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SIGMA Networking with Federal Labs and Licensees to Accelerate USA Tech Commercialization


US investment in R&D at federal laboratories has been the fuel for long term US technology advancement and competitiveness - from space exploration to internet development. Now, more than ever, the private sector needs to bridge the chasm between the federal laboratories and the marketplace in order to boost the economy and propel hi- tech job growth. There are opportunities to harvest the $400 billion of annual US R&D spending* for high-tech products and high-wage jobs. Sigma Design Company (SIGMA) is one private company that is taking the lead in this arena by networking with federal labs and licensees and offering its comprehensive service suite for technology commercialization and total new product development.


Major government initiatives, such as the space program and other R&D initiatives, led to significant inventions such as the microprocessor chip, specialty materials, the microwave and the internet, just to name a few. These inventions have forever transformed our communications, social exchange, and lifestyle. Other benefits were the creation of trillions of dollars of economic value and numerous high-skilled and high-wage employment in the communications, computer, aerospace, consumer, media, social network and other industries.

SIGMA is stepping up to leverage its full range of capabilities for technology commercialization with resources of the Federal Labs Consortium ( As you know, SIGMA offers concept designs, drawings and prototypes as well as engineering design services in the areas of failure analysis, electrical engineering, and machine engineering. With its new expanded facility in Middlesex, New Jersey, SIGMA offers on-site contract manufacturing cells with lean production and quality assurance services in New Jersey, USA.  Space is available for your next project.  




It's official- the Engineers Brewing Club at Sigma Design had its inaugural launch this summer!   It was decided that the first all grain batch, which was to be brewed for our Independence Day celebrations, would be a Porter.   Some historians have suggested that the famous crossing of the Delaware River in 1776 might have actually been a beer run following weeks of drinking an inferior product produced by Benjamin Franklin.   Why not name the inaugural brew a 'George Washington Porter'? Sigma engineers got to work using a recipe they created for the occasion.  Forced carbonation allowed us to test out our 'George' three weeks later.   


For a more critical evaluation of our product we purchased six different commercial grade Porters including Anchor, Stone, Yards, and Founders brand craft beers.   Using the Beer Judge Certification Program beer scoresheet checklist ( we tasted and made our notes and plans for the next batch.


Disciplined tweaking and recording of times and temperatures are critical to achieving consistent results.  

 Our second batch was to be a Montauk Session Ale, to enjoy on our annual Montauk striped bass fishing event.    The bass were biting and the beer was a hit!   Be prepared to 'reel in' the compliments when you let Sigma Design Company engineers tackle your company's next project.  



At Sigma Design Company it has always been about innovation.   The most challenging aspect of innovation is realizing that it is not some magical strike of lightening event but a process.   Innovation in a manufacturing oriented environment requires a consistent approach and process.  We allow experienced, smart people to dig deep into a project challenge and then after some initial ideas and thoughts have been developed let them share and discuss their project challenges and goals with others on the same team. Good things can happen when we foster this type of positive and creative environment.  Bring your next project to us for the innovation you need.

Sigma Design Company
Turning Smart Ideas Into Product Solutions

Sigma Design Company specializes in solving obstacles that delay new products, specialty machinery, and engineered systems development. Experts in the commercialization of technology, Sigma provides cost-effective engineering, manufacturing, and laboratory services in the areas of analytical equipment development, electronics, filtration and separation technologies, food and beverage systems, and medical and surgical devices.

Industry averages show that over 50% of most new product development projects fail. Sigma's team uses advanced engineering, simulation, and rapid prototyping to successfully reduce risks and costs associated with failures. In fact, since 1999, Sigma Design has delivered over 1,000 successful design and engineering projects saving manufacturers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

From smart engineering ideas to sound product solutions, Sigma is your single source engineering and manufacturing solution partner.

Headquartered in Middlesex, New Jersey, Sigma has 50 years of experience. Staff and associates are located in New Jersey, Louisiana, and France.  
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