Boost Your Signal and Signal Timing Knowledge

In honor of IMSA's (International Municipal Signal Association) 120th anniversary we are paying tribute to the traffic signal and have compiled four of our favorite signal and signal timing newsletters. 

Here you'll find a wide variety of topics and fun facts to boost your signal knowledge. And if you're itching to learn more, check out our library of webinars on-demand.
The History of the Traffic Signal - Abridged

Did you know that the traffic signal was initially used to regulate movements for horses and buggies? Developed by a policeman, this simple, three-color icon has endured for nearly a century with relatively little change. 

Today, the US alone has over 300,000 signalized intersections, a vast difference from the horse and buggy days. In this newsletter we cover the history of the traffic signal with a look at where it is headed in years to come.
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Signal Timing Fun Facts & FAQ

Considered a fine art by some and a pain in the neck by others, signal timing and coordination involves sophisticated optimization models, algorithms, and a complex roadway infrastructure. But, the reality is, most people only truly care about signal timing when their light is red. 

So why does the traffic light take so long to change and why was the green light so short? This newsletter addresses these questions along with a few fun facts to help you better understand signal timing.
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3 Common Signal Timing Methods & Practical Applications
Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the traffic industry, it's always great to have a quick refresher course. Well, this newsletter is just that. 

This edition of The Source focuses on three signal timing methods - interval model, lane control, and flashing yellow arrow - along with their practical applications. Covering some of the benefits and limitations of each method, you'll gain a basic understanding of what each of these methods are and when to apply them.
Answers to Your Signal Timing Questions

In this special edition of The Source, and one of our most popular newsletters ever, we feature questions asked by our readers, questions like "What is force-off?" and "How can my agency benefit from pedestrian scramble?" 

Take a look and maybe you'll learn something new or sharpen your knowledge on these popular topics.
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