3 Things We Love (And You Will Too) About Smart Traffic Cabinets
Traffic cabinets not only house the most critical components of an intersection, they are the command center for all intersection functions. No matter how robust your central system or dynamic your intersection control, without the right cabinet you could be destined for failure. 

So when we discovered our favorite smart cabinet trends we thought, "we can't keep this to ourselves, we'd be doing a disservice to smart cities everywhere." Take a look at our short list, and maybe get some inspiration for your city's next solution.
1. They Increase User Safety

Traffic cabinets have come a long way since their electromechanical predecessors. In addition to controlling the most complex intersections and tackling multiple functions at once, traffic cabinets are now safer than ever before. 

Two of our favorite smart cabinet designs take safety to the next level by reducing the likelihood for accidental shock or electrocution. Though they each have a unique approach, they both achieve the goal of increased user safety:

ATC Cabinet Series
  • Reconfigured traditional components into modern high-density products
  • Safeguards users from accidental contact with high-voltage components
Learn more at our ATC cabinet webinar.
LX Cabinet Series
  • Added guards to all high-voltage access points
  • Protects high-voltage components, eliminating chances for accidental contact
Learn more at our LX cabinet webinar.

2. They Work Smarter, Not Harder

Modern cabinet design adopted the mantra "work smarter, not harder." Now, smart cabinets can diagnose issues allowing technicians to troubleshoot and identify problems faster and easier. This presents the added benefit of decreasing technician's exposure to unsafe traffic conditions while minimizing time spent in the field and costly overtime expenses. In our book, that's a huge win!
Smart cabinets can now:

Alert users when traffic
signals go dark
Send instant component
fault/failure notifications
Operate in flash mode while replacing components

Get the most out of your diagnostic features by coupling your smart cabinet with a robust central software, like Transparity® TMS. A complement to the ATC cabinet series, Transparity TMS exploits the cabinet's state-of-the-art features to provide an all-inclusive traffic management system, enhancing the driver and user experience.
3. They're More Versatile
Just like the evolution of cell phones, traffic cabinets are now more versatile than ever. Smart cabinet design is built on high-density components (a fancy term for smaller and smarter), allowing for more flexibility with intersection management, as well as cabinet configuration. 

The beauty of a smart cabinet is that the components and assemblies only use half the space, leaving extra room for storage or auxiliary equipment in a standard, full-sized cabinet. Better yet, smart cabinets can shrink down to a compact footprint, without losing the functionality of a full-size cabinet. Remember, in the case of cabinet functionality, bigger doesn't always mean better.

These are our favorite features, what do you love most about smart traffic cabinets? Share your favorites with us so we can keep the inspiration going.

Shown: 352i ATC Cabinet with a 24 input and 16 output configuration.
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