June 1st Newsletter

  Lots of fun in the downtown!


Brandon's downtown will be open late this Friday night, June 6th, as part of the Chamber of Commerce's First Friday initiative. Many businesses plan on keeping their lights on and the doors open until at least 8 pm the first Friday of each month.

   "We recognize there are many people who work out of town all week and don't get a chance to shop locally," said Liz Gregorek, Chamber President. Brandon's shopkeepers and restaurants are eager to attract even more customers to downtown and having more of the business community staying open late provides the perfect opportunity for people to shop and then get something to eat, or dine early and then peruse the stores.


Watch for special events and happenings-

     Village spa will be doing chair massages and other spa type demo services on the street!! 


Chamber members and area non-profits

Last call for Chamber members and Area Non-Profits -- we would like to publish your summer events in our Summer Events Flier which will be mailed later in June to all mailboxes in the 05733 and 05778 zip codes. This is a great opportunity to get the word out at no cost to you! We have many events already, so please send details as soon as possible to the Chamber at: info@brandon.org  

 Last date for addition to the flier is Wednesday, June 4th.



The Waterline Project is proceeding nicely!!
Update for June 1st


  The waterline construction, replacing the damaged line from Irene, is proceeding nicely. The Chamber wants to help make this as painless as possible and use it as a model for dealing with issues during the larger Segment 6 construction approaching in the next few years. We've had good communication so far and with all our help and participation we can continue to make this go as smoothly as possible.
The project manager from JA McDonald has been meeting with us every Friday during construction and continues to update us on the past week's progress and provide a schedule of the upcoming week's work. If you have any questions and concerns contact me at info@brandon.org or call 247-6401 and I'll be sure to get your issue to the right folks.

The schedule is attached for work from 6/2 to 6/6. There will continue to be flaggers at the base of Seminary Hill, and some one lane traffic. Be a pal and let folks trying to back out onto Center St. sneak into the flow of traffic. Through all this turmoil, Heritage Family Credit Union has been open for business as usual. If you can't drive up to them, park on Center Street and walk up or come from above via Prospect St. and park in front of the old School. If you want to talk with Wendy and the gang, their number is 776-2159. Also Found Objects will have a lot of action right in front of their front door, but you can still walk down and access their store with no problem. McDonalds has someone right there to make sure you maneuver safely through the work zone. Their phone # is 247-0027
We're rapidly approaching completion date for this much needed project!! It looks like June 20th is still the target ending date. One thing to be aware of for the week of June 9-June 13, as we near completion, there will have to be a major shut-off of water affecting Park St. all the way to Steinberg Road. After discussion with the Water District and McDonalds Construction it was determined that a late evening shut-off would affect the least number of folks and businesses. McDonalds will prepare the area and have all their supplies ready to connect the new water mains. They will prep the work in the afternoon and early evening and then shut off the water at 10:00pm and work through the early morning hours so they are done before morning busy hours resume. We appreciate their willingness to accommodate our needs.
Please be sure to open any emails from the Chamber during the week of June 9th - June 13th as we will be notified at least the day before the shut down and will get the info and timing out to all of you ASAP.


Thanks for your continued patience and caution throughout the downtown.

    Click on the link below to view the schedule.
    Also notes from the March 19th meeting.
We want to gather as much contact information as possible from all of you who will be affected by the possible water shut offs and construction issues. We are therefore collecting email addresses and cell phone numbers to facilitate the quick dispersal of notices and emergency issues arising during the project. We'll send text blasts, emails and newsletters to keep everyone as up to the minute as possible. Thanks for your cooperation.
       Please email the following information to: info@brandon.org


--Business name
--Business landline phone number
--Contact name
--Cell phone number(s)
--email address

Memorial Day flower girls
Memorial Day Flower Girls
100 plus year tradition

"150 years ago this month my town of Brandon, like the rest of the state, was in mourning. A town of 3,000 in the 1860 census, it lost six men in the Wilderness; over the course of the spring others would die at Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor. By the time the war ended 54 men from the town had died. That was typical for Vermont."
Click on the link below to read Professor Thornton's moving account of our Memorial Day tradition honoring our fallen heroes.

