Three Cabinet Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore

You can easily complete a quick internet search and come up with the top trending topics from the last 30 days, the last 3 days, heck, even the last 30 minutes, and you're sure to come up with information spanning all sorts of topics and industries.

But have you done a search for what's trending in the world of traffic cabinets? If you haven't, give it a try. And if you have, well you probably found what we did, not much! Which leaves you wondering, what is trending in the world of traffic cabinets? We took the liberty of gathering those trends for you and compiled what we are calling the Three Traffic Cabinet Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore, check it out!
  Protect your assets.

Cities and agencies spend a lot of money each year on personal protective equipment and safety training for traffic technicians in an effort to keep their safety a priority. Unfortunately, as our infrastructure becomes more integrated, technicians aren't the only people accessing cabinets. 

Rather than worrying about who enters the cabinet and what safety gear and training they've received, cabinet engineers and designers have come up with new cabinet designs that tackle safety head-on through the use of user-friendly, touch-safe equipment. Here are the latest cabinet trends focused on user safety developed per NEC and OSHA guidelines:

Hide It. Through simple design modifications, bolt-on protective plates cover the cabinet's exposed high-voltage components. New safety features, like the power distribution assembly (PDA), as well as input and output files, offer protection against inadvertent contact with live or arcing parts. Check it out! 

Build it Out. Through a complete cabinet redesign, components over 50V are no longer exposed. Since the high-voltage parts are tucked away in the cabinet's interior, accidental contact is no longer a top concern. Here it is!

Overhaul It. Through a complete design overhaul, the latest cabinets, like the ATC low-voltage cabinet, offer increased safety benefits. With components powered by direct current (DC), the cabinet is inherently low voltage (under 50V). No need to worry about accidental contact, since there are no high-voltage parts to be found. Best of all, with this option driver safety is improved since the entire intersection is built around low-voltage.
  Because at the end of the day, it matters.

We all know that size matters, especially when it comes to our traffic cabinets. We also know that traffic cabinets are available in every shape and size imaginable. But did you know, by using smaller internal components, a cabinet with the same footprint as its predecessor now has additional internal storage space available? 

The additional space can be used for functions like fiber optic patch bays, networking equipment, battery backup systems, AUX files, and the list goes on. For cabinets with additional space check out the ATC cabinet series
 Smarter and Smaller Components
 Doing more with less.

Just like computers no longer fill entire rooms and can compute more than we've ever imagined, cabinet components are slimming down and beefing up their intelligence. By combining components, high-density switch packs and high-density flash transfer relays take up half the space and half the inventory since one plugin can be used for both purposes. Best of all, these smaller components are smarter than their predecessors with the ability to manage up to 120 detector inputs and 32-channel outputs. 

Check it out! The ATC cabinet series has built-in intelligence to continuously monitor load current. Agencies will be able to detect dark signals faster than ever before. 
The Trendsetting Installation
Cedar Park, TX leads the modern cabinet trend.

Cedar Park, Texas is embodying these latest cabinet trends with the first installment of McCain's ATC cabinet. After 6 months of piloting the revolutionary cabinet, Cedar Park is hopeful to install ATC cabinets citywide in an effort to transition their current system to a modern solution. 

The ATC cabinets found in Cedar Park are outfitted with McCain's ATC eX 2070 and its companion Omni eX® intersection control. Together, the ATC cabinet's revolutionary design increases driver and personnel safety while enhancing overall operations. When asked about the decision to migrate to the ATC cabinet, Cody Fox from the City of Cedar Park said, "Why would you buy a Chevy when a Ferrari is right here?" 

Learn more about the ATC cabinet trend and how your agency can benefit, at our upcoming webinar: 
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