3 Themes From McCain's 2016 Distributor Meeting

In February, McCain had the honor of hosting our elite network of distributors - 49 attendees from 20 companies - for a two-day event in Carlsbad, CA. 

We set out to equip our distributors to better sell and support the McCain products you've come to love, and through that process we discovered much more. Here are the top 3 themes discovered throughout the meeting.

It Takes A Village To Raise A Product
McCain's 2016 Distributor Meeting highlighted that there is no "i" in team. From product development and manufacturing to sales and distribution, we've learned that it truly takes a village to raise a product. This theme is clearly showcased in the development, adoption, and deployment of the ATC cabinet. 

The high-level of success seen by the ATC cabinet would not have been achievable without our partners across the industry. Additionally, it is thanks to our network of distributors that the ATC cabinet was selected for these landmark projects:

First 32-Channel Traffic Cabinet
Location: Midwest City, OK
McCain distributor: Pinkley Sales, Inc.

First 48VDC, Low-Voltage Traffic Cabinet
Location: Atlanta, GA
McCain distributor: Utilicom

If You're Not Thinking About Technology, Then 
It's Already Too Late
Technology is changing at an exponential rate and McCain's 2016 Distributor Meeting reaffirmed the need to be on the forefront of product development and research. 

Did you know, every twelve to eighteen months computers double their capabilities, and so do the information technologies that use them? We're seeing this firsthand as smart cars and connected vehicle technology continue to be among the industry's top ambitions. In line with these trends, high resolution data is emerging as a must-have feature for traffic software.

What is high resolution data? High resolution data allows traffic engineers to evaluate the effectiveness of timing strategies by collecting information every tenth of a second and enabling data-rich reporting. Check out the next issue of The Source where we cover high res data in more detail.

Think Yellow
Throughout the two-day event we were reminded that being an industry leader is not about selling a widget but providing a solution and a positive customer experience.  

Everyone on Team McCain, including our distributors, are driven to provide service above and beyond the industry standard. Our hope is that when a need for a traffic solution arises you, as Frank Rao of Innovative Traffic Solutions says it, think yellow. Not only because our products are superior but because the team behind them is too!

McCain's Distribution Network
We are proud to have 21 reputable companies within our distribution network. Located across the country, we have a distributor in your area to address any of your traffic needs. If you would like to get in touch with a McCain distributor please let us know.
McCain's 2016 Distributor Meeting

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