Beautiful Brandon
Flower pots in downtown

Brandon's "Downtown" group is once again placing flower pots in the downtown business district. This 'beautification' project was begun by the Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce several years ago and was revived last year as a way to brighten our commercial areas with seasonal color. Last year the merchants watered and tended the old half barrels all through the season and we had well-maintained and lush flower displays that welcomed both residents and visitors to the downtown shops.


The old barrels were pressed into service last year, but they were at the end of their lifespan. We have purchased new large resin pots and will have over 30 pots in bloom on the sidewalks this year compared to just 15 last year. The new pots should serve us for at least 5 years.


Last year's effort was underwritten primarily by a few local residents and most businesses were asked only to keep the pots watered. This year we have asked for a financial commitment from each business, but need to go beyond that circle to pay for the new containers as well as the potting soil and flowers. We've received generous assistance from the Brandon Blue Seal store in helping us to save on our plant costs.


We are asking for help financially from the greater community and are looking for a sponsorship of $35/pot. With the new pots paid for, in the future we will only need to buy plants and potting soil. To donate, contact Judy Bunde at the Inn on Park Street - innkeeper@theinnonparkstreet.com or Mary Cliver at mary_cliver@yahoo.com.


This coordinated burst of color in the shopping area tells all who come to Brandon that our community appreciates their business as we work together to make Brandon a favorite destination!

June Performances at the Brandon Town Hall
Lots of fun in the coming months


VERMONT COMEDY CREW CABARET...8:00 pm...Tickets, $12, for adults 18 & up.  Adult humor and situations. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 345-3033.  Cash bar provided by Cafe' Provence, Snapple and water will also be available for purchase.  Snacks will be provided at each table.  This is a benefit performance by the Vermont Comedy Crew for the Brandon Town Hall.  This stand up comedy troupe is geared toward 18+ patrons with some mature themes.  Local comic Tony Bates will emcee the show which will feature 5 of Vermont's Hottest Standup Comedians from Burlington and around the State.  Performers include: Pierre Cachon, Carmen Lagala, Phil Davidson along with some surprise guests. Doors will open at 7:30. Sponsored by: Gayle Pilat & Laura Abel, Shapiro's, Jean & Gene Childers, Bob & Kathy Clark, Marc & Arlyn Brierre.


SILENT MOVIE...A SERIES OF COMEDIES STARRING HAROLD LLOYD...7:00 pm...Free Will Offering, sponsored by Pam and Steve Douglass. See why Harold Lloyd was the most popular performer of the silent film era.  Instead of getting ahead his character had a knack for getting into spectacular trouble, often requiring him to overcome amazing odds to win the day.  Another musical rendition by our one and only Jeff Rapsis. Sponsored by: Pam & Steve Douglass.



Free Will Offering.  All proceeds will be shared by the Friends of The Brandon Town Hall and the Brandon Town Band.  Don't miss this great presentation by our very own town band and show your support for two of Brandon's finest volunteer organizations. We will also be collecting food items for the Brandon Area Food Shelf. A real "COMMUNITY" event!!!


A CONCERT BY THE INFAMOUS "FROST AND FIRE" BAND.  7:30 pm....Tickets, $12 at the door...$10 in advance.  "Frost and Fire" features Aaron Marcus who brings exuberant energy whether he is vamping on piano or clogging while playing tunes on the concertina....Hollis Easter, Classically trained in opera, choral performance, trumpet, bagpipe and musical theater, he brings a quick wit, an easy grin and a strong melodic line.  Peter Macfarlane developed his characteristic Scottish fiddle style while growing up in the United Kingdom, where he played regularly for Scottish dances and weddings.  He brings powerful rhythmic drive and soaring melodic lines.  We enjoyed Peter's music last year when he performed with Atlantic Crossing.  Another familiar face from Atlantic Crossing is Viveka Fox.  She grew up playing the music of the British Isles alongside that of North America.  Her music fuses a variety of styles and her smiling face, nearly always topped with a dashing hat, is well known anywhere contra dancers are found.  Tickets can be purchased at Carr's Florist & Gifts or at the door.  Sponsored by: Heritage Family Credit Union, Gourmet Provence, Nailor & Breen Builders, National Bank of Middlebury.


