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eissue 12/Winter 2012
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This lens is not just a game is a LIFE changer!

KeraSoft IC is your opportunity to transform your specialty practice with a breakthrough innovative custom lens designed specifically for irregular corneas. See how one patients life changed here: 



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Have you tried Intelliwave in your practice? 
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 "Intelliwave® is my new favorite soft lens. I love the design and the Definitive™ silicone hydrogel material is great. I fit my wife in the multifocal front toric and she is extremely happy. I've also had success refitting from the Frequency 55 multifocal toric. I'm trying them for myself - I am a convert."   


Marc Berson, OD, MBA

West End Family Eyecare

Allentown, PA

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Rose K lens family now available!

Menicon recently named Art Optical as an authorized manufacturer of their Rose K series of GP lens designs, and the company began fulfilling orders for practitioners in mid-November. Rose K is the single most frequently prescribed lens design for correction of keratoconus and irregular cornea conditions in the world, and is currently sold in 88 countries.


The Rose K family of lenses consists of Rose K, K2 (keratoconus), PG (post graft), IC (irregular cornea), and NC (nipple cone). Fit diagnostically, Art Optical has diagnostic fitting sets for loan or purchase available for immediate shipment, and Rx lenses are manufactured and shipped within 24 hours of order.


"We are delighted to have Art Optical as an Authorized Rose K Manufacturer", commented Jonathan Jacobson, President of Menicon America. "Art Optical's strong commitment to the specialty lens segment, quality manufacturing and high standard for professional education makes them an ideal additional partner for Rose K in North America" added Jacobson.


"We look forward to working closely with Menicon to support our combined efforts," said Jill Anastor, President of Art Optical. "Menicon shares Art's passion for providing the highest quality products, safety and convenience for patients."


For more information on Rose K from Art Optical, contact our instantly accessible consultation team at 800.566.8001, or visit our Rose K page online.


Rose K products are featured in


GP Material  

Art Optical is pleased to introduce CLASIKcn, a new custom GP multifocal lens designed for the growing number of post-LASIK patients struggling with near-vision demands. The lens features front surface, center-near technology specifically designed to provide a full range of simultaneous vision for post-LASIK corneas. CLASIKcn is a great option for those finding their surgically induced modified mono effect becoming inefficient as they advance in presbyopia, or for any post-refractive surgery patient encountering presbyopic progression.


The mechanics of the CLASIKcn dual reverse geometry posterior curve system create alignment with both the post treatment area and the non-treated cornea outside of the ablation zone for a comfortable, stable fit; while the innovative and strategically placed optic system restores maximum distance, intermediate and near visual function.


CLASIKcn is featured in reliable HDS materials with proven performance from Paragon Vision Sciences, and is backed by Art Optical's Risk-Free Signature lens guarantee. Practitioners interested in fitting CLASIKcn may choose to fit and design CLASIKcn lenses from Corneal Topography + Refractive Data, or Pre/Post-Surgical K's + Refractive Data, or through the utilization of the CLASIKcn Diagnostic Fitting Set which is available for purchase or through a loaner program from Art Optical.


With a wide-range of custom parameters available, CLASIKcn offers fitters the design flexibility today's presbyopic patients demand, and can effectively restore peak post-surgical all-range acuity for those in need. Complete product details can be found at the company website,

Yes you can "Have it YOUR Way"

by Mike Johnson, FCLSA,

Director of Consultation Services 

I may be showing my age, but I recall a time long ago, during the fast food wars when a hamburger from McDonald's came only one way, with everything on it! You either liked it that way, or you scraped off the condiments and toppings you didn't like, or you simply refused to buy one. McDonald's went under the assumption that everyone would conform to the way they made burgers which allowed them to make mass amounts of the same exact burger quickly, creating the "fast food" concept. Then along came Burger King with their "Have it Your Way" campaign. They encouraged patrons to order hamburgers the way they really wanted them - they actually "personalized" the fast food concept to meet the patrons liking.


OK, this may seem like a lame analogy to soft contact lenses but if you think about it, the story is not so dissimilar. Soft lenses, for many years, were also offered with limited options. One base curve, one diameter and a series of powers limited to a "bell curve" series of minus powers. They served the general population's keratometric, refractive and corneal diameter grouping, required compromise for patients on the fringes and would not work at all for patients whose Rx was outside of "ordinary."


Like McDonald's, boxed inventory soft lens manufacturers have expanded their offerings over the years, but they are only expanding their "commodity" concept to cover a slightly wider range of patients. The lenses are still not custom made for each individual. Now please do not think that I am comparing a custom soft lens to a Whopper without pickles, but as the old advertising tag line said, you can "have it your way" with any base curve, diameter and power combination with custom soft lenses. They are made to order for each patient and specifically tailored for that patient only. I know what you are thinking...that can't be fast, right? Sure it is. In the scheme of production schedules for custom products, turning around a made-to-order medical device in just a couple of days is shockingly fast!


Admittedly, boxed inventory soft lenses do serve a purpose by offering a quick fix for visual correction at a reasonable price. They are stocked on your shelf and ready to deliver to those patients that can be successful within the limited parameter ranges offered. But it's key to remember the custom soft lens option for your patients who can't conform to commodity and those who prefer to "have it their way." 


