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Jan. 21st | Ontario, CA
Feb. 9th | Seattle, WA
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Oh, what a year.
Between the clanging of machines, the clacking of keyboards, and bouncing from one meeting to the next, things are moving full steam ahead at McCain. From great products, to new talent, and a reinvigorated outlook, it has been a year for the record books. Join us for a walk down memory lane as we highlight some of our greatest achievements in 2014.
The Products
Product highlights from 2014
At McCain we are thrilled to offer a robust product line encompassing all things traffic. 2014 marked another great year for product development, releases, and installations. Check out some of the highlights:

"We're proud of what we accomplished this year, but we're not stopping here. We are continuously streamlining processes and expanding engineering in order to develop the industry leading products our customers have come to expect." Nathan Welch, director of sales for McCain.
The Talent
"Great vision without great people is irrelevant." Jim Collins, Good to Great.
We know that our products are only as great as the team standing behind them. So we take great pride in hiring the best people for the job and building our teams with one goal in mind - make your life easier. With our knowledgeable and friendly staff, we hope to do just that.

Sales Team

This has been an explosive year for new talent and growth. Our seasoned sales team has grown with a number of new additions, including industry-veteran Don Maas, director of business development. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is a force to be reckoned with.

Engineering Team

Building on big wins with our new cabinet and software designs, we've restructured our engineering team to leverage our existing assets and new talent. We added new developers, new engineers, and new processes to the mix. With streamlined development, great things are in store for the coming year.

Our Distributors

With the help of our amazing distribution network, we've expanded our local presence and are reaching areas that we've never been before. Our relationship is a win-win for all. Customers get the great McCain products and service they know and love from a knowledgeable, local partner.

We are continuously looking for new talent; check out our available positions.

The Fresh Perspective

An energized outlook brings out the fun at McCain.
This year brought with it a new perspective and an energized outlook. Picnics, hikes, costume parties, potlucks, community fundraising, and good ole' fashioned fun fills our calendars these days. Having fun at work can boost creativity and productivity in people of all ages. So this year we've taken our fun to the next level and in turn, our service and productivity has reached new heights.

We're just a group of people who are passionate about our products, and it shows. Just because we are working hard doesn't mean we can't play hard too.

 -Trisha (Reddan) Tunilla, marketing manager for McCain

Check out our Facebook page to see some of the fun things we've done this year.                

Most importantly, 2014 would not have been as successful if it wasn't for you. So we simply, but sincerely say thank you and may next year bring you success and goodwill.
-From all your friends at McCain               
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