BACKPACK THEATER..."BEAUTY AND THE BEAST"....4:00 pm   Free Will Offering.  Back after a years absence, Backpack Theater from Sheldon, Vt. consists of  20 young actors ages 6-17. Backpack has been doing perfomances for over 20 years and plays to audiences of all ages. Sponsored by Creative Fiber Designs, Maria Ammatuna.


PORTABLE PERCUSSIONIST PLUS MARIMBA...7:30 pm   Tickets $5.  Jane Boxall is a solo percussionist from Northwest Vermont.  Her concert is a combination of Marimba from Zero to Eight Mallets' and Portable Percussionist. Jane is an enthusiastic drummer with over 20 years of experience.  Her Marimba from Zero to Eight Mallets is a unique and visually spectacular concert.  She plays a solo with 0 mallets, a piece with 1 mallet, and so on up to an 8 mallet finale. Tickets available at Carr's Florist & Gifts or at the door. Sponsored by: Terry & Dottie Kline, Charles Powell & Steven Zorn, Edward Loedding & Dorothy Leysath, Elwin Leysath, "Barney".


Click on the link below for the Town Hall's whole summer of fun!! 


Cellist Jari Piper performs at

Brandon Music on Saturday, June 7th at 7:30pm



Faithful to his classical training, cellist, Jari Piper has eclectic musical taste that has brought him a wide variety of genres and styles. Jari is part of the new wave of young musicians who are showing the world that art music belongs both in and outside the concert hall, performing New Music that will bend your ears in ways that you did not think possible (and you'll like it).

 His music takes inspiration from a global range of genres and influences: Classical, Jazz, Minimalism, and folk music from the Balkans and the Americas all feature within his programs. A firm believer in the importance of New Music, Jari has premiered numerous compositions, and strives to make modern music more universally accessible to the public through performance.  His program will consist of 20th and 21st century music, as well as Baroque and Renaissance pieces.

Alaskan-born, and now based in Montréal, Jari is as comfortable performing in the concert hall as he is in bars, cafés, or the metro. Named 2013 Young Alaskan Artist of the Year, Jari recently completed an exciting tour across America, playing solo works for cello in a wide variety of venues and collaborating with different artists along the way.


Jari has performed across the United States, Alaska, Canada, and Greece.  He made his solo debut in 2011, performing Haydn's Cello Concerto No. 1 with the University of Manitoba Symphony Orchestra. His current professional associations include the ME|2 String Orchestra in Vermont, the McGill Symphony Orchestra, and as a regular performer in Canada and America. He has broadened his education through a number of master classes with noted pedagogues and performers such as Colin Carr, Hans Jensen, Matt Haimovitz, and David Harrington.  He holds a Masters in Music Performance from McGill University and a Bachelors in Music from the University of Manitoba.


Concert tickets are $15.00. A pre-concert dinner is available for an additional $20.00. Reservations are required for dinner. Venue is BYOB.

Call (802) 465-4071 or e-mail info@brandon-music.net for reservations or information. 

Brandon Music is located at 62 Country Club Rd., Brandon, VT 05733 www.brandon-music.net | http://www.jaripiper.com/


Sheldon Museum- Middlebury
Middlebury Garden Tour
The Sheldon Museum offers the Middlebury Garden Tour on Sunday, June 8, 2014  from 12-5pm  Nine gardens will be on the tour, all within easy walking  distance.  Tickets are 25.00 and a garden reception follows the tour at the  Sheldon Museum.  Tickets available at the Sheldon Museum or on line at  HenrySheldonMuseum.org.