Art Optical's Intelliwave series of custom soft lenses is the perfect option for those patients requiring a more specialized fit. Visit our website or contact our consultation department to learn more about custom soft lens options and always remember that Intelliwave lenses carry the same no risk warranty program as our custom GP lenses.


Custom Lens Options for PKP Patients

by Bethany Peebles, ABOC, NCLE-AC, 

Fitting Consultant 

Post Penetrating Keratoplasty (PKP) can result in a number of different looking corneal topography images. It could be a depressed central graft which takes on a similar appearance to a post refractive surgery patient (flat center with steep periphery) or a prolate central graft which takes on a keratoconic appearance (steep center with a flat periphery). But very commonly we see PKP topographies, like the one presented here, that result in a significant amount of corneal cylinder - anywhere from 3.00 - 15.00D and sometimes more. What is often surprising to the fitter is that we actually recommend not using a toric back surface GP lens design. Even though the topography above takes on a fairly normal looking, bow-tie pattern of toricity, we are still dealing with an irregular cornea. The toricity we are seeing is only present within the graft area itself and once beyond the host-graft junction, the host cornea will not exhibit this same degree of toricity. So why not use a small diameter lens and fit just the toric graft? It sounds like a logical approach but the lens would have to be quite small in diameter and with a significant amount of toricity, it is usually found to be very unstable, resulting in poor comfort, poor stability and poor visual acuity. Our preferred method of fitting would be to use a larger lens design that extends beyond the graft. We would typically recommend Boston Envision, SoClear, or KeraSoft IC for this purpose.


Boston Envision is a bi-aspheric design that works very well for corneal transplant patients. The eccentric back surface allows for a reasonably aligned fluorescein pattern and it tends to sit nicely over the host-graft junction. The standard 9.6 diameter is large enough to seat the periphery of the lens on the host cornea resulting in good stability and centration; however, it is not uncommon that a larger diameter be used if the 9.6 does not center appropriately. One might be surprised to find that the tear layer, combined with the aspheric optics, do quite well in correcting the irregular astigmatism even with large amounts of cylinder. Boston Envision can be designed from corneal topography or with the use of a fitting set, available from Art Optical for purchase or loan. As always, when fitting a compromised cornea, high Dk materials, such as Boston XO2, Boston XO or Boston EO are recommended.


SoClear is a corneal/scleral design that carries just over a millimeter past the limbus. Being both corneal and scleral seated allows SoClear to position very well over increased amounts of corneal irregularity and it is a good option when decentration has been an issue with corneal diameter GPs. The new spherical surface created by the lens should mask the abnormal cylinder and provide great optics for the patient. An acceptable SoClear fit may show a few small, shallow bubbles in the mid-periphery of the lens; however, be sure that any bubbles present are not deep, large and elongated and sitting over the host-graft junction. This type of bubble means there is not adequate tear exchange in that particular area. The fact that SoClear's standard 14.0mm diameter sits over the limbus and may have as little as 0.25mm of movement makes it a good option for patients with comfort concerns. This design is standardly made in the Boston XO2 material providing good levels of oxygen permeability.


KeraSoft IC, licensed for manufacture by Art Optical through B+L, is a custom soft lens specifically developed for irregular corneas including PKP. While other types of soft lenses for irregular corneas attempt to mask irregularity and cylinder by using steep central base curves and exceptionally increased center thicknesses, KeraSoft IC drapes over the corneal toricity/irregularity and allows a normal refractive cylinder to show through. This cylinder correction will be incorporated on the front surface of the lens using aberration control optics and generally, the cylinder amount needed will match closer to the corneal cylinder rather than the refractive cylinder. KeraSoft IC is manufactured in the Definitive Silicone Hydrogel material with a Dk of 60 and a quarterly replacement schedule making it a good alternative to GP lenses. At the standard center thickness of .40 mm, it carries a much higher Dk level than other thicker custom or specialty soft lens designs. The optimal fit should have more movement (1-2mm) than a traditional soft lens which in theory, may allow more tear exchange which would improve the levels of oxygen provided to the cornea.


Our newest option for this type of cornea is Rose K2 Post Graft (PG), licensed for manufacture by Art Optical through Menicon America, Inc. Rose K2 PG is a member of the Rose K2 family of GP lens designs for irregular corneas and was specifically developed for post PKP use. The 10.4mm standard diameter provides good stability, centration and comfort. The aspheric back optic zone is large enough to carry beyond the host-graft junction and is combined with aberration control front optics to achieve optimal correction to cover a significant amount of irregular astigmatism. RoseK2 PG is featured in the Menicon Z material and is fit with the use of a trial set which is available for purchase or loan.


Not using a toric GP lens design when the topography and keratometry readings, as well as the manifest, include significant amounts of cylinder can be counterintuitive. The key difference with a PKP patient is that the cylinder is not regular. Each of the above lens designs addresses the corneal irregularity in a different manner and will likely work better than attempting a toric GP lens despite the toric appearance of the topography.