal exhibition of the visitor's choosing.


Two vouchers may be signed out per person of 18 years or older. Borrowers must possess a library card in good standing, and have Beacon as their home library. Vouchers act as cash and do not need to be returned. They are available on a first come, first served basis at the Library's Front Desk.


For more information, please contact Alison Herrero, Head of Adult Services, at 845-831-1134. 

Ai-Ping Ma Retiring from HPL

Ai-Ping Ma, Technical Services Manager, is retiring from the Howland Public Library this month after 17 years of service. Ai-Ping and her staff are responsible for the flow of materials inside the library, getting new materials into the online catalog and onto the shelves, repairing older items still of use, checking in boxes of items returned from other libraries, and much more. It's a huge job that often goes unrecognized, because it takes place behind the scenes. Library users would quickly notice if the department stopped working! 
Ai-Ping Ma at Howland Public Library
Many people remember Ai-Ping from when she helped our users as a Reference Assistant.  Many know her as the talent behind our popular monthly International Film Series; Ai-Ping prepared tastings of food specific to the country from which each film originated. Ai-Ping was assisted by her husband, Bill Ma. Many know her from her wonderful Chinese cooking classes. Library staff lucky enough to work with Ai-Ping will always remember her for her spectacular annual Chinese New Year lunches prepared with the help of Bill and Ethel Lee. The lunch, prepared as a thank you to library staff, is just one example of Ai-Ping's generous spirit.

Everyone at HPL wishes Ai-Ping and Bill Ma many happy, healthy years ahead!!!

Noteworthy Programs in March






Don't miss Miss Ginny's Women's History Month book display 
in our Children's Room.

Additional library programs for all ages are on our 

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