Drug addiction: A Brandon Community Discussion
"The Hungry Heart"- Movie and Forum

Free Viewing of the Documentary The Hungry Heart will be shown Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 7:00 - 9:00pm Brandon Town Hall
 The Hungry Heart provides an intimate look at the often hidden world of prescription drug addiction through the world of St. Albans Vermont Pediatrician Fred Holmes who works with patients struggling with this disease. Following the movie will be a Q&A session with Jessica Farnsworth from the West Ridge Treatment Center in Rutland & Mary Alice McKenzie from the Burlington Boys & Girls Club.


 Public Action Forum to be held Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 6:00 -8:00pm Brandon Congregational Church Fellowship Hall.

  A public forum moderated by Mr. Bernie Carr will be held to continue the discussion from the June 10th movie. This will be a forum with seven different discussion areas, with the goal of producing an action plan for our community.



The community of Brandon recently had the opportunity to view this powerful documentary. The end result was members of our community were so moved and felt the need to bring this information to everyone including our local medical community, church groups, and civic organizations and continue the conversations on how best to respond to addiction. The hope is to bring this community problem out into the open and discover ways we can help prevent further addictions and help those that now suffer with this horrible disease.



The cost is FREE, the information is INVALUABLE.

Please come see the film and help make a positive impact on our community!


Brandon Music presents the David Vandervort Quartet


June 14th,   7:30pm

A dynamic quartet that highlights the multitude of sonic possibilities available within small jazz combos, the David Vandervort Quartet grew out of impromptu jam sessions, gigs and events in the jazz community around upstate New York. Improvisation plays a strong part in their shows, drawing on an extremely diverse array of influences which creates a unique experience for each song. The quartet performs June 14th at Brandon Music.


David Vandervort (piano) and Mike Roninson (bass) met while playing in the Empire State Youth Jazz Band and have since played side by side in big bands.  Their collective experience performing together allows for complex improvised sessions full of rich counterpoint and impressionist harmonies.


Steve Kirsty (saxophone) developed his musical skills playing jazz and blues. He still continues to perform with blues singer Tas Cru and recently returned from a tour across the country with the Ori Naftaly band. Whether the music is full of energy or in the midst of a quieter rubato section, Kirsty's incredible range and rich tenor saxophone are capable of following the music anywhere.


Frantz Celestin (percussion) is the driving force of the band. He has been performing live his entire life, whether on horn, hand percussion or behind a drum set. Frantz directs the band through a number of different feels and time changes while maintaining a steady groove and unique heavy pocket. 


The performance begins at 7:30pm. Concert tickets are $15.00. A pre-concert dinner is available for an additional $20.00. Reservations are recommended for the show and required for dinner. Venue is BYOB. Call (802) 465-4071 or e-mail info@brandon-music.net for reservations or information.  Brandon Music is located at 62 Country Club Rd., Brandon, VT 05733 www.brandon-music.net


Rockin' through the summer

From beautifully decorated rocking chairs, horses and cradles to concerts, from live theater to town-wide yard sales ... and more, Brandon is the place to be for a summer of rocking good times.
The "rocking objects" are courtesy of the Brandon Artists' Guild, and part of the "Art Rocks Brandon" celebration. Be sure to look for them to be showing up around town in the coming weeks. And, be sure to look here for all the upcoming event listings and information throughout the summer as "Brandon Rocks On".

Once again the town of Brandon, Vermont will become a colorful art destination. Head turning objects of beauty and creativity will be in the form of rocking chairs visible on the streets and in store windows. The members of the Brandon Artists Guild, under the leadership of Warren Kimble and Stacey Stanhope, have artfully hand painted vintage rockers of all shapes, sizes, styles and ages. This is the Brandon Artists Guild's 11th Community Arts project starting with the Really Big Pig Show in 2003.  Work has been ongoing on the Art Rocks project since January.


The collection will include classic, Victorian, mission, and contemporary styles. Sizes and shapes will include cradles, children's rockers, and assorted larger rockers. Rocker art will include florals, landscapes, nature, whimsy, humor and eclectic themes..


Look for other Rocker events such as the outdoor painting of a giant rocker, and a showy float in the July 4th parade, Sat. July 5th.


The gallery will also be featuring some delightful painted rocks done by the Brandon Artists Guild members that will be available for immediate sale at the gallery.


At summer's end, the rockers will be auctioned. The "Art Rocks Brandon Auction" will take place at the Brandon Town Hall on Aug. 23rd.

Rockers, first enjoyed in the 18th century and made popular by both Benjamin Franklin and John F. Kennedy, have an association with relaxation and pleasant moments. This is a special opportunity to own a unique piece of functional original art painted by a local professional artist. The proceeds will go towards support of the art programs in 8 local schools.


The Brandon Artists Guild is located at 7 Center St. Brandon, VT, and is open every day from 10am to 5pm, 802-247-4956.

More information can be found at www.brandonartistsguild.org.     


Check out the Chamber Events page for listings of happenings throughout the summer.
Events Calendar

Office Space for Rent
Union Street Co-Offices

Affordable, Professional and Private!
New! Co-office space in Brandon with three individual offices.

Located on 25 Union Street at corner of Union St. and Railroad Ave. Walking distance to the center of town and all village amenities.

Furnished Offices
Free WiFi/Internet until 2015
Security System
Conference Room - shared
Comfortable Waiting Area
Kitchen with Refrigerator, Stove and Dishwasher
Bathroom with Shower
Handicapped Entrance
Off-street Parking
Rent: $350 - 375/month includes all utilities

"This is the first phase in our co-office plan - three private offices with a shared conference room, waiting area and kitchen.  Phase two is an open floor plan with 6 - 8 desks, and shared amenities. We are really excited about this  new plan and it is a great opportunity for small businesses and start-ups.  This  is the new trend in office space in urban areas all over the country and it also  makes lots of sense for Brandon.  
I am happy to talk to anyone about the spaces that are available."
Stephanie Zak Jerome
247-3214 (office)

Express Yourself with Watercolors
Maurie Harrington at the Compass Music and Arts Center on Sunday, June 15th

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate artist who wishes to expand your creativity, come explore the technical and expressive qualities of watercolor. Learn the basics of wash application and the use of color and composition. Work from a still life, florals, or photographs.


This informative and fun class will be taught by Maurie Harrington at the Compass Music and Arts Center on  Sunday, June 15th from 9am-3pm. The day will consist of  demonstrations, discussions of techniques, painting with one on one time with  the instructor, and critiques. Participants may bring their own lunch or eat in  Compass' café. Come join us for a day of creative  inspiration!


Harrington is the Art Director at the Fisk Farm in Isle LaMotte. She has a Masters Degree from Norwich University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Hartford. She has illustrated many books and is a member of the Vermont Watercolor Society, League of Vermont Writers, the National League of American Pen Women, and is a founding member of the Killington Arts Guild.


The class fee is $90. Participants are encouraged to bring photographs of choice to work from. A still life with flowers will be available. Materials to be brought by each participant will include basic supplies such as a variety of brushes, paints, and some watercolor paper.  A detailed list will be provided at the time of registration.  The class size is limited and the deadline to sign up is June 11th. Register now by calling 802-247-4295 or email info@cmacvt.org 


The Compass Music and Arts Center is open seven days a week from 10-5pm and is located at Park Village, 333 Jones Dr. Brandon VT, 05733 (Park Village used to be the Brandon Training School, located 1.5 miles north of downtown Brandon off of Arnold District Rd.) .



Neshobe Golf Course
A Vermont treasure!


Summer is here and our local treasure, Neshobe Golf Club, is up and running for another great season! Pro Rodney Bicknell is eager to have all the local folks come up and play a round of golf, enjoy a Thursday Men's Night or a Wednesday Ladies Night and see why Neshobe is one of Vermont's most beloved courses. Rodney is also excited to announce the Grand Opening of the Long Iron Restaurant & Pub.

Chef Jim Doria always pleases with a delicious offering every week. Call the club for times and to see what's on the menu this week 247-3611 or email Rodney to add you to his newsletter- info@neshobe.com


Ask him about the special golf offer for Brandon Chamber Members!!!


2014 New Members- go to Brandon.org for more info on our newest members

Sue Gage & Bob Induni
Rod & Judi Pulsifer 
Just opened May 21st- Stop in and say Hi !
Book & Leaf- Joanne & Steve Errick
10 Park St.  Brandon
Miller Hill Farm- Carl Phelps & Nan Jenks-Jay
1201 Magazine Street- Kate Briggs

Own a business?? Join us and connect with other dynamic businesses in the Brandon area.
We also have many Individual Members -- what a great way to support a local non-profit and all the great things we do in our town.
Just click here for an application ($50 annual individual membership)  

The Great Brandon Auction
Tuesday, July 22
Please think of us as you clean out, perk up and sort out. We'll pick up good quality items and store them till the BIG day- July 22nd!! You'll feel great and we'll continue to promote our great little village and help all our friends and neighbors!!




Spring Cleaning ??

The Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce is thinking FALL!
While you're sorting through your clothes this spring, we have
some needs for next October's Harvest Days- Leaf People.


We need-
Hats- ladies fancy ones and childrens.
Shoes- all types- ladies fancy & childrens
Gloves and Mittens
Socks, tights and knee socks
Youth clothing- no babies or toddlers
Skirts and long sleeve dresses
Scarves, handbags and jewelry


You can drop them off at Carr's Florist & Gifts.


Thanks for your support!!



Volunteers needed
The Stephen A. Douglas Birthplace and Community Center is looking for volunteers to work at the Brandon Museum this summer.


Shifts we need help with are: 


Friday afternoons


If you can help out for an hour or two, please join us and have some fun and meet lots of nice people traveling through our area.

Contact Dan Celik, museum Steward at dan@brandon.org or call the Chamber phone at 247-6401


BIZ Cards




Little Pressroom


Have a graduate who forgot to get their announcement order in? Decided on a last minute celebration party for your grad? Or maybe you just want to produce your own specialized cards, invitations, etc.?
No worries, the Little Pressroom is here to help. Each year we produce dozens of personalized graduation announcements, party invitations, thank you cards and photo prints. We can help take the worry out of last minute graduation needs.
Just call 388-2337, email ted@littlepressroom.com or visit our website at littlepressroom.com and we'll quickly help you to make some great graduation memories.
Thanks very much for choosing to do business locally!
The LPR Team

Town of Brandon Job opening
Zoning Administrator

Please see the attached job posting available in the Town of Brandon.  Should you have any questions, please contact Anne Bransfield, Chair of the Planning Commission at anne.bransfield@gmail.com or by calling the Town Office at 802-247-3635   and leaving a message for Anne to contact you.


Job description for zoning administrator


The Northern Third Piano Quartet at Brandon Music


Brandon Music on June 21st

The Northern Third Piano Quartetperforms a varied chamber music program at Brandon Music on June 21st, including Brahms' Piano Quartet in C, Op. 60, a masterpiece of the chamber music repertoire, as well as the Mozart Duo in G for violin and viola, and the Piston Duo for viola and cello. Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu Op. 66 rounds out this exciting concert to celebrate the first day of summer.

 With members, violinist Sofia Hirsch, violist Elizabeth Reid, cellist John Dunlop, and pianist Alison Bruce Cerutti, the Northern Third Piano Quartethas performed together in various combinations all over Vermont, most notably as part of Norwich University and the Barre Opera House. Founded in 2013, the ensemble has been noted for its strength of ensemble playing and emotive musicality, offering audiences a showcase of Vermont's remarkable talent.

 Sofia Hirsch violinist, maintains a professional performance career as a guest with New York Chamber Soloists Orchestra and Handel Society of Hanover and Boston, as a member of Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Opera Company of Middlebury, a founding member of the Burlington Chamber Orchestra, and others. Most recently, Hirsch was Co-Artistic Director of the Vermont based professional chamber music group, Burlington Ensemble. Burlington Ensemble programs and concerts benefit over twenty non-profit organizations annually in addition to promoting student compositions and music education programs for underserved children.

 Elizabeth Reid is in high demand as a viola soloist, chamber and orchestral musician in

Vermont. Her playing has been described as having a "deep and expressive sound" and a "natural musicality." (Times Argus). She also performs with Arioso and the Cerutti-Reid Duo. Reid is principal violist of the Middlebury Opera Orchestra as well as regularly playing with Burlington Chamber Orchestra, Green Mountain Opera Orchestra, Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Handel Society of Dartmouth, and Music-COMP. A native of Hamilton, Canada, Reid received bachelor and master's degrees in viola performance at Western University (Ontario), and an Artist Diploma from the Glenn Gould School, Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

 John Dunlop has been performing in the Northeast for over twenty years as Principal cellist with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Burlington Chamber Orchestra, Opera North and the Green Mountain Opera Festival. He has performed as soloist with both the VSO and BCO, as well as many chamber music performances with notable area musicians. Dunlop began his cello studies with Norman Fischer and continued under Richard Kapuscinski at Oberlin Conservatory and Bonnie Hampton at the San Francisco Conservatory. He has composed and recorded several award-wining film soundtracks for short films, including a documentary on childhood hunger in Vermont and is the cello instructor and coaches chamber music at Dartmouth College.

 Alison Bruce Cerutti has performed as a soloist and chamber musician throughout Vermont, and as a flute accompanist in the United States and France. She is an accomplished musician with numerous solo and collaborative credits to her name, from piano recitals to orchestral appearances to chamber music concerts. A Vermont native, she studied with Sylvia Parker and then earned her bachelor's degree from Oberlin Conservatory and master's from the Hartt School. From 2001-2007 she studied with Louis Moyse and accompanied his summer flute master classes in Vermont and France. Cerutti has performed chamber music with Arioso, the Cerutti-Reid Duo, Veritas, and the Bruce Klavier Duo; as well as numerous collaborations with Vermont musicians.


The performance begins at 7:30pm. Concert tickets are $15.00. A pre-concert dinner is available for an additional $20.00. Reservations are recommended for the show and required for dinner. Venue is BYOB. Call (802) 465-4071 or e-mail info@brandon-music.net for reservations or information.  Brandon Music is located at 62 Country Club Rd., Brandon, VT 05733 www.brandon-music.net


Teens from YouthWorks Help Compass Music and Arts Center


June 16th through July 31st

For seven weeks, teenagers will help give a face-lift to the grounds around the Compass Music and Arts Center, develop a children's room, and design and execute a mural. As part of a mission trip, these teenagers come from all over the country to the Rutland area where they serve community sites like Compass in various ways.


Each summer, YouthWorks provides life-changing Christ-centered mission trips for over 30,000 students and adult leaders in over 70 communities across North America. This is more than a simple service project to these students. It changes perspectives, shapes passions and alters pursuits. These experiences show students how to use their lives to love and value others better.


"I am so excited to work with all of the organization's young people and to have the chance to help community organizations like Compass", says Ohio based Michael Kieffer, one of the college-aged staff leaders coordinating with Compass.


From June 16th through July 31st, Compass will welcome twelve teenagers each week who will help to plant gardens, paint a mural, design a reading and playroom for children, and more. To make this happen, the students will need equipment and supplies to work with. YouthWorks and Compass are looking for anyone who can donate gardening and lawn tools, painting supplies, benches, plants, birdhouses, or anything else that may be useful. 


If you would like to make a donation, please contact Edna Sutton at 802-247-4295.


The Compass Music and Arts Center is open seven days a week from 10-5pm and is located at Park Village, 333 Jones Dr. Brandon VT, 05733 (Park Village used to be the Brandon Training School, located 1.5 miles north of downtown Brandon off of Arnold District Rd.).


Next Chamber Meeting
Monday, June16th  6:30pm
The Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors will meet in the Cliver Room at the Stephen A Douglas Birthplace. Chamber membership and the general public are invited to attend.

Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 267, Brandon, VT 05733
802-247-6401 ~  info@brandon.org   www.brandon.org

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